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  1. Totally addictive
    Barry Brevik
    As soon as you get the paid version, the level of difficulty starts climbing; it is *well* worth it. Lots of fun, and I can't put it down! Also, granny's sound effects absolutely hilarious!
  2. Its awesome, but...
    Eshban Velez
    The thief is honestly too intrussive even on easy mode... I litteraly hace 5 levels left to finish easy and just started hard... What I mean is if I miss a jump or a grab or walljump I either fall or get stranded or trip, thats not the case with the thief as Ive knocked him off on the levels with less gravity and guess what he stops but suddenly just boosts back to catch up, I mean really??? If I knock him off let me finish the level by myself!!! Also on the level with the crates he goes through them!
    Cindy F
    I'm hopelessly addicted. Fast paced, simple, exciting! Requires a certain amount of skill as well. Couldn't ask for more. Y'all nailed it with this one! Can't get enough.
  4. Great game!
    galen johnson
    This is probably one of the best games I've played in a long time. Fun and addictive and challenging at times also. I tried the demo verison n had to purchase the full verison once I saw how much I loved it. Thanks so much for a great game. Would love to see more levels added though soon. Almost half way through it.lost all my progress when I got my new phone had to start over from level one..
  5. Great
    Alan Orozco
    This is a really good game the graphics are good and every level gets a little harder but no so hard you just entirely give up on it plus the sound effects are kind of funny when you mess up or when you throw a base ball and kinda makes a ghuh noise.
  6. OMG
    Jon Sanchez
    This thing was totally worth the money. So simple yet increases your skill every level. Not only is it fun but the graphics and sound effects make me crack up every time.
  7. Good
    Dylan Turner
    I love this game. It's really just fun to play. The only problem is that on my new Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop, it crashes after each level. It goes to black and then stops working and mess up my whole phone for a couple minutes if I wait for it to try to work. Other than that one bug it's great. I wish there would be updates with new levels and characters to make it even better.
  8. Kuper Jones
    The game randomly will freeze up and cause google play services to crash on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0. It happens fairly frequently and is very annoying. I really enjoy this game, but this is a very frustrating bug. Please fix this and I will change my rating.
  9. Brilliant, needs more levels
    Jim Strange
    This is a great game, well worth the purchase price for the full version. Gets harder and harder, but not so much that you give up and never play it again. Graphics are beautiful and smooth, later stages have some really inventive obstacles. It does need more levels though.
  10. HILARIOUS FUN!!! Best game available
    Maureen Doig Moore
    LOL!! I am so hooked on this game it's so funny!! well made creative inventive best game ever attention to detail spot on very talented guys!! Thank you for the chuckles!!
  11. Its so hard! But amaizing fun game!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jennifer whitney
    Good game but its so hard! I die once then finish the next time. And how do you make games just amaizing game I love it! Thank you for makeing very amaizing games
  12. Bought after playing free
    Roz U
    Changed to 4 stars even if I had to start over from free. It's a fun and frustrating game. But I like how they don't use so many intrusive permissions on their apps. Good $ spent.
  13. Vicio usted (more levels please)
    cesar emilio alba ureña
    Love the game, I bought it months ago but I didn't give a try, now I can't stop playing it.
  14. Charming
    A Levinton
    Mediocre needs more recognition. They consistently produce fun, engaging, charming titles, this is no exception.
  15. Fun! Well worth the $$$. Skip the trial and buy now!!
    Rod Blue
    First game I've paid for in over a year. Fun, funny, easy but challenging and fresh. Just a cool game. Nice job, Mediocre.
  16. Perfect mobile gaming
    Arhum Siddiqi
    Love this game and beat the whole thing twice on two different devices. Feels super fluid with great controls and physics. Level progression is just right and the level design is super original.
  17. Awesome!!!!
    The awesome Channel
    This game is so fun and super easy I love when you get to crash her into things super fun!!! 100/100
  18. Awesome stunt game :)
    Karan Pratap Singh
    This game is simply superb! I have had hours and hours of fun with it. Granny is super cute and you will laugh when she falls! Game becomes challenging as you progress through it! A Must Buy for all types of gamers. Developers! I demand a sequel!!!
  19. A lot of fun
    Charis Ellis
    Runs smoothly and is fun and addictive. Love it!
  20. Really good game, but
    rezare rousallini
    Since i got the full ver. the game gets stuck quite frequintly. Love scruffy and the new levels. Please please please fix the freeze up. Will make this 5stars.


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