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Alex Thabet | President at Ludia

Montreal, Canada Area |

Alina Gotcherian | Community Specialist; ACTRA Actor

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Michel Aubinais | Product Manager at Ludia

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Joanie Pépin | Developer at Ludia

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Reviews 911,453

  1. Facebook Login
    Robert Long
    I got everything back today. I am not going to say anything else at this time. I will see what happens before I comment about the game again.
  2. Plz fix or i wont spend any more money on it no more
    Cody Gonion
    If could i would give 0 stars it keeps telling me that my internet is not connected every time i try to go to battle plz fix right now or i wont play and spend money on it no more
  3. 2nd time and no better
    Tyson Ayris
    Loved this game 6 mths ago but uninstalled as it wouldnt connect... this still hasnt been fixed... not ever going to download again. No 3 strikes!
  4. Deleted all my data
    Carlos Rivas
    I had all my jurassic dinosaurs at 3 star and i just got my iguanadon and my placeratops at 4 stars ready to hatch in 6 hours and i went on a 5 hour trip and boom all data gone im going to try the game for the 5th and final time so please don t delete my data again!
  5. The keyboard doesn't work
    Dustin Steagall
    Only when I'm in the game the keyboard doesn't work and I can't even log into the game because I tap about hundred times it finally comes up. Then it stays up for about 2 seconds when I'm in the middle of typing well, taping it goes back down.
  6. Great Game"BUT"
    Kimberly Knutson
    The game is a amasing game but there are some things I would work on. You can't fight until your lvl 5. I mean come on make it like lvl 3!!
  7. Cool game
    harley stevenson
    I apologize, I said I didn't get any bucks for filling out something, I actually did :/ It didn't say anything. So just don't try to resolve the report
  8. Merging
    Malia Jones
    Is there someway to disconnect a linked account to facebook or to delete one? If not there needs to be. I somehow accidently created a new facebook account instead of merging my guest account and now it wont let me merge it to facebook. I havent dont anything on the facebook one either. I would love if somehow this could be fixed or a delete button could be added. I have worked very hard on my guest account and was hoping to merge it so I coukd get the advantages and I have been trying to fix it.
  9. Will give 5 stars if you fix this!
    Jon Mar
    I have a huge park and now i have to start all over again.. Because i was playing on american server but now i think im on europian server and im not able to change server!
  10. Old Account
    Marcelo Rodriguez
    I played this game about a year and got a few things going. And today i downloaded it again and i got my account back but i cant do anything on it. It wont let me collect anything and it tells me to finish the tutorial first but there is none. Please fix this.
  11. Was fun the one time I got to play
    Matthew Gore
    It was a really cool game, the one and only time it allowed me to play it. Now it never works. Went ahead and got the other game on my girls phone (despite he fact its basically the same game) but I'd play this one if it worked. May be time for an update guys.
  12. Takes my coins
    Doughnut Films
    Every time I earn 3 thousand coins it takes my coins.I go away for 2 hours come back I have 2 thousand coins. If you fix it I will rate it 5 stars
  13. WTH
    OK don't get me wrong, this game is fun, and I've had a great time playing it the past few months, just checking in once or twice a day, but I draw the line when I've been waiting to get a T-Rex for months and I finally was a high enough level, and IT'S $45 IT'S RIDICULOUS
  14. Jason AnaloG Bachschmidt
    100,000 coins to evolve to a level 2,REALLY!send out aquatic sub and never comes back with DNA sample. Not very motivating to keep playing!
  15. Costs alot of money to get anywhere
    Dale Vokurka
    Unless you're willing to spend $200 or more don't download...every action you need to spend money to unlock everything............
  16. Can't log in with Facebook anymore.
    Lamar Langford
    Last night this game kept failing to log on with Facebook. I was on level 50 and now have to start all over. Please fix this.
  17. Fun but has some problems
    Kyler Gibbons
    Over all a fun game but it takes forever to level up! I have had it for a week now and I'm only a level 6. Please make it easier to level up.
  18. Stupid
    Big PA
    When i achieve something it tells me to post it, then when I exit the post it makes load the game all over, then when I get back on it just makes restart what I already achieved so basically I am not even really far because of it. Stupid game don't log into facebook
  19. Loading problems
    Kandace Miller
    I love the game but now it won't load or connect to Facebook or the guest login. Please fix and I will rate higher.
  20. Spectacular
    Abner Arriaza
    This game is really fun and all, but it has its draw backs. There should be something to give players cash and coins faster ways. Like an expedition cite, where players can find fossils to turn into dinosaurs or find cash and coins daily.


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