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  1. I am frustrated with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luke Beezy
    Its pretty much the best game emulator out there, but when you use cheat codes from gameshark etc. on Pokemon leaf or emerald , it freezes when you go into the grass and reboots to the game start menu. I promise if you fix this problem I'll give a five star rating. Please look in to this because I still have been getting these problems.....It really sucks. What's the point of having and emulator but you can't use the freaking cheats! PLEASE look in to this!
  2. Cheats don't work and laggy on pokemon
    Danny Perez
    Dude this emulator is grate but can u guys make update it to have cheats work then I'll give it a 5 and less laggier plz
  3. Best VBA emulator.
    SB Danny
    Awesome, great features, works perfectly. Would be better though if I could link up with other people through Blutooth or Wifi. Could you please add cover art to all of your emulators so the game selection screen doesn't look so daggy.
  4. Awesome but won't run Link to the past.
    Legioxx Davion
    I got Johns Gba for Zelda alone. I feel my boy's controls don't recognize button press like John's. That said my Zelda link to the past gba broke so I grabbed a rom and it won't work. :(
  5. Great App [Suggestion]
    Anthony Hernandez
    Add Themes ! The Ability to change up the Skins of the Background and Buttons ! E-mail me at [email protected] for more information ! :D
  6. Great emulator, but
    Thomas Morales
    This has been a great emulator, but it will not run a link to the past. I would happily give this app 5 stars if it could
  7. Theme
    samuel jones
    I think there's would be a great addition
  8. Definitely the best GBA "button layout" !
    Tod C
    2 versions of the same app, a free "lite" version and a paid "unlocked" version. Ultimately I purchased the "unlocked" version. I like the developer's strategy!
  9. Cheating does not work at all.
    Maurice Z.
    No matter which of the few supported codes I try, none of them works. Not cool guys... Not cool
  10. Wont keep my saves
    Corey Johnson
    About every 3 to 4 days it wipes out all of my saves for no apparent reason. Its not just one game its all saves for every game. Please help with how to fix. Really like the app but not playing the same opening areas over and over hoping it will keep saves
  11. Need help
    Brady Melton
    I bought this but I can't download and rims for it so this app is totally useless to me, will someone tell me where I can get games?
  12. The best.
    Lewis Barry
    Had for atleast a year now and it has not had a single prominent problem. Worst problems iv ever had is slow game (when its been in use for hours), a couple of failures due to cheat codes, over etc and a problem using/activating cheats occasionally. It works amazingly though, easy to use, to personalize. Definitely Worth the money for those who can enjoy it, found it especially good for pokemon games. Thankyou for making this!
  13. How do you use cheats?
    trippy Hues
    This is confusing... I miss visual boy advance it was the best gba emulator ever, fast forward was perfect, cheats were already on. It's the best emulator ever, None of these emulators compare to it.
  14. Good emulator
    Tim Reid
    Seems to work just fine, layout editor is good. The one other thing that I would really appreciate would be a transparency adjustment setting for the virtual pad.
  15. Saves wiped
    Dru Chapman
    Swish, my data is gone for five plus games and I don't know why...
  16. Help
    Aaron Mittag
    The Emulator itself is fantastic in every way, but the recent update wiped all of my games, many of which had 100% completion. What gives?
  17. Need Update
    Marcos Lopez
    This App runs the games well but I am experiencing a loss in the saving department, my files aren't being saved but rather deleted.
  18. Major Problem
    Gavin D
    The emulator itself runs fine, and may be the best one out there, but when it recently auto-updated I lost ALL of my saves •-•
  19. Jason Brown
    I like this emulator. May you please out back the load game feature its very convenient for me and everyone else too. For I might give it a five star rating.
  20. One of the best emulators
    Avdey Vardanyan
    It's only 2 dollars, but even without purchase can play games and even safe your games, I purchased it and really like it, thank you


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