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rajesh dongre | COO at Lebara

London, United Kingdom |

James Condon | Chief Marketing Officer at Lebara Mobile

London, United Kingdom |

Aditya Thakur | CEO - Lebara Media

London, United Kingdom |

Fadi G. Kawar | Accountable pioneering leader | CEO | CFO | Telecommunications and Finance Professional

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Reviews 8,211

  1. I want to make call in Bangladesh for Euro 0,01
    Hadayet Ahmed
    First time it was possible make call in Bangladesh for Euro 0,01. And now requires Euro 0,02 for a minutes. Now i have no benefit using this application because some local Sim operator is offering Euro 0,01 for a minutes to call in Bangladesh from Italy. If you don't change this, after i have finished my credit i will uninstall this application.
  2. Prem Kumar
    Dont khnow but now lebara is just like bullshit ...whenever iam trying to call to india its always say CALL ERROR on just one number ..otherwise its nice plzzzz improve tht problem
  3. Safia Imoro
    Very bad. I just installed in a few days ago but want to to make a call now and it asked me to get started and a code came and which l did put in the code but couldn't see anything but keep asking me to get started for third. So annoying. Am having 6 euro's and something credits which l want to make a call right now so l need my money back, l invited a friend yesterday which he did installed but couldn't see any money as you promised ,that isn't my problem, my problem is just refund me my money l need it.
  4. Missing Bluetooth head call connection
    Ranjit cheema
    I just giving 4 star instead of 5 because there is missing bluetooth earphone connectivity during calls
  5. abdur rahman
    it was good b4 (1c) bcoz of rate in bangladesh but now2c not any more!!! think abt d rate to reduce dn more customers will you get otherwise will go away! i hope you will consider it
  6. Sumon Khan
    very bad.before I see call rate for Bangladesh euro 0.01/minute. now euro 0.02/mins.not good.invited me my friend.I have done top up.I received bonus 1 euro.but in future no want top up.because euro 0.02/mins for Bangladesh.when 0.01/mins.I want to top many friends about 40 person top up minimum 300 euro. now all person I don't want to top are better understand. best regards
  7. whats going on with rates
    Ash mw
    I used to call mobile numbers in Egypt and the rate was $0.05 per a min and was working fine. but last week I top up to make a call, I found out the rates has changed to be $0.25 per a min. and on the app or websit saying it should be $0.05 only not $0.25 and thts sux nd rapin poeple off
  8. Chris Okoh
    I just recharge my lebara with 5€ and i make a call from vienna Austria to malaga Spain..the call only lasted for 8 minute's and my account balance was €1.99...Please & please i need my money back
  9. call status
    khawar idrees
    when i call in pakistan if the number of other person is off or busy this app show me its ring . but the cell of other person is off or busy . i hope they work on this problem.
  10. sohel rana
    I liked libara. I had 5 $ in my account. somehow my kid uninstalled libara. after seeing again I have installed it. but no money in my account. Is it possible to back my money?
  11. Infact your is very Nice, don't know if it will continue to be like that to the end
    Emmanuel Duah
    Nice but please make it easy for us to buy the credit here on play store or may the voucher available everywhere on stores, bars, supermarket,filling station and many places because not all of us have credit cards
  12. You should not do this
    Obayeed Hassan
    First EUR 0.01/min but now 0.02/min to Bangladesh !!! From Italy I can call EUR 0.01/min to Bangladesh with three local operator. Starting to use Lebara talk but now there is no benefit for me by using this. :(
  13. Why you upgrade the call rate for Bangladesh ?
    Viper Boy
    From 3 months i am using lebara and call rate was 0.01 p minute from italy to Bangladesh and now it is 0.02 p minute.i'am recharge every month 20 euro for call Bangladesh.From now i don't want to recharge anymore.In italy have a lot of sim that offer 0.01 p minute.if you remain the same like 0.01 p Minute,i will choose you. Otherwise i am sorry . Thanks ...
  14. Amazing
    Braize Fernando
    Hi I'm from Mauritius.. Before while ago i took a call to Srilanka... Very good call quality..perfect team. Keep it up.
  15. Stupid app
    Sonia Khan
    I called to Pakistan for about 4-5 min and my credit was 5,75€ then I closed the app. When I reopend it my credit was 5,50. I need my money back
  16. can't reach to Bangladesh landline.
    monir hossain
    I am using this apps to make call to Bangladesh. but recently I can not get through Bangladesh landphone. This is really annoying..
  17. saddam sagar
    Plz give me cridet every sim rrgistrd plz
  18. Rubel Mohsin
    I am hate Lebara talk.. because now 00.02 cent for Bangladesh and I am already unstall from my Android. ....
  19. The charges for ghana
    Razak Abdul Rahaman
    Please the 9cent/per minute to Ghana is too high, please bring it down a bit. And also, to get the credit vendors is highly difficult in Italy, Please why not transact with "tabaccheria" or bars in the cities.
  20. Hi
    Shahadat Hossain
    Please can you change call rate for bangladesh 0.02 cent to 0.01cent.well for all.we are many person interested for call in bangladesh with 0.01 cent.please change call rate for bangladesh.before call rate 0.01 0.02 cent.otherwise we are uninstalled from my samsung when credit finished.understand.


What`s new

- You can now transfer call credit to your friends
- Topping up has become a lot more easy
- Small bug fixes and improvements


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