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Monthly active users estimation: 200,000

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  1. Beautiful
    As salaamu alaikum! I enjoy this app. I use the Adhan notification and the reminder alarm (before the salat times expire). I was ecstatic to see Sheikh Mishary Al-Afasy on the list of muaddhin to select. The interface is extremely user-friendly, & the qibla compass is most helpful. I like the changing pictures of masjids in the background of the prayer times, also. A job well done by the development team. Jazakumallah khair for your charity to the ummah. Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!
  2. Love it---Switched from Islamic Org
    Aneeqa Khan
    I recently switched to this app as my previous app stopped working ever since the lollipop upgrade. Love the way it is working so far. Please continue your great work
  3. Liked it, but...
    Tengku Ahmad Madya Putra
    I like this app. But the recent update makes notification screwed up. Every time I change alarm settings the app always force close and restart. Please fix the bug soon, as I can't hear adhan playing anymore... PS: I'm currently using the latest version 3.6.1.
  4. Wali abdur-Rashid
    Wali Rashid
    Just finished setting up app for first time use for Fajr salah tomorrow and already have high raves for the ease and functionality of this product!! I even customized the adhan by downloading the adhan recited by brother Nasir Al-Qatami from YouTube and set it as my default notification sound. His recitation resonates deep into the heart bringing me to tears every time I hear him. I highly recommend him.
  5. Using for long time
    Zeeshan Anwar Mirza
    Find it better than other apps. Only issue is azan does not play when phone is in silent mode
  6. Salaam
    If God Allows
    It keeps me praying five times a day thanks Allah for making it 5 from 50 from 500 all praises due
  7. MashaAllah
    Jamillah Amood
    May Allah give hasanet to the creators of this app. Alhumdoillah i never miss a prayer. I recommend this app. Thank you.
  8. Mr Irshad Ahmad Shaida Rizvi
    Irshad Ahmad
    I have tried so many different apps but This Muslim Pro is the unique apps with its accuracy and of timing and Azaan Performance. JazakAllah khair
  9. Adil Sufi
    Assalamu alaykum. I use this app for qibla which is very helpful and easier than other apps but the qibla no longer works. It is frozen and does not move. Please fix this issue. Thank you
  10. Amin34
    Amin Shabazz
    Nice to find a prayer app that actually sounds off the Adhan without any bugs or mishaps.
  11. Mashallah
    mary mitchell
    This is one of the best prayer reminder apps I've tried. I like it very much. Super easy to use plus you can locate masjids in whatever city you're in. Very helpful.
  12. Good
    swabri ali
    MashaAllah a very nice application May Almighty Allah bless you all.
  13. Great App
    Ameen Al Jundi
    Couldn't detect the Mosque next to my home
  14. Hafeezah Abdulwali
    Beautiful! I like the pics and choices of adhans so far
  15. Promising app, Inshallah it will be improved.
    William Aung Leyraud
    Missing plenty of mosques, even when I found one that I frequently attend, it cannot be saved, neither shows Adhan times from respective mosques. Secondly and not that much of a compromise, the app's UI truly needs enchantments, a redesign could get it better. Inshallah I'll be looking forward to this app.
  16. Great app
    Tony Steps
    Its on time allways been usen it for yrs
  17. Great
    Laiba Rani
    It is a useful app may Allah bless the person who made it reach us thank u!<3
  18. Jason Haroon
    Does the job but not a massive fan of the layout,could use a tablet optimised version
  19. AjrkumAllah
    Ghazanfar Bukhari
    AOA really good app I used this one
  20. Good application
    Alaa Zaki
    I like the update of location , well done work guys .