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  1. Good start but a lot of room for improvement
    Slayton Aughey
    Love it to bits but needs a lot more like angle snapping there's also alot of pieces that could be added also some bugs like I made a x-wing star fighter tested it and when I came back the whole thing was gone so love it but plz update it
  2. Good game but one request
    D Blackhurst
    Can you add the ability to assign an action group to toggle engines in the group. Mainly want this for vtol so you can have secondary engines take you up and down and then a primary that toggles on for flight and off for landing just a small thing but would allow us to design some nice planes.
  3. Great Startup
    Brysen Packer
    Great start for a buliding game, the missions are fun, but the game never remembers completed missions. The app crashes all the time. You can't use a stylist which is really annoying when building.
  4. My s-pen?
    Chris Fraser
    So this is the only app I have come across that doesn't support the s-pen on my note 4. Which is a shame because I re-downloaded it after having my note for a few months and realising how good it would be, especially for building and design.
  5. Review: SimplePlanes
    C Messke
    This has got to be the best flight simulator on the Play Store. You can build your own planes (keep in mind you have to build your own fuselage) and fly them using physics that seem to be real. Planes can go insanely fast (I played with a rocket that made the game glitch out because it went so fast) or quite slow (like a glider). Planes can be downloaded and played with from an online community (who tend to be very talented), too.
  6. Simple planes
    Grant Matters
    Great fun game. Bigger world would be nice, and some way to find your way back to an airfield when you get lost over the water.
  7. Great But Fix Wings Please
    Alex Hall
    I absolutely love this game... I play it every day its awesome and teaches you a lot... But the wings fall off easily and if you connect a structural wing to a regular it falls apart and blows up... Also the wings can just pop off and stretch if you use your pitch up with engines on... Please fix!!!
  8. Note 4 users beware
    Jordan Valentine
    Bought this game to use with my S pen, but no such luck. It isn't supported or noted anywhere that the pen is incompatible. Really disappointed. Until this is remedied I would like a refund
  9. Doesn't work anymore. Galaxy S4.
    That English Gent
    I used to love this game when I 1st got it. Now it doesn't work anymore even after lollipop update. I did just have the front of my phone replaced due to broke screen but I have other games that work fine :( please fix
  10. Great game!
    Justin Dawsey
    This game is great, the closest thing I can equate it to is KSP which is only made for the PC. So far I haven't found anything wrong with it, but I would like to make a few suggestions for thing to add into it next: 1. Parts to make helicopters 2. Multi-player. While I know VTOL exists in the game, it would be great if we could make bona fide helicopters. With multi-player, while it may not be possible with our phone's current hardware, it would be amazing if we could race or dogfight other people. Thanks!
  11. Best airplane game ever
    Aaron Roemmele
    I absolutely love this game my friend showed it to me and I've been addicted ever since.I have one idea on what to add, there should be missiles and guns also multiplayer so u could show off your flying skills or kill them with weapons
  12. Absolutely Awesome
    Bailey Little
    Its what the title says but there is just one issue. Can you please fix the FPS ( Frames Per Second ) its kinda buggy for me
  13. Gets boring quick
    Nathan Poovey
    I buy and install this seeing of how high rated it was but once i started playing it, it got so boring so quick. I uninstalled but found i couldnt get my money back so i warn everyone else who is about to pay 5 dollars for digital boredom to not do so.
  14. Almost Perfect!
    Vaughn Yankovic
    So close to perfection... If you could make it a bit less resource intensive, I will give you all 5 stars! I understand that there are quality settings, but even on the lowest setting, I can't fly large planes around. Also, more maps and environments would be cool. Maybe you could also add an ability to adjust engine power and flotation factor etc... Thanks for reading!
  15. Great,
    Calvin Simpkinson
    but there are a few glitches. One of them is if you put a VTOL nozzle on a wing, and you have that wing spin, the nozzle will stretch away from the wing, and explode.
  16. Great but needs a little improvement
    Bridgit Land
    This is a great game, but it would be better if you added gyroscopes, autopilot, and if you could change the width, height, and length of the long angled block.
  17. Add more
    isaac jones
    It is an amazing game, but you guys should add day and night with lights for planes, and add a type of mounted weapon, like a rocket or a machine gun. Also, add another mode where you can have dogfights similar to the Sam dodge, but with the default planes from simpleplanes.
  18. Awesome
    Daniel Halstead
    Great start to a good game...please add a 3 and a 4 bladed prop engine. Also larger capacity fuel cells would be nice.
  19. Best of all the android games I have!
    Kevin Boudreaux
    Could u mabey make a second simple rockets that is in 3d.
  20. Awesome again
    Susan Hellard
    You guys are awesome I have played simple rockets before and a couple mission during this game it is awesome I love your work you guys stay pretty on top of things I play on three phones and a nook hd so it is easy to run for medium devices I don't want anything new because the things I want your most likely on it any way


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