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Iman Mostafavi | Co-Founder and COO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Arash Keshmirian | Co-Founder and CEO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Lauren Wong | Office Admin & Customer Support at Limbic®

San Francisco, California |

Marcus Montgomery | Senior Game Designer who believes great games are created through prototyping, process, and people.

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 751

    The game is so impossible, it's actually fun! ! Perhaps just make the firing a bit more easier??
  2. Flappy gunship
    Pj Davidson
    Its a fun game reminds me a lot of flappy bird but all in all awesomeness
  3. So fun
    Sawyer Jones
    Its like the actual zombie gunship exept its flappy bird verson.
  4. Its funn
    gerzon terrazas
    Just get it it won't hurt u its harder than flappybird I'll tell u that
  5. Pretty good
    Fernando Sanchez
    Its a pretty fun game to play.
  6. berti neo
    its very difficult , but i love it !!!
  7. Ahahaha
    Charya Yusuf Sanjaya
    I literally crazed when playing this game, good spin-off, really, although I would recommend some variations like weather effects (something like rain or whatever) or a more gruesome effect when the zombies get shot at, combos that turn every shot to become more deadly and more uncontrolable that the player will very likely to level the entire ground of zombies including the civillian too, idk if all of that above would work though but still a good game!
  8. Rainy day mayhem!:-)
    Lena Hart
    Got nothing to do? This game is literally the best game for spare time! It is hard, but that's what makes it fun! thank you for creating this game!
  9. Great little time killer!
    Mike Chapman
    Excellent time killer with a fun plot. Everything Limbic develops is wonderful, and this is no exception! For those complaining that it's difficult, it's supposed to be since it's a remake of Flappy Birds(which was removed after going viral).
  10. Flappy Bird on Steroids
    JellyRoll Jerry
    Very addictive. A great balance of difficulty. Gives players a fun and enjoyable challenge. Great with montage music.
  11. Amazing
    Damian Walker
    So addictive and challenging. Best version of flappy bird yet it is not a rip off. Great game well done :D
  12. It's OK
    Arturo Ramirez Jr
    Nice I like it but it needs more control
  13. Way too hard.
    Paul Drake
    Plane drops so fast between shots you cant stay in the air without killing humans. Maybe a slightly mors gradual glide path?
  14. Z g arcade
    Jamie Kaplan
    Just started arcade,pretty good sequel to Z.G. Will update after extended game play..'
  15. Hate it
    Owain Clark
    Hate this game it is just rubbish
  16. Is good not great
    Lucas Baker
    Its a little hard to just jump in to hardest level. There should be more of a build up to it
  17. Holy Balls Ads!
    Jason Savickas
    Play for 2 seconds, crash, ad. Crash, ad. Crash, ad. Crash, ad. Crash, ad. Crash, ad that refuses to close. Crash, ad. Crash, ad won't go away already! Close game and restart. Crash, ad. Crash, ad. Every time you crash there's an ad that pops up. Remove the annoying ads and you MIGHT have a decent game.
  18. Unexpectedly awesome
    Julius Yang
    Flappy bird-inspired, but with a deliciously original twist. Retains thr flavour of the series too. Good job!
  19. Ads
    The Gaming Warrior
    Ads every 5 seconds. Game is terrible
  20. Awesome
    ThatOneMixedGamer Clarkson
    Its fun, challenging and everything in the game accept you need to make it where the plane doesn't fall so fast then its unbeatable.


What`s new

★★★ 1.0.11 ★★★
✔ Fixed issue where achievements and leaderboards buttons stopped working
✔ Updated achievements button.

★★★ 1.0.10 ★★★
✔ Added suppport for Android 5

★★★ 1.0.7 ★★★
✔ Added suppport for x86 devices

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