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Iman Mostafavi | Co-Founder and COO at Limbic

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Arash Keshmirian | Co-Founder and CEO at Limbic

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Lauren Wong | Office Admin & Customer Support at Limbic®

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Marcus Montgomery | Senior Game Designer who believes great games are created through prototyping, process, and people.

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  1. They care really
    Durrell Drew
    They care about the consumer who play the game I was at 83% in I almost max out everything because my saved game couldn't be restored so they made sure I was taking care of by giving me 2 million coins for my hard time I'm very thankful now I can catch up where I was at before THANK you
  2. ERROR (491)
    Caleb Cole
    Won't download due to an ERROR Plz help I really want to play the game..... My device is. Huawei ascend y320
  3. Great, but...
    Elliot Nytko
    This game works great on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. However on my Note 4 the 105mm howitzer and the 40 mm don't render the weapon firing sound. When I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it I lost all of my credits purchased via the "In app" coin store. Additionally, it automatically uninstalled it from my tablet at the same time. I've emailed the publisher a couple days ago regarding the sound issue and the loss of credits I purchased but have not heard a response as of yet...
  4. Motorola Droid Turbo v4.4.4
    Shaun Sullivan
    I started playing this game several years ago, and on several different phones. It used to be fairly easy to level up, but the current version makes it challenging, and also more fun! I have started fresh several times, some of which weren't on purpose! The old versions didn't have a Google+ login feature, and there was no way to save your progress. I haven't tried uninstalling, and reinstalling, in order to find out if you can recover your progress, because I'm afraid to loose it again! Take Care!
  5. Sound issues
    Preston Allred
    The firing sound doesn't play when firing the 40mm or the 105mm on my nexus 6. Other than that, great game!
  6. Freezing
    Efti Talukder
    It's a great game, and you can really get into. If you like plane and shooting games then this is for you. However I bought the game couple of months ago. Lately it's been lagging and freezes a lot, the game still continues but the screen stops moving. And when you buy the you only start of with the 25 mm gun. I have Eben playing this since 2 years ago and I started playing it on my ipad then bought it for my galaxy s6 edge. I am requesting the developers to fix the freezing peoblem.
  7. Great game! But some tweeks would be nice
    Michael Oghia
    Wonderful game, but an idea for better gameplay would be added base support and weapons systems. Also, some increased upgrades such as bigger clips would be cool. Also, why do humans AND zombies have square boxes around them?? Often, I kill humans thinking they are zombies because my line of sight is blocked.
  8. C-130's are LETHAL!!
    Corey Hatten
    This app is amazing! It's only $0.99 to remove the ads. The developers reply quickly and are very professional. Sure, try the trial first, just don't buy any upgrades. You'll love it so much, but upgrades AFTER buying the full version.
  9. Loading stops
    Vincent Rojas
    Ever time I try to open it loading for like 5 sec and then closes .. I really do like this game since I played it on my I pod. .
  10. sound problem still not fixed
    Tim Ceaser
    for the most part it works great, except there is a sound issue on my htc one. I hear the guns hit, but I don't hear them fire. Still having the problem, the big guns have no firing noise. Still no sound fix for me. It affects the game quite a bit for me.
  11. zombie gunship
    rick Lastmontoya
    amazing title,, more fun than somenext gen games, shows u , u dont need pretty cut scenes, cgi graphics...just great gameplay. hey Microsoft, Sony, maybe u should look at this title for pointers...or just keep rehashing parts 2,3,4,5, not to mention part 6 "the final chapter", of a any title u think is worth milking to the point of Uncharted, Mass Effect, Halo etc etc. New areas would be nice a gravyard, Fort Knox, Wal_Mart lol, last one was a joke.
  12. Really fun zombie game!
    Brian P
    Zombie Gunship is really fun & awesome! I recommend this to anyone who like killing zombies. The game play is really smooth and easy to use. Try this one out.
  13. Sound issues
    Jeremiah Quintero
    Can't hear 105mm and 40mm cannons fire, really annoying.
  14. R.I.P. Captain Gloomshu
    David Arnold
    Well I've had it. The second time tge game screwed up and i lost everything i contacted Limbic Games support. They sent me 3,000,000.00 coins to re-up on everything but i was still short probaby 250,000.00 coins to get me my Captains status, and quite frankly this game has gotten so boring its not even worth the time it takes to write an email. I do have to say that this was by far one of the best games i ever played on my phone, and the crew at Limbic truly are an outstanding group of caring people. Too b
  15. Fun zombie game, with you way in the air with a lot of fire power. AWESOME!!!
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    This is a good twist on the many zombie games. I'm a fan so more zombie games better. This one is only 99 cents. And as you blast zombies. And save people, you get cash and rewarded and can up grade your guns, and other things like double the money per kill. It's sweet and fun. Enjoy it allot. Good control's and the sound effects with some good headphones is just a BLAST!!! Could just see this game hooked to a big screen micro USB to HDMI and a killer sound set up. Oh Ya Zombie stew. Thanks again killer fun
  16. Feels like true satelite vision. Been playing this for 2 years.
    Ron Kolman
    Limbic is one of the most consumer-sensitive companies, of any sort, I've dealt with, let alone game-app companies. Courtesy, and "owning" your issue doesn't begin to describe their attitude w/ customers. Highly recommend this company in smartphone apps, and Zombie Gunship in particular. Replay value is high, night vision assists ID-ing humans from zombies. Highly Recommended! Love to see some additions; more guns/chemical/flame weapons, new attempt to kill zombies while engaging citizens, etc. Make outstanding game...even better?
  17. Love it
    Flako Ramirez
    A fantastic game, been playing this game for a while and never get bored of it. Maybe they make a second version of it in the not so distant future
  18. No Gun sounds on tablet.
    mickey dillard
    GZ is one of the best unique shooters on android.Although I was really really hoping a couple new maps would have been added on the recent update.Why are more permissions needed if nothing changed. The four available are good,but growing old.There's only so many times players can reset and start all over from scratch before it becomes boring.ADD some new maps PLEASE.Even if game has to be restarted to work your way up to unlock the new maps,At least it would give us a new goal to reach.
  19. Fun
    Aaron Beagle
    Like playing. Great for killing time. Would like to see more locations on the map.
  20. This is my game....but it's broke.
    Preston Johnson
    FIX THE SOUND ON ANDROID PLEASE!!!! There are so many of us asking for this glitch to be addressed. At least tell us you are working on it instead of this dead silence. Nothing like hearing the 105 cut loose over stereo speakers in my car while I am waiting to pick up kids from school or chilling while the wifey shops. I will add more stars once this is fixed. More boards would be great too.


What`s new

What's new in 1.14.4
- Fixed a bug affecting startup for some Samsung devices on Android 5.1.1
- Fix to an audio glitch for 40mm and 105mm guns on some devices

Note: ZG now requires expansion files due to being over 50MB in size. We now request 2 new permissions on Android in order to use the expansion file feature of Google Play.

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