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  1. Tash Maria
    really enjoy this game on steam, so had to pick it up on my phone :)
    KittyLover 856
    Says that my hardware doesn't support this application im not understanding please help
  3. It's pretty entertaining!
    Debbie Puckett
    So far I've had pretty good success matching up couples in this game. It's a bit slow moving but fun.
  4. Oh man, too much fun
    Ray vespacide
    A friend and I got it to joke around on during a long car ride, and to our surprise fell IN LOVE with it. We fought over whose turn it was to make a match! We argued like 7 year olds. Needless to say its way too much fun.
  5. Love It.!
    Noelia E.
    I don't know what happened but somehow now the game works perfectly.! Thanks so much for fixing the error Magic Notion! This game is great.! :D
  6. Outrages
    Madison Mason
    Love this game so much it is the best and its really fun play it
  7. Fun game
    Cesar Sarabia
    The only problem is that it drains the battery on my phone and also heats it up.
  8. Play or be miserable
    Brielle Emerson
    Its a fun game and i het to pick the people ur customer wants and u get to do so much. Even youtubers like ihascupquake played this game. All on all its a fantastic game and it doesn't have any adds.
  9. Won't load
    Sarah Doyle
    The game was fine until it just started to not load... So in the next update please fix it. If not I would like a refund.
  10. |:I Please Fix
    Peanut The Dog
    Whenever I open it, it says: Unfortunately Matchmaker (Kitty Powers Matchmaker) Has Stopped. I bought it to play and can't refund. Please fix and will rate 5!
  11. Amazing
    Vanessa Johnson
    This game is made amazingly i truely love this app i love it soo much i might explode:-))
  12. I love this game
    Cieann Alley
    It's so fun to play with friends and family but the math is super hard for me but other wise amaze
  13. Won't work after re-installing alot of times
    Ericka Joy Quiray
    When i try to open it, it says "matchmaker has stoped" how do i fix this? I really want to play so bad
  14. Awsome
    Sayra Gonzalez
    I love this game because you can when you feel down and because you can make random people into couples.
  15. Like it
    Ella Lemonis
    I don't have any thing to say about the game because I just love it
  16. My progress got deleted
    Andini Puspo Sari
    I bought this game with high expectations. I loved it soooo very much. I even got until level 15! But then I opened it again and all my progress got deleted. I don't know if it's just me but well, if anyone else is experiencing this, you are not alone. Incredibly sad but it was good while it lasted.
  17. Funny game
    Crazy Gecko 123
    The way the story goes is so cool and the characters talk in mep mep voices
  18. Awesome game
    Shardaily Jacob
    I really do love this game, I don't even play all of my other games anymore, when I discovered matchmaker I forget to play the other ones.
  19. Markiplier played it c:
    Rachy Gerker
    Works great, all I could've hoped for
  20. Addicting!
    Ren W
    I came to download this after watching Markiplier play it. So glad I did, it's a lot of fun! It can be a little frustrating at times but that's what makes good game play, if it was easy it would get boring. And from what I see there's no in-app purchases, which is always a plus for me!


What`s new

- Changes for new EU privacy laws.
- Added an online overview menu.
- Fixed a bug where the Love Life couple export didn't work when the player username contains spaces or non-standard characters.

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