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  1. Lol
    Bill Evans
    Would have given 5 stars if the AI would not come back like Rocky everytime I lay down a joker .feels like its cheating. Great game though, love it . Love the art on the cards smooth controls
  2. Jodete is Aces in my book!
    Belinda Chinea
    It's a very fun card game that'll keep you fully entertained for hours on end! Actually, allow me to amend my statement. This IS , by far and near, one of the best card games on Google Play store or on any play store, anywhere!! It Rules
  3. tndr blossom
    Lo único que anda bien son las propagandas invasivas
  4. Very fun
    Daisy Chavez
    Adds pop up you can easily touch them after the match other than that great game.
  5. Memories
    Daisy Daisy
    I remember playing with these cards when I was a kid.
  6. Excelente!!!
    Damian Pituello
    Muy buena la actualización, faltaría un cronometro para jugar en multiplayer de 10 segundos por ejemplo, sino los usuarios que se distraen traban todo el partido. Tambien haria falta un indicador de turno, algunos usuarios se traban porque se distrajeron y no vieron que les toca. Por último, no hacer tan visible el botón de última carta, reduce la posibilidad de aprovechar la distracción.
  7. Craig Partridge
    Love the game! Would like to play against others instead of cpu please.
  8. Kiky Marih
    its ok but would be better if i could play with other players instead the cpu
  9. Love it
    Emily Antonio
    It's so awesome I recommend it to every one who loves card games
  10. Muy bueno!
    Juan Santiago
    Este.juego ha sido creado por el propio SATANAS!!! tramposo, siempre el cpu obteniendo las mejores cartas. Tal parece que tiene emociones malvadas pq, al verse perdiendo, comienza a obtener las mejores manos y milagrosamente gana el partido. Si eres sadomasoquista, terco u obstinado en ganarle a una computadora, te recomiendo este juego. Pero si eres de esos q te da mucho coraje perder, seguramente terminaras con tu cel o tab en mil pedazos!
  11. Ai cheats
    Daniel Sanders
    Close to winning ai always make a comeback dont like a game that cheats rated 2 because it decently made and fun just not fun never wining no matter how close you get
  12. Needs a GUI refresh
    Javier Maria Casares
    A nice game but it needs a GUI improvement a lot. It also has an issue with the icon and is painfully slow on high end devices like the Galaxy S4 (1920*1080 screen).
  13. Very funny
    Federico Hertzulis
    Great game! It remember me when I play Jodete with my friends. Five stars!
  14. Necy
    Annette Normandia
    Wish i can play against other people instead of the computer but love the game :-)
  15. Great and smart
    Achraf Abdelhafid Houssani
    I have a feeling that this game learns the way I play and adapts each time to it.
  16. Not bad
    Mr Garber
    Could use an option to remove the joker, or change the special cards for that matter.
  17. Good but...
    Nubian Queen
    The card numbers way too small. strain my eyes.
  18. Boo!!
    Christine Brandt
    Didn't play long before uninstalling...don't like games where you NEVER win.....stinks!!!!
  19. Best game ever
    denisse roman
    I never get tied of playing it
  20. Jodete
    Jan Bigger
    I really enjoy this game,but its so hard to win!Thanks for this game.


What`s new

● The name of the game was changed to "Descarte".
● Changes in the list of open rooms.
● Bug fixes.

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