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Monthly active users estimation: 200,000

Reviews 13,147

  1. Lag
    Malachi Phillips
    This game has a big lad and it irritating me and how r we post to kill 3 people in 1 minute and 30 seconds its kind of hard to find people and a car and i couldnt fing the tank i personality think the pictures r fake for my opinion
    Pooja Goyal
    do not donlod this game because when we run there was no human
  3. Jay Hannon
    This is rubbish game the worse game ever
  4. No instructions!
    Kathie Nielsen
    When the game starts, there's a person standing in the street. Absolutely no clue what you're supposed to do, so I walked around trying to find a clue when bam!! The game's over and "you Lose!"
  5. H Ldroid
    I put 4 stars because no one has downloaded this game yet but it needs improving and it wind let me play
  6. It is awesome
    Ali Khokar
    The graphics the cars all system this one is all my
  7. Hate
    Emman Gil Geroy
    Plz help me when i press play its loading then the screen got grey!!!!
  8. I won though!
    Kitty Mario the disco cat
    I go in the car drove around a little and it says I lose how do you play this stupid game
  9. Ja mos
    Joseph Nhane
    Sa thug life call the cops if u see d6.manb
  10. Terrible again
    Michigan Hill
    Same thing for your Russian crime sim
  11. this game...
    gert leja
    is absolutely horrific. I havent seen a game like this in a while. i dont see this game going high ln the top list, if it even makes it anywhere at all. There is also a lot of things missing or need to be improved so it may make this game better. 1. Instructions on what the person is needed to do. 2. HUD needs improvement just because all of the stuff on the HUD are too big and mostly it is pretty hard to see anything. 3. Description needs improvement because it has its mistakes like "gansta style you life" doesn't acctually mean anything. 4. Cars also need improvement (suprised me that cars need fixing) Everytime when i turn in a car while driving forward without stopping before turning the car flips over (it may be only the red car but im not yet sure). Thats all :D (btw i spent more time writing this than playing the game :DD)
  12. Dumb and dumber to
    Eva Santos
    Swype is the other day that is a fight against the opposite direction of a fight with you can get to work in the only one I was just a few years back to y you up town
  13. Terrible
    Frederic Tran
    This game is bad boring if u want a good game similar to this get (Gangster Vegas 4) made by game loft
  14. C gn gs clandestine
    Shrikant Bibekar
    C tree dog jg za:'( vnh f
  15. Like
    Faizan Memon
    Four star because no one has download and this app go high level
  16. Hay this is me taraz peek
    Nathan Peek
    OK then this is my game i like to play OK then you you will know about me OK then see you OK.
  17. It was nice
    Birendra Joshi
    But i dont like the moving button as strring. So PLEASE seperate the button apart.maje them far not as strring. THEN ONLY I AND OTHER USER WILL GIVE YOU 5 STAR. Finall also please in next update change if u can change it now all game app of similar kind.
  18. Good
    Hannah Aralar
    A lottttt of time... lot of my time was wasted by this.. i want to play but the control are isnt easy.
  19. Beverley Brice
    It's okay because I just wish the people who your killing don't have guns and the police come after you LOL
  20. Funny
    Muhammad Shamoon Umerani
    Fun is there but u have to buy things which are expensive