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  1. Johnny Yip
    This is a good game, no doubt, and applause goes to the developers for such a good game. But what's the difference between this game and 130xes? This contains the same 60 levels as 130xes. So what is changed and why do I need 2 games which do exactly the same thing? Since I now have 2 identical games and it has been sitting at level 60 for a while, and not knowing which version will be updated in the future (if at all), this is getting better 2 star for now.
  2. Abby Johnson
    It's good but level 13 is really unfair. I have a hearing loss and I CANNOT differentiate between the different sounds making it impossible for me to clear it.
  3. Consumes far too much power
    Goldie Ferry
    It's fun, similar to many locked-door puzzles. But when it runs my hudl gets very hot. Either it's badly coded, or there's something running in the background.
  4. Fun!
    Mark Johnson
    Fun puzzles, not too difficult. A good way to spend some free time. The safe-cracking theme keeps it interesting.
  5. Open puzzle box
    Peggy Oliver
    Love this game very addicting runs good too love it keep up the good work love it love it.
  6. love it
    Michael Suarez
    i love this game. this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! it combines my two favorite things cracking puzzles and learning. you learn by figuring out how to open the puzzle box and i love cracking puzzles that's why i give this game 5 stars
  7. Too easy
    Lauren Wszolek
    How many levels have I done, 30? None have taken more than two minutes and most take 15 seconds. It seems like a waste of a developer's time to have made such pretty puzzles that are so easy.
  8. Entertaining!!!!
    killer carrie
    I love this game. Its not like any other puzzle game. You get to have hints but they take time which is actually helpful. It would be stupid if the answer is right there. Then the whole thing would be boring. I actually have to hide my phone so my brother doesnt try to play it.
  9. Yasmin Bourdon
    Good game but I'm stuck on lvl 9 and I can't pass it because I don't have enough gems. There should be a way to get free gems the hints don't really make sense either. Other than that it's a good game
  10. Good game. Keeps you thinking.
    Tony Deleon
    Nicely developed. It kept me thinking while I played it. The puzzles seemed to get more difficult as you go. I like that the first hint is very vague, its just a hint. But the second hint solves the puzzle for you. I kind of wish there were like 2-3 hints that were actually hints, then like a "give up" button or something that shows you how to solve it. But i loved the animations and the use of multi-touch function on my phone. I kind of wanted to see other phone features used, like tilting the phone.
  11. Good to see multi-touch in action.
    tim bomback
    You have to be very accurate at times. Satisfyingly simple yet infuriating at times.
  12. Good
    It was good I enjoy these but lvl 60... What a disappointment for the final level available right now.
  13. Fun while it lasted.
    Taryn Kincaid
    Had fun figuring out the puzzles. Uninstalling because of the "puzzles" that require timing. I could be at it all day and never get it. I would gladly spend gems for an option to skip it so that I could solve puzzles that actually take thought rather than a motor skill not everyone has.
  14. Epic
    Kat Stenning
    This game was really good however only 60 levels and I have completed them all. In about 5 weeks. So would love more levels
  15. Fun
    Becky Prater
    The puzzles are just difficult smoggy to keep you challenged. A few I didn't understand.
  16. Testing but too short
    Richard Digby
    Some good and testing puzzles, waiting for more, completed all 60 levels in a few hours in one evening
  17. Jessica Flores
    Pretty interesting and a good time consuming game for when you are waiting on someone.
  18. Good to waist some time
    Wayne Knight
    The adverts are irritating, but that doesn't take away from the challenges ahead..
  19. Google+ and Ads are a Bad Combo
    Francisco Eduardo Vila Hoz
    I'm feeling exasperated by the constant interruptions, detracting from time spent playing.
  20. Alice Liang
    Liked it, and I think I finished the game.. There's nothing after level 60 and I wished there was more. :c


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