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  1. Really good
    Neil Bedford
    Please tell me you are going to make more......
  2. Intriguing
    Michael St John
    A lot of thinking required, good fun while it lasts. But, I complete the whole thing in about 2 hours and then that's it! If I'm going to pay money for a game, I would like to have it last a while. Very disappointed that it could be conquered so quickly. Very well planned though, it was fun while it lasted.
  3. Great game
    shaun gannon
    Really good puzzle game. The hints are a little plainly put, which makes them more obvious than if written a little less blatantly, but that's really the only negative - the puzzles are logical but not totally obvious, and the artwork is gorgeous. Looking forward to more!
  4. This was great!
    I love these kinds of games. It's a good thing they give you a map and tell where to go on it though, or you'd get lost in all the different areas. If you liked "The Room," you'll like this one.
  5. Blackthorn Castle
    Terry Turner
    Very surprised by this game. It only downloaded just over 100 meg but it was a long game, played in short bursts to save my fingers. The reason, it is one dimensional (ie no moving parts). Good point, no ho mini games which is brilliant. Well worth playing but finger aching.
  6. Wonderful adventure
    Morgan Stone
    Loved wondering about this castle and it's surroundings. Great graphics, interesting puzzles, relaxing atmosphere. Thank you creators of this game!
  7. Blackthorn Castle
    Karen Feather
    Challenges the memory and the puzzles excellent! Great game without glitches. Well done!
  8. One of the best games
    Tammy C
    I play a lot of these games, and this was in the top 5. I hope you are making the sequel. I'll be happy to buy it. Games like this are very rare. Well done.
  9. Mez Henderson
    Much better than the Lost Ship. Longer and more satisfying. Many thanks looking forward to more.
  10. Great game
    Leslie Aron
    There are a lot of rooms and easy enough to follow but not too hard to figure out! Takes up a good amount of time and I hope there will be more like this!
  11. Michelle Brennan
    Good game, lots of puzzles although the hint button gives alot away.
  12. Exellent game
    Janine Birt
    Kept me thinking with complex puzzles wish it was longer, an exellent game please make more
  13. Good game
    Rea Chandler
    Really enjoyed this game, graphics fab, interesting scenery, but lot of back and forth which can get tedious. Would be better if could travel via map to areas already discovered.
  14. Fabulous Game
    Jessica Fourie
    I wish they would continue with the story
  15. Dave Cox
    Amusing little puzzles, some solvable by trial and error. All improbably arranged in the story line. Fun and quick.
  16. Jakass69
    Tony Germano
    Fun and adventurous. Worth a few bucks. Hints get you past any nonsense puzzles
  17. Fantastic!
    Shelly Brown
    An amazing game! Worth the price plus more, can't wait for another game from you!
  18. Entertaining game
    Dona Patrick
    Really enjoyed playing this game. Highly recommend it.
  19. Great
    Milla Hills
    Lots of different types of puzzles. Some complex collecting of objects to make things. Good map, camera for clues, and hints.
  20. Blackthorne Castle
    Luis Velez
    One of the best point click games I ever played. Keep on the good work! Cant wait for another one.