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  1. Really addictive
    Jodi Marsh
    I love this app! It's fun, the puzzles go from easy to more complex and you find yourself paying for ages! I bought all the extra puzzles I loved it so much and the best thing is you can redo them all again! I've had this app for quite some time now and I cut a lot of apps and games I don't play anymore - this one always stays!
  2. Addictive and Fascinating
    Weibchen Wolf
    With its lovely visuals and incredibly well tuned interface, playing this game is effortless and fun. The puzzles are not so effortless, but are still a lot of fun. The more I play, the more 'addicted' I get as solving each puzzle makes me want to get that same 'hit' of achievement from the next. The pretty pictures and quotes that you earn with each puzzle are also a nice bonus. I suspect before long I'll have bought all of the games in the PathPix series and will be begging for more!
  3. Addictive logic puzzle
    Michelle McHugh
    I have raced through this game so quickly, not because it's too easy, but because I couldn't put it down! This is great for those who like a REAL logic puzzle where there is only one correct way and no guessing required. I also loved the quotes you get when you finish a picture. I simply cannot give it enough praise. Thank you for such a brilliant piece of work
  4. Zoom is too touchy now
    Robyn Monsen
    With the recent update, puzzles zoom in and out seemingly at random. I only have one finger on the puzzle - it shouldn't be zooming at all! Please fix, it's the only issue in an otherwise fantastic game.
  5. Doreen Tetreault
    Love this. Purchased but didn't download xtra puzzles. So uninstalled it , tried again and still no download of xtra puzles. Ps fix, Never mind, got them...
  6. Fantastic Value!
    Christopher B.
    You get a huge amount of puzzles for the price. I like the quotes and proverbs after you complete a puzzle.
  7. Best game for a ohine
    David Eaton
    I am addicted to this game. It is the perfect size fame for the phone.
  8. I can't do any puzzles
    Tyler Moran
    I just bought the game and everytime I go in to start a puzzle and i touch the screen it fakes me back to the puzzle menu.
  9. Sandra Jeffrey
    Would be much better if each puzzle had hints
    Alvin Griffin
    I love this game!!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE ! !!
  11. Really addictive
    Cheryl Stonehocker
    I love this game so much fun
  12. Robin Noonchester
    Haven't been able to put it down, solved all of them, would love to see more added, in the meantime, I'll be re-doing them!
  13. Love these games!
    Lauren Rose Boatman
    Great app... I have everyone.. love this game.. my favorite is the short paths.. Like I've said before it would be awesome to have one that's all short paths :-)
  14. I'm absolutely addicted!
    Josette Walsh
    I can't seem to stop playing. For the amount of puzzles that you get, and the amount of time you'll spend playing, the price is extremely reasonable. I wish there was a way to save it online somehow though. I switched devices, and had to start all over again. Though, as much as I love these puzzles, it wasn't really that much of a bad thing. Once I finish these, I'll probably buy another pack. Great games!
  15. Can't download it
    Stephanie Gallagher
    "Path pix could not be downloaded due to an error (403)" Could you please fix this bug? I already downloaded and played the lite version and this version and it won't work. Thank you. I'm on Samsung Galaxy S3.
  16. Very addictive
    Richard Langford
    I love puzzle games and this is one of the best. If you like games such as Nintendo's 'Picross' you're going to love this. You won't be able to put it down until all the puzzles are complete.
  17. Great time killer
    Carey Jensen
    Great mobile implementation of this puzzle! Just wish it had a timer or some way to compare scores on a leaderboard.
  18. Awesome!
    Wei-Ting Lin
    Loved this purchase! There's up to 189 puzzles to crack, and it's a fantastic time-waster. Puzzles aren't typically too difficult and after you finish it, like the Lite version, it gives you a random proverb. Neat-o.
  19. I love this game
    Jennifer Vestal
    I have a hard time putting it down. Worth the money for the full app.
  20. Addictive
    kiffie cutting
    I love these games. I have almost every set you have. The only thing that can make it perfect is to have a hint button.


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