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Morten Lillelund | Vice President of Business Services Operations (Shared Services)

Solrød Strand, Zealand Region, Denmark |

Amy E. Pascal | Vice President Marketing at LEGO Group

Hartford, Connecticut Area |

Tim Brooks | Vice President, Corporate Responsibility at LEGO Group

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Fiona Wright | General Manager and Vice President at LEGO Group

Slough, United Kingdom |

Reviews 184,449

  1. No Instructions, No Tutorial, No Communication
    Teresa Haldritch
    This game has absolutely no communication what so ever as what to do. Sure you can "figure it out" but the lack of any form of direction and communication proves its 1 star rating.
  2. I don't like it, I love it lol
    Jacki Goodall
    This gamenis sooooi cool ,I have all the free lego games well notnall but half
  3. Who hates it
    Alger Ramos
    Even the best youtube cooking channel#rosanna pansino even likes it she said that its on of the best games and thats true.
  4. Loved it until last update, all credits and work lost!
    Glenda Pagacs
    My son loved this, it was a great reward for him, until I did the last update. All the bricks he had earned and all work completed were lost. Not a happy boy!
  5. Superb Lego Game I've Ever Played!!!
    Saradesvare Arumugam
    Its educational in a way and fun! This game will be my hobby for the weekends. The LEGO Group, you've really outdone yourselves! I'm only ten so dis is suitable 4 me. Adults who r readin this, plz understand the concept who the game was made 4 next time. Do it for all d games you install. TQ.
  6. Best LEGO game yet
    JetBlast Joe
    Intuitive controls, bright and colorful scenery, easy play. Totally safe for kids with no in-app purchases or invasive permissions.
  7. Lj Freddy
    I Have a Problem With This Game Downloaded it 5/1/15 And I Got To a Point Where I have To Pay 75 Then I Built a Bench And it Glicthed Then Reset The Whole Game . So Sad And Angry at The Same Time So Please Fix This I Would Really Appreciate it . I Will Rate 5 Stars If You Do So . :-(
  8. Wow
    Jamie Kafesu
    Is so awsome i can fall down from the sky i just want die if someone hate it i will just do it and kill them
  9. Good concept but still has it's flaws
    Nameless Unnamed
    After playing for quite some time, the app crashed and then all of my progress is gone. Please fix.
  10. Great for a 2 or even a 40yr old!
    Melissa Harvey
    Lots of fun for young ones using hand eye coordination, patience in waiting for enough gold legos, having to work & fix to help but also be rewarded! Just have found that 4 times now the game has frozen with no way out & it resets so you have to start from scratch :/ otherwise it would definately be 5 stars!
  11. I love it
    Grzegorz Garbacz
    It is so coooooolllllll and when I started it was easy and cool it is just cool because all the cool things thay add in the game!
  12. Javier Gómez
    This is such a lovely game!! I just have one question for the devs: why won't you let us fully build the kits? It would be cool to have something like Lego Digital Designer, even though some ppl might find it tedious. Maybe you could add this feature for hardcore players? Anyways, amazing game and I haven't seen any IAP so far!!
  13. Best Company
    Quinn Zach
    I have installed more than ten apps from The Lego Group. No ads, no "in app purchase". All apps are free, educating and enjoyable. Thank you. Best Company ever.
  14. Crashes all the time losing all our progress!
    Family Haagensen
    Our son loves this game but we get all 5 islands unlocked he plays it building them up and then for no reason the game crashes losing all our progress and returning the game to the start with 0 bricks so unplayable and needs resetting! Our son is very upset each time this happens massive disappointment from Lego! Please fix!
  15. Anyone remember Lego in the old days?
    Tim Williams
    A couple of blocks and some opaque windows and you were done. But now, both the real and virtual Lego games are astonishing. Like all big hitters, it's mercilessly franchised. But unlike that shameless lot at Marvel, there is some quality control on the end product. This is a good example of that. Everything is awesome!
  16. Keeps Crashing!!
    Mae Voric
    Great idea but it keeps crashing on my Kobo Arc, I mean really crashes - the entire OS, I have to force a restart. It seems to happen when you try to build the yellow truck (just after finishing the house), you get halfway through assembling the front of the truck, the app gets stuck and the kobo splash appears but the in-app music continues to run. Please fix!!
  17. Excellent
    Suzanne Howell
    A fantastic game. We love it. There are lots of options for creativity and many hours of play here. I love that there are no in-app purchases and no ads. It's also a stress-free game which is great. Highly recommended - we want more Lego games!
  18. I never rate 5
    Josh Jj
    Until now. I type this to tell you please make an underwater level because I have finished the regular islands in less than 1 day. Great game BTW. Keep it up.
  19. Great <.<
    Quintten L
    This game is addictive and fun but it gets boring after awhile. No affence
  20. It doesn't save
    Pam Dupree
    I was enjoying this and played for quite a while. When I went to log out it hung. When I went to play the next day I lost all my progress. It isn't worth starting over from scratch.