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tengo ganas de ti


Monthly active users estimation: 3,000,000


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Maria Esther Soage Campelo | Marketing Manager at IsCool Entertainment

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Reviews 119,170

  1. Charged but didn't get anything
    Dawn Jacobsen
    I tried to get went through then I tried again and got nothing so I did it again bc it looked like it didn't go through and then there's a 4th time on my statement that I didn't even attempt...if I wanted to spend almost 5 dollars I would have gotten the 2,000 tokens...please refund my money or give me the tokens thanks
  2. MyLadyQueenO
    Susan Shifflet
    I love this game You can start a game with me if you like slow but steady players. I play every day. The only problem with this game is if you win a lot there is nothing to spend your wox money on? Only jokers and if you have 23 of those what is the point?
  3. Wordox
    Cathy Downum
    Great game. But true way to many ads. But i still play for hours lol
  4. Costs too many coins to play a challenged game!
    Heather Ethridge
    Stupid to cost so many coins. I LOVE this game but run out of coins so fast and can't play! I refuse to spend $ to play a game, wish there was a different way to b able to play, bigger payout when u win, ways to get better letters, idk, just aggravating sometimes. The dictionary should b like Websters dictionary. Their dictionary is very limited, to say the least.
  5. The Best App
    Jayta Dutta Akhilesh
    I Love to play Scrabble and this is one of the best app to kill boredom.. Simply Love it..
  6. Too many adverts get in the way of a good game.
    Michael Lindo
    There are too many adverts, which take away the enjoyment of this game. What is really annoying, is that some of the adverts operate in different ways, and you cannot help but tap them accidentally. You can pay to remove the adverts, but £2+ is too much. If you hate adverts, as I do, avoid this like the plague.
  7. Fun! Android Nexus 5 user
    W Lamirande
    Haven't seen this game for quite awhile. Glad to have found it again! Thanks for the opportunity of informing you of valid dictionary words to add! Now with the new & improved chat window to not having a limit in size, (very much appreciated, btw) you have fixed the chat problem to not have to scroll down to the last entry! Great job developers! Keep up the good work! :-)
  8. Words
    Kathie Hamm
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. I use it to help increase some cognitive difficulties I've had over the near past that was due to an illness that occurred 15 years ago!
  9. Button 'Next game' please
    Fabienne Betz
    Please include this button on the screen, so you don't have to get back to the menu to play against another opponent. So far the game is quite addictive :-)
  10. Diane Knight
    Lots of words are not in their database so lose turn as comes up as misspelled
  11. Nice game but not free
    Amir Shahroudi
    Soon you will need to pay to credit to get going. Don't get hooked to it unless you wanna pay for it.
  12. Getting annoyed.
    Terry Osborne
    Why are common words not being accepted? Yen is denied but yin is approved? Update your dictionary!
  13. Ruined potential
    Les Powell
    Could be a great little game but ruined by too many words in the english dictionary rejected as not in the games dictionary and too many 2 letter words that i'm sure your making up .Ive just found the wordit dictionary and 2 words that i found from there , when used the game told me they weren't in the dictionary . puzzling or what ?
  14. Rose Washington
    Rose Washington
    I love this game. Just need a few twerks. Like rewards to spend your winnings on and maybe clothing for the pets. Maybe I haven't gotten that for yet, I am on level 21.
  15. Carp just want money
    Gavin Floyd
    Played a couple of games then you have to spend to play avoid unless you got money to burn.
  16. Anne burgess
    Anne Burgess
    Good game but very annoying when opponents dont play for hours on end !!!
  17. No timer
    Brian Lee
    People get as long as they want to take thier turn . Makes it a marathon game ! I had to forfeit a game in my first match because i didn't know you can play multiple games
  18. Scam
    Kim Silver
    This game if you go so many hours without playing you forfeit your game. It was a holiday...hello!! What a rip off and I paid real money to play this game. I have one game left to finish then I will uninstall and post on Facebook about how bad it is. Need to put the time limit in the RULES of how to play. What a scam. Never so disappointed in a game and I contacted them and got nothing. Thanks for that.
  19. Great game!
    Deborah Glasser
    It is a great strategy game. You really have to think ahead at what your opponent will do!!
  20. Bugged to death, waste of time, server connection problems.
    Ahmad Alam
    Yup, it's got them all, uninstalling as soon as I finish this rant.


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