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Andrey Dron | Starfighter

Ukraine |

Jerry Pikachu | Sous Chef

Palmyra, Western Australia, Australia |

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Benjamin Hart | Founder

Reviews 870,397

  1. Trouble with launching the game
    Isaac Cardenas
    After playing for a short period of time, the game crashes and now everytime I try to go back and play the game, it won't let me, it will keep on saying that the game has stopped, plz fix this issue soon, I love the game and I hate to uninstall and reinstall the game, loosing all my progress during the process each time
  2. Shorten the Structures upgrade
    james amboss
    Nice & challenging game.. it would be great if the upgrading of units & stuctures will be in minimal periods without spending too much gems.. please add Heavy Elite troops like the empire ATat with maximum firing range of 10 for rebel side.. As far as my experienced, Empire troops are much stronger in this game.. so unfair.. not totally & equally balanced kinda game.
  3. The AI kills me.
    Radu Zaharia
    Every time I'm in a battle, there are tens of seconds in which my troops will just stay and do nothing (or just marching in one place) while under enemy fire. I'd be very glad to have this one solved.
  4. WHY!?!
    Joe Zochert
    Would give five stars, if you have a note 4 don't waste your time o ce you pass level two wil crash over and over. You will get to play anout once out of every twenty times you try to load (which almost takes a min) game play is alot of when when and if you get to do it!
  5. Gabriel Mercado
    Keeps freezing and shutting down. Not moving up in ranks of galactic battles no matter how many I win.
  6. Gems?!
    ImTo Good
    I absolutely love the game and everything with it but when I watch a crappy add to get gems and don't receive them it gets annoying fix this please and don't waste my time next time, thanks =)
  7. Love It...
    Terry B
    Awesome, has some glitches but fixed relatively quick by developers. Run a big SWC base on my windows tablet.. Love this game, go to chat boards to find a squad
  8. Hmmm
    Mike Taylor
    I play for because of my kid it was OK to start once you get high up in the game unless you pay good luck 1 year in I'm attacked all the time can't get supplies the game forces you to by if you want a chance fun to start better war and supply games out there but this is star wars.
  9. Great game!
    Peter van Dam
    I play this game game daily and all bugs and issues have been fixed. Definitely recommend ☺
  10. Very unbalanced gameplay.
    Mike Suggs
    How darksides healer bots only heal machines while lightsides heals its troops?Trap take too long & hit nothing cause what triggered it moved a centimeter.
  11. Good game
    Michael Hilliard
    I think the game is pretty balanced, the Empire has the At-At that gives the Empire the edge in attacks, the rebels have a very difficult time coming up with a defensive strategy for them, without faction troops it is impossible. There also should be away we can recruit for the Rebel Alliance to grow our factions.
  12. Game just kept crashing
    Christy Eilers
    This strategy game has been my favorite game since it came out 1 to 2 years ago and got a new phone and got this game it worked fine for a while til it just started crashing all of the sudden. I don't want to delete my hard working progress to the beginning so please help me with the problem and i will make it 5 stars
  13. Developers not on the ball
    J Bidwell
    This last update shaded areas around base turned dark so you can see troops. Pleaaaaaase fix it. Thanks
  14. steve dygert
    Bought new tablet tried to sign in with my account that i had linked, and didnt give me the option to recover my acc contacted suport and they refunded all my crystals i purchased very easy people to work with thank you very much Disney! !!!!
  15. Was a great game until update
    Elijio Garcia
    Now that I had to to update the new "fixtures" it won't allow me to play any missions or attack anyone. It glitches and won't load the icons properly so sad to have to uninstall
  16. Who can play this game without issues?
    Aaron Jensen
    I don't know if this is due to inefficient code or poor AI design, but the game is SLOW! slow to start. Slow to transition. And the troops run around like they're swimming in molasses (feet moving, but no progress on the screen). I'll put aside the game and come back later. I pray for the poor souls who put money towards this game. Galaxy S4
  17. Won't start after update on S5.
    George Callow
    I actually like the game...when it works. The last few days it has had crash after crash. Today an update came out that promised stability improvements. After installing the update, the game won't even start without crashing. I've cleared the cache, rebooted the device and nothing helps. Guess I'll have to wait for the next update. :(
  18. Clash of Clans in space
    Ryan Martin
    I'm just a week into the game. I really like it so far.
  19. Why do we not have edit options!?
    Jason Daily
    I would love if there were a base edit option on this game where it took everything you had off the screen and allowed you to start fresh from a queue of your current base. Please make this the next upgrade please please please. It takes too much time resetting your base otherwise.
  20. Sound, faction switch
    AJ Lake
    In May I was excited that my game have me the option to faction switch, but before I tried it, the option disappeared. In mid July the game will sometimes load about 80% then stop. I'll force quit the app, try to reopen, and get an error "unfortunately Commander has stopped working." A restart of my /new/ Galaxy S6 will fix the opening issue.


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