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Maxime Audouin | Développeur chez Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Vincent Dubois | Infographiste 3D à Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Reviews 122,652

  1. Spoon feed!!not challenging...
    Kharen Friday
    It is not challenging and fun to play..coz the words are'll just find it....piece of cake!!
  2. Fun
    High Five
    I play it when I have nothing else to do its fun to have them in a random weird line the only thing is that sometimes I am trying to get a WORD and I let go and it did.......not get it and I need to find it again
  3. Too much adware!!
    Sherie Tillett
    I would give it 5 stars, but it have so much adware. The adware r taking over my phone. I'm so close 2 deleting it.
  4. Great fun!
    Joe Roberson
    Very good game, enjoy playing it, but some words seem a bit ridiculous. Apart from that, great fun really!
  5. Words
    Katherine Charlene Danos
    I use to play this game all the time. Not sure if it's the same one. I'm use to short, fast, stressful games. It's a nice change. Something I Can play at the Drs. office and my blood pressure won't give me a bad reading. It's harder than it appears to be. Also you don't need to wear your cheaters like some of these word games which look like dots for letters.
  6. Love word twist
    Lisa Derrick
    Words are easy to find even as you get up to higher levels. The only thing I don't like is the fact with the twisted puzzle you use letters that have already been used.
  7. I Love Reading, Writing & Arithmetic
    Sonia D. Henderson
    It Is So Much Better Than Your Basic Word Search...Not Only Does It Challenge Your Spelling, But Also Your Ability To Accurately Get The Logically Position Of The Word...
  8. Cordelia Filan
    Its a good game but suprised to see slag and fart for words i dont mind seeing fart lol, but its good you can look up words that i have never heard of
  9. The game is great the ads are not
    Blaire Stady
    So I love the game, this word search game is better than the ones I have found in the App Store. Then yesterday during playing a game these ads kept popping up. When I pressed close 5 seconds later it popped up again. I don't know what it wants me to do, and I am getting frustrated. I'm considering uninstalling this game. I understand ads during games or rounds, but not during a game that you are in the middle of. This is really irritating please fix!
    Alone Girl
    I love this game it so easy. My mother can't play any game but when I download this game my mother became happy and play smoothly. I became very surprise when. My 5 years old cousin start play this game without my help. I love this so so much
  11. Words
    Amanda Jones
    Love this app found the start easy but it's getting more difficult now so a better challenge for me .... enjoy wordy nerdy peeps it's a good one x
  12. 14 hours to go....
    Emmanuel Michaelides
    Takes me about a minute to complete a grid so that equates to an hour per stage. So I need to play ANOTHER 14 MORE HOURS FOR TO GET TO MEDIUM?????? THEN ANOTHER 15 HOURS TO GET TO THE HARD LEVELS???????? I installed the app to pass time, not put me to sleep. You want to make the app better, DEFAULT UNLOCK the first stage of EACH DIFFICULTY instead of just the easiest level. 15 hours? Seriously? This app is a literal waste of my time.
  13. Great Game When Bored. Very Entertaining!
    Jonathan Beasley
    Loved it. Couldn't sleep at night so I stayed up playing this. Its a really fun game. It gets a little tricky as you go, but it makes time Fly-By quickly.
  14. Words
    Jose Rivera
    Awesome word game, that not only the best word game I have ever played, increasing my vocabulary but you made me realize that it is not good to agree to these personal things other games require for you to play. I have stupidly agreed so I can play. Thank you for explaining in detail what they use this private information for. Thank you for not having this requirement. never felt comfortable agreeing to their terms. I guess it's too late to undo. I love word games and you have the most unique one yet.
  15. Sarai Gonzalez
    Love love love p love love love love love love p love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love k it it is fun very very fun,....and if you delete this app it will be boring ,and if you don't play for a while you will border (911911¥]^393)lol love lol lol lol
  16. doesn't work!
    Jan Neshat
    The app looks good, but try as I might, tap & swipe as hard as I could, it simply would not function. After much time and effort I was finally able to get the first game open, but NOTHING worked within the game at all. Too bad! I have uninstalled.
  17. Wendy Lee Acampora
    Love It!!! Huge Fan of Word Searches. There's only a select few of these games I have on my phone and tablet and this is definitely one of my faves.
  18. Love this game!:)-
    Sophia Bovino
    I love it it's difficult in a good way and my family and I love playing it in my free time and whenever I'm bored so this is an amazing game!:)
  19. Great game. I give it five stars.
    Vivian Scranton
    I like this word game and so does my seven yr old granddaughter. She finds the words pretty good though some of the larger words frustrate her but with help she's pretty good. I like that we can play together and it's not about a score but about learning. This game is a great learning experience!
  20. Words
    Caroline Buster-Brown
    A word search that doesn't go in a straight line. You still sometimes get foreign words in the English version, but still fun to find. I love Word searches, but I play this one the most. Plus its colors can be changed if you just tap the 1st letter. Love it!


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