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  1. Great game
    as amravatiwala
    Enjoying it completely!! just one small issue is that if I have played a level and got 2 stars and I again repeat the levels and this time i get only 1 star it stores recent star rather than best performance.
  2. Not Bad
    Anne McC
    The irregular shapes gives it a bit more of a challenge over the square box style games like this. The undo and replay options are helpful as the levels advance. A good game for filling in the empty spaces of life, like when waiting for the bus or when you don't want to be sociable but need to look like you're doing something important so people will leave you alone.
  3. Great game
    Wichard Duvenage
    Nice game to keep you busy on the loo, bus, train etc. One thing I dislike is when you go back to a level you already completed it does not save your old score. So if you do badly the second time around you are stuck with that score
  4. Oil = Slick = Smooth-running App.
    Pete Sztencel
    Produced to the same high standard as other apps from the KyWorks team such as Reball and Buttons & Scissors, Color Oil is a pleasure to play. There's a definite family resemblance in the challenge of these three 'join-'em-up' puzzle games, but that's no bad thing because they all work so well. Color Oil sounds cool - squelch - and looks hot, but I think the oil blobs would stand out better on a black background; and although the music suits the game well, the loop could do with another 8 bars and an edit without the fade. There are 3 skill levels, and over 200 puzzles. One bit of advice: at the outset you only have five free solutions available, so don't squander them on an easy game. The alternative is to BUY (gasp!) more solutions. The puzzles are colourful and surprisingly challenging. Like a girl I know [Hi, Elli!], this app is classy, smart, fun and bright... and endlessly exasperating. Quite a combination. In my opinion it's even better than Reball, and at just over 10MB it's a small download, too. This app is a perfect example of a "Just one more try before I quit..." game. Color Oil deserves and gets full marks - 5 stars.
  5. Good solid fun game
    Travis Snow
    Simple idea but very fun. Challenging enough but not too tough to get discouraged. The interface is so smooth and easy.
  6. Challenging & Attractive!!!
    Heather Foreman
    I LOVE this app!!! This strategy game is not only fun and challenging but it has an easy-to-use, attractive layout that doesn't look cheap like many other free games.
  7. Great game for those work breaks!
    Anita Pai Raiturker
    Visually pleasing graphics, smooth-running, easy to play. Levels get slightly harder as you progress. Hours of moderately brain-teasing fun, yet it's also quite relaxing. Totally recommend it.
  8. Not as easy as it looks
    Desiree Wanner
    The first few lvls make u think it's too easy but it doesn't stay that way. I love this game.
  9. Michelle Jetter
    Love that this really is free! You can re-do cleared levels to earn more stars. So you don't end up paying to play a free game! Cuz those suck.
  10. This game is tops.
    Brooke DeMartini
    Color Oil and Solitaire are the only games I need to keep happy and content. Well done indeed.
  11. Good
    madison bonney
    I like this game and I play it a lot but I can't get 50 stars and it keeps crashing please fix this
  12. Best brain stimulator
    Subhash Subramanyam
    I loved its music while winning several levels.. Bet you'll be addicted to this game.. Beware.. Cheerio..
  13. Relaxing and challenging
    Jacqueline Mezo
    I like the soft music,and that you can go back to a level to do better. I don't mind that the game doesn't keep highest score since I just like to know for myself that I got better as game went on. Haven't played long enough to score higher ..just so you know.. so far it's pretty good.
  14. Naziya Anjum
    I am a housewife after my work finish want to relax but when I download this game I got fully relax and get energy tooooo....
  15. Great
    A funky little game :) one glitch with the stars. If you press the back button they stay on the screen until you close the app in frustration...
  16. Fun for everyone
    Jessi Eddy
    It is pretty easy to catch on & it's challenging but not too hard.
  17. Ok
    Dee Cee
    Not my style of gaming. It is colorful, runs smoothly, music is not annoying. But I'm just not liking this puzzle game.
  18. Awesome game
    Ligi Miranda
    Keeps me brisk the whole day when I play it now and then...
  19. Another Awesome Game!!!
    Cherissa Kupke
    Already completed Button & scissors & Reball! Really hope there will b another awesome game waiting after i complete this one... ;-)
  20. Hints
    Shanan Hitchcock
    Should have unlimited amount of hints and it shouldn't show the whole solution just one hint at a time.


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