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Anton Rybakov | Founder, JoyBits

Россия |

Tom Cypher | Programmer

Pavel Moskalevich | Software Developer

Vladimir Lebedev-Schmidthof | Software Developer

Reviews 1,208

  1. Hilarious waste, now it makes sense why GameInformer reviews apps.
    Andrew Faust
    Trash, absolute trash. I bought this app. Yet it is littered with in-app purchases and little else. The game makes little to no sense, and when it does actually make an interesting time-waster it still doesn't compare to alchemy which has been around and free for years. But to top it all off after paying for a game they have the audacity to use advertisement videos. Hey f***tards, I'm not your cash-cow remove the videos, or I'll find more places for negative reviews to be posted.
  2. A little fun, but too many ads!!!
    W. Z. Lee
    One wouldn't expect to be barraged by ads after paying more for this HD version. There are ads when I log in, ads when I log out, and the annoying pop-ups in my notification bar asking me to try the other Doodle games. After experiencing so much disturbance from the developer, I won't touch another JoyBits game.
  3. Brandon Robinson
    Lame. Not fun. Combos don't make sense.
  4. Gameplay
    sergey botchkarev
    After making a combination the app force closes i paid for an app that doesnt work
  5. A bit repetitious yet curious still.
    Steven Broschat
    Not sure why I like it. Not bad. I like making combinations that work.
  6. Excellant
    Jason Clark
    Good game really enjoyed it still am enjoying it
  7. Not too bad
    Kailen Manx
    A lickle bit of lag now and then, but it's not really that bad. Try adding more quests and ways to get coins for free in-game, and I'll definitely be giving a full 5 stars for this.
  8. Good game
    Mike Verdone
    I bought this one on sale.... its good fun... in fact I was enjoying myself so much I went and bought doodle god se on my iphone. Also great fun. I don't know what it is about these games. They are simple to play but awesome. Don't like the big ads that pop up randomly on a paid game though. You'd think that was why I bought it. Still. They seem to have left, I think you can actually turn em off... maybe its doodlegod u can turn em off. Anywah. You won't regret buying this. Allyons! EDIT: Lost My Save. don't Know how Or why, just annoyed Cause I Was almost done. : (
  9. Will not load on Galaxy tab 10.1
    Jason Lowe
    Game looks great from the screens, but crashes during load on my Tab 10.1 .
  10. The best puzzle game!
    Probably my favorite strategy/ puzzle game of all time
  11. Fun
    Kubera Desai
    I just wish there was more cuz I beat it in a day :(
  12. Paid App has ads!
    Paul O
    Attention development, remove all ads! I don't care there are other games you make. I purchased this one. Refund my money or remove the ads. You have one month or I report it to Google!
  13. Quite good
    Carlos G. Flores
    It's a great follow-up to the amazing doodle god.
  14. Awesome game!
    Michael Brown
    This game is so cool, they could make 20 of these and I'd buy every one of them!
  15. Different
    Jeff Edgar
    Slot machine has very low payout even with \"extra\" luck
  16. Jesse Hennes
    same as old game but constantly closing
  17. Great game
    Robert Cheim
    Have doodle good and this one both great games and very fun :-)
  18. Doodle God, but darker
    Jonathan Schoellman
    I enjoyed this very much. Like a darker and more expansive version of its predecessor. Good job devs.
  19. Love all the doodle games!
    jackie Warren
    Will rate 5 stars when more quests are added. Also would be nice to earn keys and coins easier
  20. Tis gut
    Adrian Dyminski
    teresa nidiffer-frazier avatar image
    Doodle Devil This is such an Excellent game I lov playin it!


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