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Aviad Biton | CFO at Jelly Button Games

Israel |

Mor Shani | Co-Founder at Jelly Button Games

Israel |

Alon Lev | Co-Founder & CIO @ Jelly Button Games

Israel |

Moti Novo | Co-founder, CCO @Jelly Button

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Reviews 1,365,251

  1. Josh Collins
    WILD WALLET - The Best Reward App! Try "Wild Wallet" NOW! Download Apps and Get Amazing Rewards! Enter My Соdе: 1033068 for 200 FREE Credits.
  2. So unfair
    benjamin arthur
    This game doesn't give you a fair gives you the small amount of money. The spins are super rare to get all I ask for is a fair advantage and I'll give you a better rating
  3. Need a little bug fixes
    Kenniesh Kim-Kittridege
    I don't like all same "10K" 20 times on spins..also skip spins are cheat. Need bug fix!
  4. Glitch??
    Philip Downey
    I have been playing and have not got 1 attack in a full 50 spins. Then when I get the 100k it doesn't give me it it just says you have no more spins left.
  5. Umm...
    Genevieve Bounsana
    I would give this five stars!!!! But when I can back to play from over night my two islands were gone!? I'm not really happy... You need to fix that! Or I'll never play this game.
  6. Horrible
    robert smith
    Starts of fun but doesnt last long you hit a point where no matter what you do your base is destroyed every night, and you have to spend all money repairing the damage then you are unable to gain lvls...unless of course you spend real money to buy extra cash or spins
  7. Boring now
    Danielle Boyle
    Boring. Starts off good, then it's constantly 1k 5k and 10k. Can't move onto anymore levels cause you can't earn enough. Out of 50 spins not one attack, steal or defence. Being deleted soon.
  8. Unfair
    sebastian chereches
    I spun the wheel 70 times consecutively (50 for joining with Facebook+20 from getting the SPINS slot twice) and NO STEAL, NONE. A few attacks, and A GODDAMN LOT OF 1k, 5k, 10k. Let that sink in, 70 spins. 70. I made around 200k from 1's, 2's and 3's. DON'T RECOMMEND, unless we get a odd change.
  9. Stupid game from stupid creaters.
    Nasser Elagha
    To the stupid creaters of this game. When i keep getting 1000 and 5000. And 1000 And a shield that falls in the water twice. Back to back. In 5 spins after I wait one hour. And some people steels over 2 millions from me in less than 4 hours. How am i going to advance to the next island.and your answer to all of us. AHOY. Just keep spining. And for all of you who gave good comments about this game. Wait t"ll you get to the fourth island. And see for yourself.
  10. I will give 5 stars if...
    Ahmed Noman
    I like this game but there is one thing which needs to get better. The defence sheild. After 3 sheilds if I am getting defence sheild, it get wasted. Kindly update this feature to get 5 stars
  11. Ling Kim Tang
    What a lousy game. I will still rate this game low. Within 24hrs trying to hit $4.5 mil to built. Being robbed twice of $3.5mil & $3mil. With no shield too, artifact being damaged. Pls return $4.5mil. As still unable to build.
  12. Looping problem s3
    Liam Phipps
    When trying to start the game while logged into Facebook I get a looping bug. The game starts, tries to log into fb (no error message appears) then I see the blue Dev screen then it all repeats again. This was working when I downloaded the app and there was no issues. Please sort this bug, besides this it would've been 5 star
  13. Great simple fun
    Jeremy Miller
    The only issue i have is that the video you can watch for the free spin has never worked. Plus maybe once the shields are full you could earn some extra gold for everyone you get after words in stead of a wasted spin. Love the game and the cool island themes
  14. kunal tiwari
    Awesome game....Full Addicted.......One thing I am not getting that when someone attacks on my island,how they get money when I have 3 sheilds....
  15. Defend
    Kevin Justesen
    I have spun the wheel over 200 times and yet to receive a shield. What gives? When I don't need them I get them all the time. You need to make it so when you get more defend it will stock pile it. You fix this then I'll give 5 stars.
  16. kareem KiLLeR
    I cant steel or attack there is something wrong in the game i always get 1k 5k 10k please fix the game
  17. I like but...
    Jad Nehmeh
    I noticed that when i am playing and i am reaching my goal to buy something. Suddenly someone steal my money as if am the only 1 playing here. I made 2 purchases i think they want to do more but no i won't. And going back for stealing i play more than 40 spins so i can steal once and everytime i have somr amount to buy. They just steal me. Anw i like the game but some things i don't like
  18. Never a fair game
    Yeong Hao Yuan
    Causes many unfriend to be happen in Facebook , just to prevent from being attack from friends. Causes relationship collapsed within family, hard time building and get bomb constantly from same person. Always quarrel and scolding over not to bomb each other. Many unfriended friends n family . Causes looses connection with old pals. After so long, still can bomb facebook friends without limitation. I'm paying consumer. And This game destory family and friends relationship. UNJOYABLE GAME.
  19. Don't touch this game
    Board DWorld
    The AI controls this game not you and often it's bullturd. Example I'm one purchase away from completing an island. I only need 100,000 of the 3,500,000. So every hour on the hour I spin my 5 spins. 7 hours later I have 48,000 and of course it all gets stolen in the 8th hour. And that's about all you can expect from this game, you just aren't allowed to progress too quick.
  20. Joy Hebb
    Cute game, but points disappear w/o notice of being stolen. Glitch? Also, most of the spins land on the 3 lowest amounts. How about making it a bit more fair? The game is fun when I have enough points to do something.


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