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sippin’ on fire
космические стрелялки
самолеты стрелялки
свамп атак



Maxime Audouin | Développeur chez Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Vincent Dubois | Infographiste 3D à Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Reviews 158,723

  1. Level will not end.
    Mark Bartakovits
    Love the game lots of fun. Boss is hard to defeat. Stuck on a level that will not end. Third world level 6 on hard, beat the level but it doesn't end the level. I shoot all the other shops and then there is nothing else but my shop flying for ever. Please fix.
  2. Freak awesome.
    faiz aliuddin
    When I was kid play that game on arcade and playstation 2 too. I miss this game. They have on app a smart phone. I'm so happy that I can go anywhere when I get boring and play game with this app. Two thumb up.
  3. Good game
    121 flyone
    This game is really one of the better games I've played. In saying that it can become repetitive after awhile, so you best way to play it is in short burst's. That way you don't bored if it.
  4. Pretty much all I wanted
    Michael Pitaniello
    Fun game; I especially like that the different ships play differently and have specialized uses. Music is good too. Ads are well placed and non intrusive; bonus points for that! Only possible complaint is that my fingers get tired after a while.
  5. Perfect game but......
    Kedrick Glenn
    I like the gameplay but the problem is the lag on the boss battle and I die everytime because the lag also fix the infinity level..... when u beat a level everything is gone except u dont complete the mission u just sit there nothing else fix that plz.
  6. Wow!
    Josh Jenkins
    A lot more then I ask for. Simple yet challenging. Time I'll never get back playing this....but I don't want it back!shut up and take my money...wait it's all free!!!!
  7. Amazing!
    Nova Awesome Sauce
    Great stepup from shooter guys, you took a great game and improved on everything. Pros: Great graphics, I like how every ship has a sort of 3Dness to it, nice variaty of enemies and every ship has its own style of shooting Cons: Needs a boss for each world, it gets a bit tedious at times but that's fine with me. Also the final boss level won't end once you kill it
  8. chacal s5
    SansNOM Sans
    this game has something special. most of aircraft games either have lots of action and become stressful (like skyforce) or they are not so aggressive and become relaxing.. this game is both:lots of action and relaxing too! how is that even possible? congratulations...
  9. Hardest android game I've played all year
    Lucas Herrington
    And I love it! This game is an excellent standout in a sea of poorly made junk, it has more passion put in its design than most console titles. The difficulty is perfectly tuned, the sprite art is great, and the background is interesting without being obtrusive. Just, go get this game already. It's worth your time.
  10. Loved this.
    jomy rodz
    Android is awsome but there was a lack of good shooters like this. Really fun with well placed ads that arent obtrusive. One on start up and one each time you die but the death one is optional and gives you an extra life. Four ships leaves me always wondering which to switch. Its entertaining to say the least. My one complaint is the glitches that can happen like in world 2 lv. 4 (easy) on my phone after the stage is suppose to end it keeps on going. Overall a great addition to my app collection.
  11. Panathese August
    I'm having a glitch where the level goes on forever if that is fixed I give it 5 stars but until that is fixed its only three stars
  12. Fresh classic arcade shooter style
    Iori Yagami
    Classy design. I love the fourth vehicle with that unique spinning blade weapon, so effective it wipes out the bullets shower in no time.
  13. Awesome
    kevin garcia
    From what I have played up until this point early on, you get the initial sense of a well produced game.
  14. It's good.
    Ker Hokheng
    It's fun to play but I think it needs some more new units and more update to enhance the space ships ability.
  15. Stupid, really stupid..
    google N
    And why is this popular with awesome space shooter? I think it's a lie claim....
  16. Very engaging
    Carl-Peter Meyer
    Love the bullet mechanics. Keeps you engaged. Time-slow ship selection very cool. Bit easy.
  17. Bullet Hell !!!
    jason lucas
    The ship has a very small hit box, indicated by a little glowing blue dot in the middle of your ship. The key is to keep your eye on the dot when weaving around inside the hail storm of bullets. The small hit box means if you get hit, its not the game being unfair - its you needing to get better! Ahh bullet hell at its finest. UPDATE: The boss on level 3 has a continue option which is bugged. When you are given the extra ship, the boss disappears and leaves you shooting at empty space infinitely
  18. Nearly Perfect Bullet Hell
    Michael Pardee
    Smoothest controls in any mobile game I have ever played. The gameplay is addictive and proves no in-game upgrades are necessary to make a phenomenal game. I love the option of choosing between four unique ships, which adds strategy to how you approach each level. The only minor complaint I have is you have to beat a level four times to get all of the stars. If you beat a level on extreme, you should get all the stars unlock for easy through hard too.
  19. Like it!
    Jeff Foster
    This game is a really good example of this type of game. I wish the controls and menus were a little better.
  20. This game isn't good
    Jared Massa
    This game is easy enough I beat all of it in literally 1 day, having to sit through an unbelievably common series of crashes and glitches where the level will go forever even with no enemies, or the game will flat out close without an error message (usually means the app thinks its done and closes itself due to a loophole.. But the app isn't supposed to control its own on/off switch). It could've been better. The reason this got two stars and not one was because the extreme mode was kinda hard.


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