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Marek Rabas | CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Tomas Slapota | CoFounder and CoOwner at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Adam Čunderlík | Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Dominik Brablec | Game Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Reviews 212,737

  1. Fantastic!
    marcusbuster files
    all the fun in building a model but without all the stickiness and tools. people complaining about this app really will never be satisfied in life with anything. There's nothing wrong with this app in fact, I give big props to the developer, an A+ job
  2. What to say ?
    Roland Youssef
    This is surely one of a kind app. Digital Collectibles? I thought it would be boring, turned out to be an amazing and self fulfilling app. Never felt like that.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.0.1
    Kevin Duvernay
    Great app nicely done. Plus: Works with cardboard. Minus: cardboard feature is only a viewer for finished models. Building models with the cardboard viewer would be an awesome feature.
  4. Brilliant
    Tony Wood
    Lots of fun without the glue everywhere. Ive made up the sports car and a couple of the other free models and it's just fun. People who complain about the ads mustn't understand that the development has to be paid for somehow. I'll certainly be buying some models whe I run out of freebies. Only criticism is that my phone and pad dont sync. Perhaps in a future version.
  5. Shit
    Willem Vogel
    What a shit app wish I could give a minus rating. Always have to pay and buy if you want new model. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Super Loved It!
    Mai B.
    Wonderful, Wonderful app! I was never into models before, but my child wanted this. When I saw how cool it was, couldn't resist trying. Once I tried I was Hooked! This is Way better than 'typical' models! Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!!!
  7. Maher Kokarani
    Only problem that I have to buy a model. Otherwise I will rate with 5 star
  8. Almost a good deal...
    Matheus Marques da Silva
    Very nice app. It would be perfect, but it's a shame you have to pay for anything different than the only one free model. And pay a lot of money. Sorry but I had to uninstall it. Pity.
    Iker Dorta
    Love the models and the creativity it realesed in my mind if there was a ten rating in smack it a hundred times!! (⊙ω⊙)
  10. Great model kits, fantastic app, BUT
    kenneth gomberg
    Update. Back to 5 stars. Biplane finally released, but can't put finished components together Nowadays, models run 20-30 bucks a pop. This has all the detail of original models, with great decals and paints that never run out. You can redo everything as often as you wish. I own about 30 models and paints and decals. And they've updated their entire collection!
  11. Amazing hobby
    Mohamed S. Abdel-Hamid
    It's been my childhood hobby. The game is ultra realistic except when it comes to actually touching the model. The idea is awesome and enjoyable but buying a VR model is just stupid. I'd rather go and buy one from a toy store.
  12. Massive shame, brilliant but too expensive
    Dean Hides
    As my title suggests. You get one free model then you have to pay £3 plus for each model you want. 69 available models to get them all would cost more than a new xboxone game. Pure ridiculous. I understand you need to support developers but come on, if you want us to come back for more, make it more financially plausible.
  13. Disappointed
    Sara Phillips
    Absolutely brilliant game. Shame you have to pay for each model pack though. The cost adds up quickly...way too quickly. Other than that, love it.
  14. Great App, but Adds after buying stuff? - Hey!
    Colin Jackson
    I really like this app. No adds appear on models that are purchased (only on the free models). Stylus input recognition would be nice instead of being limited to finger input. Looking forward to availability of more models.
  15. Simply Amazing!
    The 3D aspect and amount of detail in this game gives the player endless entertainment and education not found in other games.
  16. Samsung galaxy tab 2 lollipop vs
    chicioja andrei
    It take me out every time I complete the tutorial please do something is the best tunning app.
  17. No. 1
    Ali Mirzaie Damabii
    Seriously! anyone has better idea than this for entertain people on their phone?! hopefully see more update like ranking and votes...
  18. Too expensive
    Mark Clark
    Only has one free model. The other models are way to expensive,. You pay 5 or 10 dollars for additional models. Models need to be priced between 50 cents for smaller models and 2 bucks for the expert models. Greed is keeping this game from doing better.
  19. Cool
    sharik Shetty
    No words to say about this app..this app is so nice . I Love it ..Its a awesome game
  20. Fun
    Caden Swindell
    Great game i love designing and building models but would you add a few more free models and a choice to get 1 of any bundles for free and same with painy kits but 2 of them because i dont really get money that often so i cant get that much experience with the game


What`s new

New Features:
- Create new models Space Shuttle Discovery and Titanic
- New Free Bundle with four amazing models
- Customize your weapons models with new Gun Paints color palette
- Earning Expert mode reward is now possible for five times
- Get new shop bundles presenting models, paints and stickers in the shop
- All bundles have been made more affordable
- Major UX improvements done to make the shop simple and clear
- Playing experience improved for model boxes