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Reviews 541,082

  1. Great game!!
    William Cannell
    When popping +time bubbles they are not adding time to the game. Most of them also aren't counting in Bingo. I must have popped 100 of them and maybe 15 counted.
  2. Won't let me log in! And its rigged!
    Lyric Alizna
    It still wont let me create an accout to invite friends and its pinned! Everytime I add extras to boost my score, it seperates all the tsum tsums, but as soon as I dont have the extra boosts all of them are close together so its basically taking your coins for nothing. Disappointed in this game. I wont be buying anymore rubies.
  3. Very fun BUT..
    Marty Okeeffe
    I am so tired if the game crashing and taking a life. It does this both on my phone and tablet. This has been a problem for a long time and there has been no fix
  4. cute
    Maila Pantino
    its a cute way to kill time. although while it takes a gazillion times to gain 30k coins to purchase another tsum.. u just give me the one that i already have and just level up the skill. :/
  5. Okay but could use work
    Misty Davis
    I like the game itself but they barely give you any points to go up a level it takes forever and at least 4x playing if not more and the tsumstsums cost way to much for the amount given
  6. Cannot open from first install
    Helen Gunawan
    What is error code 8? Will give 5* if I can enter the game.
  7. Frustrating!!!
    Joanne Matsumoto
    It was a fun game to play, but in the last month to month and a half, I purchased a premium box at least every 2 days if not every day. I have not received a new tsum tsum in at least 6 weeks if not longer...only upgrades. This is so frustrating, especially when you have limited time and lucky time tsums. Also, after playing a round it will tell me that it cannot add my stats for that round. I either have to return to the title screen or play again. I lose my lives when this happens.
  8. I'm addicted
    samantha miller
    Its my in bed game.. And just bored game however I don't like that when the 5 life's are up u have to wait for 15 min for each life to come back . I think that u should be able to play as much as you want.. other than that I love the game, it does not shut down on me, Every time I add bubble time or anything like that it works so my only complaint is about the lives.
  9. Wasted potential
    Christy Mccoy
    This game had all the makings to be a decent addictive game that I would spend some real money investing into, but unfortunately it a sloppy. Minimal directions on how this game works, the scoring and advancements are weird. There are definitely bugs in it. I'm staying away from logging in to the line app and definitely not giving my credit card number to them. I wish this game offered more but unfortunately it's a mess. It's fun to play for a few rounds before you are burnt out and ready to uninstall.
  10. It won't even let me log in!!!!!
    Katherine Li
    I am new to android,previously I was using iphone,there wasn't any problem,but now i cant even log in!When i clicked the line button it crashed.Please fix this!
  11. Great game!
    Jessica Nelson
    So many free gifts, coins and rubies just for playing. So generous. Thank you! I do however feel like when you buy a box it should give you a new one before going through and redoing what you have. 30,000 coins takes a LONG time to get to, only to have it level up one I don't use. I've gotten The Beast the last five times I've bought premium. It's getting annoying now.
  12. Susan McCool
    It's really disappointing to save up to 30,000 coins and "level up" a tsum I already have and then it's not even a whole level. It's only 50% of a level up. I know the boxes are random but with all the tsum available it just looks like I could get a different one.
  13. Screw you Disney tsum tsum
    Eric Berry
    I played my butt off trying to get even a single fantasia mickey. I averaged pretty close to 2 premium boxes a day, so let's say 50+ premium boxes in the last 4 weeks or so. In 50 boxes and 2 lucky periods I didn't get him once. Their weighted random pick system sucks. I should add that this is the second limited edition tsum I wasnt able to get. I really don't know if I want to play anymore. Maybe it's because I haven't paid any money. Time for a very long break from this game. Screw you Disney.
  14. Addicition has a new name
    Thomas Tarvid
    Just used coins on a premium box, it gave me same skill increase; I mean, nothing was gained, was like first wasn't applied and now I'm out 30,000 coins. I have to play this daily and throughout the day! The plus... They now have daily sign in bonus! The minus... Save up, play and invite to get coins, and get same characters over and over... While others seem to be getting all the good ones!
  15. Doesn't allow me to play
    Chung Tang
    My plain vanilla US T-Mobile Samsung Note 4 (still only running Kit Kat) gets flagged for having "iniquitous" tool(s) installed and does not allow me to begin playing.
  16. Great game
    Tory Alexander
    I am addicted to game, but wish it would payout more. To hard to save up for premium boxes.
  17. Crashing
    Natalie Foong
    Crashing constantly since new update. The game stops during a play; the screen is rendered useless, and no matter how hard you press nothing works. However, while the touch screen is frozen, the clock continues, therefore counting down and wasting time while you sit there and can't play. In the end, I have to lock and unlock my phone before clearing apps and reopening the app.
  18. Love this addicting game!
    Chona Vallejo
    This game is so addicting.... Once I start playing I can't stop. The only negative about this game is that, it takes too long to earn 30,000 coins and when you finally are able to buy another tsum you either get a new one or the same one again and increases your tsum 50%
  19. Fun but..
    Nikki Archuleta
    This game i soo fun but but i think that it would be a unlimited play beause i run out of hearts to fast then i have to wait
  20. Was great but now
    Becky Michaud
    Now I'm just annoyed they're asking u to verify app which I do and it clearly says it's been accepted in the line settings and still won't let me load the game I was overall really enjoying this game w my son but now I can't even play it... if fixed asap will b higher score otherwise I guess it just gets deleted.....and the annoying part is it worked fine this morning so... work out the bugs please!


What`s new

Version 1.63.0 Update Details

Thank you for playing LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum.
The content of this update is as follows:

- Data for Tsum Tsum scheduled for future release added
- Fixes and improvements to Tsum Tsum animations and visuals

We will be doing our best to continue to make LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum more fun and wonderful than ever, so please stick with us!



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