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accurate battle simulator
totally accurate battle simulator
totally accurate battle simulator free
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Andrei Yarantsau (Андрей Яранцев) | CEO at Melsoft

Other |

Mark Rahman | Consultant at Melsoft Global

Melbourne, Australia |

Nataliia Balienda | Legal Counsel – Melsoft

Belarus |

Alexey Meleshkevuch | Producer – Melsoft

Belarus |

Reviews 79,290

  1. Fun game until update
    Douglas McLean
    Last update increased tower upgrade costs to 10x the original value. Now the only way to upgrade any but the lowest level of towers is through IAP.
  2. WAS amazing until...
    Alize Ross
    Recent update. Are you serious? I loved this game. Now the tower upgrades cost too much. Uninstalling. Sigh. What a shame.
  3. What a let down
    Duc Vu
    Recent update just jack the upgrades up ten times
  4. Very addictive and simple
    chad ellison
    Love the game because it is a simple tower defense game with many levels to play
  5. Toy Defense
    Pete Goldie
    Fantastic game - addictive and not always straight forward
  6. Love it!
    Tamara Gorny
    This game is challenging n very strategic! I love it!
  7. Lots o' people don't know how to play.
    Jonathan Walker, Sr.
    In order to handle the new update, with increased prices, use ⭐s to buy 3x 500 . If you don't suck and win with all ❤, you'll get back the spent ⭐s and more.
  8. The owls clan
    Best game I've played so far . But I'd like if you would add more toy soldiers ☺
  9. Ian Dunn
    Great way to waste your time! I love it!!
  10. Loved it
    John Goode
    Remind me when I played toy solders with my son
  11. nathan mason
    this thig is awesome really u should add more weoponry
  12. Great game
    JT Nob
    Kills good time, and allows me to get away
  13. Eugene Spears
    Need to carry money over on each level
  14. Awesome!
    Tyler Huelat
    5 stars! Great game can play for hours!
  15. Good
    Brandon E
    Interesting twist good so far like the lay out will bump to five if worth it
  16. Fun to impossible quick
    Kyle Marshall
    The game goes from fun, to frustrating, to 'throw your device down' impossible very quickly. Don't plan on earning much via the daily log-in as it randomly resets itself to day one, the most it's recorded for me before resetting is 3 days. The tournament mode isn't much fun, after a few waves the game will suddenly throw a wave at you that you have no chance to defend against, that will kill all your towers or take all your lives. Sometimes an enemy will attack your towers in their normal speed and sometimes they'll have some kind of rapid fire and decimate your towers with more firepower than they are supposed to have. Upgrading your towers in level or their max level between levels doesn't help a lot since upgrades are so expensive and don't upgrade your towers very much. The cost of the cannon (500) is outrageous, and it's the only thing useful against tanks. Cooperative most is ok, sometime you'll get a good player and sometimes you get a dope who won't put out towers. Also when you fail a cooperative mission the game crashes every time. It also simetime crashes after a succesful cooperative mission. Don't was time on this one until they fix the bugs and the balance.
  17. Decent
    Bella Rex
    Good time waster and good upgrades and can earn free stuff assertion
  18. Good td game
    Steven Hall
    1 of the best td games out there, would have been 5 stars but its slightly annoying that the link for likeing on fb is broken and tge 150 stars can come in handy early in the game
  19. Freezing
    Ken Armstrong
    Just spent 9.99 for stars. Very next day, game became unplayable. Freezing for long periods of time. I reinstalled out of frustration. Lost my stars. Great game until now. Still doesn't work either. Hope I can get it fixed.
  20. This game won't start
    Louise Robinson
    This game boots me out immediately after i click on it and this is after i uninstall it then reinstall the game. Just want to know why it does this.


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