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  1. Lost purchases
    Tyler Jacobson
    I had the 8 wheel tractor and the game glitch out uninstalled and I tried getting it back and it says (response : 7:item already owned) please fix would rate 5 stars after fixed
  2. Love the game but...
    Paul Beeler
    The gameplay is great and all, but this is not a true simulator. For example I have to be in the game for the work to complete. If I leave the game for any reason, (text, phone call) all the work stops even if I have assistants running everything. The game should continue in the background, or be connected to a server to record game progress, instead of shutting down everything in the game and make you load a game each time you enter the app! And also put the character back where he was before.
  3. Marcelino Chavez
    It won't. Let me play it. I download it. And. Hit star new. Game and just get stuck on the. Field screen. What can I do to fix that
  4. Outstanding
    Jesse Burnham
    I love this game! There is a lot of stuff to do and plenty of hours of fun on this game. I would love to see some big Fixes, though. It would be better with a little bit better graphics in the high graphic setting.
  5. Won't play
    Brion Rice
    Can anyone tell me why it's saying unfortunately farming pro 15 stop. If anyone can help me thanks. This game ain't working it won't start the game it says unfortunately this game won't play an closes out Like to have it fix r so way to get it to work r money back
  6. Cody Storm
    Played my saved game a few nights ago, went to play the saved game and it magically disappeared. Emailed the developer twice now, still no saved game or response
  7. 5 star
    Jenna Brassill
    I love how u put the little signs on where things r its very helpful. And how u have 3 different markets to sell and buy what u need
  8. Hate it
    hunter Vicsik
    accidently bought money and it wont let me restore all my purchases please helpnand ill rate 5 stars
  9. Ashley Hahnert
    I can't see the farmer or the trackters the only thing I can see on the trackter is the lights plz fix it
  10. cory stadick
    Spent money to get equipment then game froze and I lost it all should have an auto save so that don't happen
  11. It doesn't work
    Bill Angiolillo
    Galaxy Note 4 (AT&T) the game opens then freezes on a screen with fields. Tried everything and it doesn't work. Waste of $2.99
  12. Liked it
    Eric Mcleese
    I liked it but I did a update on my phone. Now when I open it, it won't let me move. The little joysticks won't come up to let me move. I would delete and redownload if I didn't have to pay
  13. Jared Swenson
    Will not let me play. I start new game and it freezes on screen.
  14. Awesome
    Rhys White
    It is so fun but their could be better stuff
  15. Do not buy!!!!!!!
    Can't play the game, just freezes. Waste of money!!! Fix the bugs!!!
  16. Awesome
    Clayton Gabany
    It's great to play just wish the vehicles went faster
  17. Good game
    Katie Tutt
    Its a good game just didn't save my progress.
  18. Pretty good game
    Josh Cooper
    I really like this game but the driving controls of the farmer simulation 14 was a lot better
  19. Great time consuming game
    mark crum
    Takes up time when u have it
  20. Waste of cash
    Trini Gonzalez
    Installed game and it freezes upon launch. Galaxy Note 4 users stay away!