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Sherry Marshall | Vice President, Programs and Outreach

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area |

Willow Conway | Marketing Manager at Science Museum

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Kira Zumkley | Photographer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Sian Williams | Programme Director One Collection at Science Museum Group

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Reviews 39,753

  1. No hints?
    Mario Bonanno
    I love the game. A really good puzzle game to keep you busy. The only reason this is losing 1 star is because there are no hints. You can't have a puzzle game without any hints. I've been stuck on 3 levels because I can't figure out how to use all the data without crossing the signals. Please put a hint system in this.
  2. Fun. Very fun.
    Anand Kumria
    Connect transmitters and receivers. Singly and then into complex networks. A slight bug is that you complete things one way ( e.g. minimum number of lines ), and then go back and complete another way. You can end up with *all* stars, even though the solution doesn't meet the criteria
  3. Jessy Yu
    It's fun, although it keeps crashing on my phone, and the crashing can happen as often as seconds after I started the game. Would really like it if it could be fixed!
  4. Challenging, fun and educational
    Tim Iles
    I've nearly completed this game, but some levels have me stumped. Very addictive, I refuse to be beaten! Fun and educational, Science Museum should be proud.
  5. Superb
    Jeremy Le François
    Such a great game! Logical problems beautifully represented, the perfect environment to have a little brain workout. It's also a pleasant surprise to see that the app has been developed in partnership with the British Science Museum.
  6. Deceptively simple
    Ollie Saer
    I remember playing the first few introduction levels and wondering when the challenge would begin - a short-lived thought as I got stuck for a bit not long after! This game will properly test your noodle and have you loving every minute of it, a definate must-play!
  7. Brilliant
    Tulio Leão
    Amazing app which can combine both learning and fun through challenging levels that teach how communication works while still contributing to a very nice puzzle. Very well done science museum :)
  8. Great Puzzle Game
    Toby Hawkins
    Starts off very easy (perhaps good for younger kids), but gets quite challenging near the end, especially if you want to finish all the objectives on each puzzle. It remains relaxing rather than frustrating throughout. Definitely a most download for anyone that's a fan of puzzle games.
  9. Great game but keeps stopping
    Charlie Beaumont
    Really enjoy this challenging puzzle game but it keeps crashing while I'm working through levels. Would definitely be deserving of a five star review if it ran smoothly.
  10. Very fun, very unstable
    Emerald Gingell
    Just got this and it's super addictive. Will give 5 stars once a stable version is released
  11. Awesome (but stability issues on later android versions )
    Peter Cameron-Burnett
    Highly addictive, complex and at the same time beautifully minimalistic. Run fine on my daughters' hudls - but crashes on my asus tablet. Def worth playing though!
  12. Addictive and challenging game
    Waldemar Szczyżyca
    Fresh idea, nice graphics, addictive and challenging. Why only 10k downloads? It should be top game! I found it by accident when I was looking remote for transmission
  13. Beautiful, Challenging, Educational
    Evan Hall
    A well thought out, well designed puzzle game that serves as a shining example of how to educate players while keeping them engaged. While not always technically accurate (fun gameplay comes before boring adherence to technical detail), there's no reason not to try it out if you enjoy a challenging puzzle game.
  14. Amazing game
    Reece Van Atta
    Absolutely beautiful. Visuals, sounds, music, etc. Wonderful gameplay. Was gutting annoyed at how easy it was, but quickly got harder, and late game is extremely difficult, which makes it a perfect puzzle game.
  15. Smart, fun and beautiful
    Christopher Haines
    A truly delightful experience is provided when playing this game. It's fun and addictive, but oddly calming and satisfying when you progress through the puzzles. Definitely worth playing! So pretty as well.
  16. Brilliant, Addictive, Challenging, and Well-designed
    Nog S
    This is a truly fantastic game, with great visuals, and a brilliant "learn about modern Communications Engineering while playing" approach. Some levels are easy and great to get you started, some require a bit of contemplation and patience, and a few require a lot! And each new "world" introduces a new concept, and along with it, a totally new gameplay dimension. Seriously, this is how games should be done. Great job to the developers for all your hard work -- I just got my tween nephew addicted to it!
  17. Great logical game
    Allan Crooks
    Well designed, plays smoothly, feels quite rewarding, and getting all stars is a challenge. Spent hours finishing it, and really enjoyed it - would have happily paid for it, so it's even more of a bargain for free! (I quite liked Squarescape too, if you like logical games.)
  18. Please fix it...
    venkat ramana
    I can tell that game's awesome, but the game is getting stopped in the middle while playing. Please fix this problem, otherwise i would give it 5 stars
  19. Keeps on crashing
    Conrado Con Domingo
    Pls fix this. Keeps crashing on my phone (ASUS Zenfone5). The game is great. It motivates me to learn more about this transmitters and receivers. So pls fix :)
  20. Excellent puzzle, logic game that's educational too
    Matt Arnett
    A 5 star app, without a doubt. The graphics and game play are very well done, visually and auditory engaging. The first 2 levels are very easy but it quickly requires more thought and trial-and-error in level 3. I enjoy the educational part to learn about the various types of communication networks. And the sounds of each network are spot on appropriate. Someone(s) put a LOT of design and work into this app. Very well done app!!!


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