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ninja games free



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  1. It's so... broken.
    Avren Lee
    The only reason it's not one star is because the art is kinda decent to look at. But other than that, jumps are unpredictable, platforms are seen too little of to make accurate jumps even if you have control over the jumps, which you don't. Just an over all broken game.
  2. Does not really work
    Niamh McCarthy
    You can't really tell how much power u will need for a certain jump. If you could make it more possible I would rate it about 4 stars
  3. Just a guessing game
    Richard Davis
    It makes no since what so ever if I wanted a game were I had to guess I'd join a bomb squad and work for the f.b.I,
  4. Pure luck game
    Ayrton Senna
    I don't really feel there is any skill involved, just pure luck. More over, every five game sessions full screen advertisement will open.
  5. Well..
    Marta coco
    It should atleast have like a pattern to show u when u jump how far it qill go like little dots, and the ads are so annoying you want to press play and its likw it knows when youre gpnna press it thwn it puts an add andnit takes u to the weebpage etc
  6. .......
    Niamh Gray
    How do u play it • don't see the point• waste of my time• someone who can play it tell me• when you get the hang of it its okay•• freezes on me●
  7. This is the next big game!!!
    They hit it out of the park, this is the next big hit game. The next flappy bird, they did it! So addicting, and goofy.
  8. Bull.
    Thomas McKenzie-Bridle
    Zero skill. Zero fun. Complete luck. Total waste of storage space. (And seriously, they offer no ads for real money?? Really??!!)
  9. You need UX testers
    Jay Spray
    If you played this game and never saw it before, like others have mentioned add a gauge to show the amount of jump.. otherwise people get frustrated an uninstall. User experience user friendly.. applies to game dev
  10. Lele8873 Zayden8873
    Bad! Its dumb. You should be able to at least see ahead of you or have a meter that tells you how far your about to go. If you know what I mean? It just needs a lot of work. Play first before letting the world play it, please and thank you. :)
  11. Meh
    Brandon Barclay
    Its meh. Like okay gonna spring onto that pillar. But of course I over shoot. Low scoring games that make you replay after 4 seconds are going to get old quick.
  12. Uninstalled In 2 Minutes
    Ryan S
    Game could be fun but it's a complete guessing game. You have no idea how much power you need to get to other pillars, yet you get points for jumping multiple ones at a time.
  13. Ads
    Ellie Sowards
    I like the game its just that the ads pop up on our screen quickly and ur forced to press on it and it always sends u to a webpage. That is VERY annoying! Plus, this game is useless bc u have to keep guessing where the ninja is going to land.
  14. Hate it
    Tommy Boii
    This game really really really REALLY SUCKS!!!you will just want to throw your phone or tablet or wat ever device you are tellin u dont download because ur wasting ur time
  15. Grrrrr
    Sable Voegele
    I hate this game! Its so awesome and i need to beat my highscore. If it didnt have so many adds it would be the best game in the whole wide world. I really really think you should get this game. I promise you will LOVE it.
  16. Most frustrating GD game ever!
    William Moncrief
    This game is fun, it's a great waste of time, but it's ridiculous to have to hit reset everytime I die. just restart automatically dammit.
  17. Good game
    Hemanth Kalidindi
    I'm addicted to this. It would be super cool if you made an update where the ninja randomly kills birds with the sword on his back...
  18. Horrible
    Kanye West
    After five minutes playing this game I'm done with it. This is nothing more than a guessing game. It's not fun. This app offers nothing new or fresh to the play store. Don't waste your time with it.
  19. Umm
    Zachariah Gaede
    Idk who said this game is the "next big thing", but that's a lie. Super lame and literally has no rhythm or way of knowing how the little f****r is gonna make it to the next peg. 2 stars cos they could've made it better but the concept isn't too bad.
  20. Frustrating but addictive
    lorenzo dias
    That moment when you fail, then try again, then fail, then try again... and next thing you know it's been 45 min and you've barely achieved 5 jumps in a row


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