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Reviews 318,877

  1. Fun fun fun
    Lindsay and jamie Hickman
    So I have been playing this app for about 2 weeks now and have won nothing but tokens I'm still wondering if there is really a chance to win a cash prize. Other then that love the app it's extremely fun and you can redeem your tokens for useful gift cards but you need A LOL of tokens mind u but it's worth getting it and trying it out. Good luck everyone hope you enjoy as much as I do
  2. Samsung Galaxy s5
    Tracy Williamson
    Great. Been playing now a little over a year, it's like the lottery which my state don't have, but all I win is tokens would really love to win some money need that more than gift cards.
  3. Good time killer
    Joseph Haskins
    Just got my second $5 Amazon gift card!
  4. Smh
    Akeem Whitehead
    It always say match 3 symbol, but there's never 3 to match. Why is that??
  5. Great
    Princess McGee
    I like this app. I play everyday to stock up on tokens toward rewards. It's like playing the lottery might win money, you might not but the good the thing about this least you get something if you don't win the money..unlike playing the lottery.
  6. It's ok
    Reanna Ramroop
    The scratches only gives me token no cash that the catch. And come on they give entries for daily rewards Instead of the daily tokens. No one will will nothing on entries. And it a shame big companies advertising there and I don't win any cash just a couple tokens. It will probably take a year for me to get a 50$ amazon gift card. And who know what will happen they probably won't give me nothing after all my hard work
  7. I won one! :)
    Saenz Anna
    It's a good way to pass time but only lucky or persistent people actually win real money
  8. It's fun but
    Ann McClain
    Why is it so hard to win cash? All I've been winning is tokens.
  9. A+
    Charles Holmes
    Love this app better than playing the lottery.
  10. Not great
    Paul Rabe
    Downloaded that lagtastic game of war a few times and played it for a few days, as horrible as it is, never received any tokens.
  11. Not happy
    tehran johnson
    Need more options on winning coins and prizes I'm a busy person can't always play every day
  12. Nope
    Oh JoJo
    I just tried to redeem my amazon gift card and it did not work I've been wasting time with this game over a year and still have not won any money. Deleting for good this time. Sucks! !! Terrible horrible
  13. Great app
    James King
    I scratch daily. No it wont make you rich but you can win cash as well as tokens. Its free to play so why complain? Fun and additive. I dont go buy AS MANY texas lotto scratchers anymore haha. Good luck to all!!! I will say I do not like the new reward point price. It cut the amount I would have got almost in half. But it is free lol
  14. Like the app, but odds are definitely against you
    Kamaka Hoopai-Lum
    I like lucktastic, but you never win. I've been playing for a while now, and all I've won is a few coins. I wonder when or if I'll actually when anything. I don't think I ever will.
  15. Download nowwwww
    Bryn Flanagan
    I love this app I have not won but it is all fun maybe if u download it u will winnnnnnnn
  16. Too hard to earn anything!
    Rae Bowen
    Your not likely to win no matter how many times you watch ads. And at the most I've gotten 12 tokens from a cash ticket. If you don't count the bonus for signing up I have made 200 tokens in 2 weeks. At that rate it will be a year or two before I have earned enough to reward myself for my hard work and perseverance.
  17. Why?
    Connor Kelly
    A stupid app like this wasting time and for what doing the same thing everyday scratching and nothing happening, hell I can't even get enough tokens for the contests
    Best app ever try it if u don't u a crazy head
  19. I guess its alright
    kayla ahio
    I mostly get tokens but hey its better than nothing and i hope i get some money at least
  20. Love
    Ann Lathem
    I like playing lottery does not matter if I win or not.


What`s new

Version 2.15.4:
- Level up and become a VIP for mystery prizes, bonus scratch cards and more chances to win!
- This version also contains the latest performance optimizations and bug fixes. Good luck!
- Please contact [email protected] directly if you’re experiencing any issues with the app.

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