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Simone Secchiati | CEO - Fotografo - VideoMaker presso Pandora Photostudio

Vercelli, Italia |

Michel Morcos | CEO @ Ketchapp

Région de Paris, France |

joe mike | Application Developer at Ketchapp

Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom |

Reviews 108,499

  1. What's the point?
    Alejandro Morales
    Its not enjoyable when you have to start over again every 10 seconds. You need impeccable timing to play this.
  2. Bland
    shayne coke
    I like it because its difficult. My high score is only 30 where my flappy bird high score is 243 so yeah. Its just so bland and the name makes no sense. First whats so amazing second how is he a thief. It may make more sense if there was an actual backround or texture to the game.
  3. Wonderfully executed!
    Sam Love
    This game is wonderful, (even though it's a flappy bird ripoff.) The jumping goes very high, which makes the game both easier and harder in numerous ways. The double jump mechanic makes it so that if you fall too far, you die slowly and painfully.
  4. A bit hard...
    Thomas Martin
    Em for one thing FLAPPY BIRD. Also ver hard. My highdcore is an amazing total of... 4. I don't like this company. Make them fight was good on the other hand!
  5. Impossible situation!!
    When I playing game, too many impossible situations happen!! Falling down from higher floor to lower floor is really really hard to play and it's feeling impossibly I think your random process made this error Make is easy!!!
  6. Great
    Anakin Rowe
    My high score is 22 people don't need 2 give the game bad results because they don't have good enough reflexes suck it up and keep trying geeez....
  7. Frustrating
    Jocelynn Neumayer
    This game is so ridiculous! There are adds at the bottom (and when I die), I can't get passed my high score of 2, and every single time that I die it freezes so I have to go back to play store to reopen it again. I usually love all of Ketchapp's games but PLEASE do something about this one!
  8. Real hard 2 beat3
    Lamar G
    I love it but I liked the challenge cause my school makes me do 1+2 in 7th grade math.(I'm in 5th grade
  9. rizwan ather
    Good game but the problem is only with the adds..which take place in middle of the game...whenever I make a good score I lost that game only due to adds. Please do fix it and remove unnecessary adds..however all ketchap games are amazing!!!
  10. I Enjoy A Challenge
    Meredith Ashley
    This is hard, without a doubt. But, that's why I love it. I don't get frustrated, I just keep playing and watch what I'm doing. If something isn't working, I'll try not doing it. I understand why people don't like this game, but I like it. All you need is patience and practice. Stay focused.
  11. You die too fast and ADS!!!
    Benyam Ephrem
    Ok you guys need to make money right? But this game is SOOOO HARD, how can you pop up an interstitial every 5 DEATHS!!! This game is so fun I'd give it 5 start but the game annoys the hell out if me because it is too hard AND the ads are ridiculous. You die so rapidly the ads could be lessened to once every 7-9 deaths. I'm a developer myself and I live the game but...the sticking point of ads always comes up because what use is a game for you guys if you can't make money? Less ads, a bit easier gameplay!
    George Clarke
    Its a really good game I enjoy it I rage alot but its something to do but there could be more levels instead of just the one it gets boring after a while but its a fun game
  13. Pointless
    Russell Brooks
    This game is really boring and far to repetitious, plus the logic of it has no logic, I do not recommend to those easily aggrivated.
  14. Addictive, but lacking substance
    Christopher Walen
    It's flappy bird, but instead of going through platforms, you walk through them, so that's nice. The jumping and falling physics are wonky and unpredictable however, and the actual collisions for what is acceptable and what is not is unclear and impossible to react to in the short amount of time necessary to win. Good if you need to kill a little time, but don't expect to get much more than that unless stress and frustration is your thing.
  15. Good..but needs some getting used
    Raj Pratyush
    This game's jump timing is difficult...most jump games dont have a barrier on both top n bottom, so gamers r mostly used to early jumps...but this one is different n needs crazy timing skills to make even the most simplest of jumps..the concept to have the stickman fall first n then jump is crazy...the learning curve is pretty steep..could only manage score of 4
  16. Boring
    Brent Wheeldon
    Highscore of 4, too hard to beat. We all know what this company is trying to do, make lots of so called "addictive " games that we are supposed to get hooked on while they riddle it with ads. The game is hard enough but I get ads appearing midway through! Its a wanna be flappy bird that is meant to be hard but it's so hard it's boring. Deleting all "amazing...." games. Waste of time and effort. Poor.
  17. Amazing
    Mollie Crumpler
    This game is fun and for all the family my night score is 10 but I have only just got the app and I enjoy every bit of it, this is a great app to play when your bored or any ketchapp game is great to play when your bored , amazing thief is a bit hard to play to start off with but carry on playing the game it gets easer so the only challenge is to beat your night score so that will be fun, you can also play this game in the car or if you r traveling somewhere I am sure it will let time fly by quickly ☺☺☺
  18. Eh. .
    Liberty Lower
    Its difficult at first. .it only lets you jump two times as the next jump comes and somrtimes its too far away thst two jumps wont do it. . good for passing time though
  19. Game is simple but excellent
    Nadeem Shaikh
    While coming down from higher floor, there is no way to land safely on very low level. This should be taken care of.
    Gavin X
    Great flappy bird like game I enjoyed. IGN:300/1


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