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Stephane Kurgan | Chief Operating Officer at King Digital Entertainment

London, United Kingdom |

Kirsten Zahra | Senior Accountant at King

Malta |

Vicky cassar torreggiani | Accountant at

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Steve Durst | Producer at King Digital Entertainment

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Reviews 345,404

  1. Mouse Trap Bug
    Josh Gatewood
    On numerous occasions I witness a mouse trap getting destroyed by a crowned letter only to see it immediately come jumping back in to play when all the mouse traps move. Fix this!
  2. Deleting
    Momma Bear
    Its okay to past time but some words are missing I spelled "April" and a couple other words and they did not come up.
  3. Frustrated
    SKA Sobbo
    Good game but reverted back to the beginning when I was on level 68.Also doesn't accept words like Cubans, India which is annoying.
  4. Mommabear
    Michael Egan
    That's because April is a proper noun. Like a name. Just like Scrabble you can't use proper nouns
  5. Cheaters
    mary montes
    Frequently used letters but they were not removed from the board. Very frustrating. There was also no instructions on how new elements that appeared (mousetraps) worked or how to get rid of them.
  6. It's hard but for other people it is easy picy
    Stephanie Sanchez
    This game is hard for me the other day I saw a older person that was about 75 years old and he was on level 95 he was on fire imgain he new all of the words on there, any ways I was on level 5 and I couldn't find a single words it is hard for me :-[
  7. Highly addictive
    Becca Lawson
    Great game really puts your mind to work with out realising lol. Helps enhance your observation skills and word vocabulary and one I struggle to keep off. I only downloaded it yesterday and I think I'm addicted already lol
  8. Obviously rigged. Level 106
    Amanda Dunaway
    I love the premise of the game but it's unlikely you'll move forward without making IAP's due to the lack of vowels and overabundance of Qu & X's you'll get. Often my combos don't come to fruition, which always leads to me being "thisshy" of completing a level & therefore prompting me to purchase more moves, much like King's other money hungry app, Candy Crush. Unistalled that ages ago in the 900 lvls for the same reason. Pet Rescue seems to be ok so far w/ only a few of the same "glitches". Unistalling.
  9. Doesn't count tiles properly
    C Mo
    I like the game, but it has a major flaw. In the levels where you have to make words with a certain number of letters, the game doesn't count the tiles properly. In the level I just tried, I had to get 4-, 6- and 7-letter words, and it counted both 'plains' and 'additive' as 4-letter words. It seems to count until the letters no longer make a word and then picks up at the next number when the word goes green again, regardless of how many letters are in between. Very frustrating! Plus, it would be nice to have a way of suggesting new words. 'Findeth' and 'mindeth' were not valid.
  10. AlphaBetty Saga
    Marion Baker
    I am not the best speller but I am enjoying the challenge of finding the words I do know and I try to sound them out and surprisingly I have gotten farther than I thought I would and can't wait to get time to do it again. Have not had any trouble with it so far going to see if I can talk my grand kids into trying it.
  11. Cant open anymore
    tessa ecker
    Had fun playing this game for a couple months now until i couldn't get it to open anymore... i updated the app and it still force closes .. ill give it a couple days then im deleting it.. until its fixed its stays at 1 star for poor tech quality
  12. Fun and frustrating!
    Michael Guest
    I love words and word games. This is a fun way to pass the time.... But level 64 is getting on my last nerve! lol
  13. Merryn Wilson
    Really enjoyable. I havent found anything others complain about to happen. Challenging, but i refuse to buy anything in app and can still complete within a day or so if a level is really tough. Just takes patience and concentration! Also, people need to understand that proper nouns arent in it like in scrabble. And just because you think 'oh, but Dan is a name' it also has other meanings so its not deliberately out to sabotage you :)
  14. Mentally Challenging!
    Judith Braun
    Although I have entered words this game won't recognize, it's still a hundred times better than most games because in this game you have to have a great vocabulary! Obviously there is a lot of luck in the game but it does take SKILL!
    veronica perales
    I really enjoying this fun game. It's has puzzle and seek your words. I'm a beginner player and hooked on this game. There is different challenges that start easy,than it gets hard as you go. Great for learning to spell. Awesome game '4.5 stars
  16. Used to be a great game, but...
    Cat Black
    I am not happy that the free shuffle was removed - sometimes it is necessary in order to complete the levels and I should not be forced to pay to use it. There are times when no words can be made but the autoshuffle doesn't happen, which isn't fair. Lately it's been crashing and costing me lives. I was really enjoying the game up to this point but it's been steadily getting worse. Also you need to update your dictionary. There are a lot of real English words that aren't recognized.
  17. Think it's a rip off
    glenn west
    Rip off because the only way u get gold bars is to buy them or ask friends for them.why can't I just play the game without any bodies help.i don't want to play the game with friends.just play the game to pass the time every now and then.soon Going to Uninstall.sameway with candy crush had it for awhile then Uninstalled cause of the bulls hit.
  18. Good but needs improvement
    Laura Bayliss
    It's entertaining and helps to pass time but says words are invalid when they're actual words. I have also noticed some inappropriate words considering it's a kids game. Also it doesn't clear all the letters when you have something like a 5-7 letter word and it doesn't tell you how to get rid of new obstacles or what they do like the mouse traps. 3/5 stars ★★★☆☆
  19. Alphabetty
    ruth apperley
    Spelling word game does'nt always put the points on when you score a good word.also the suggestions the game makes don't always make sense.a wird that I kniw is right the game rejects.most annoying.I'm a good soeller.
  20. CJ Muncy
    This is great. If there are commercials its so minimal I think I have only seen a few. So few can't remember how few. Really great for making your mind work


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