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major mayhem



Steve Duckworth | Head of Audio at EightPixelsSquare

Roston, Derbyshire, United Kingdom |

Steve Bamford | Artist at Eight Pixels Square

United Kingdom |

Ashley Finney | Programmer at EightPixelsSquare

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Tim Rogers | Owner / Board Director / Technical Director

Derby, United Kingdom |

Reviews 40,820

  1. Please fix
    Joe Trotter
    Game won't load now since update. Says "DATA MISMATCH = your profile data is out of sync with server and your game needs to restart [2] please fix. Spent money on in game purchases and can't even play. Will give 5 stars if fixed timely
  2. Nope, no fives stars, this game is crap
    Bryan Hernandez
    Fix it, it keeps saying server out of sync
  3. Item Cards
    Younis M
    Great game! Really fun especially when you reach battle bay. However, I encountered a problem when trying to "examine" a card. When I touch a card, the screen dims as if it is showing me the card but the card is not appearing. It is starting to get annoying as I can't see how much cash a job gives or what a booster or blueprint does. Is it only me? Or is it a problem with the game? What should I do?
  4. Data sync
    James Ray
    After every mission or just collecting cash as of today it keeps reloading the game saying my game and online data are out of sync starting to get anoying especially after deposit boxes
  5. Yes
    A Harvey
    Finally a decent mobile game, no ads, not money hungry
  6. Amazing mind blowing
    Seema Kulkarni
    I don't have enough words to describe it very good game
  7. Christian Van
    Won't even let me start the game , keeps force closing
  8. Last version
    Samir Esedli
    Don't show card's info, last update fucked the game
  9. Brycen Sink
  10. Out of sync bug sucks
    Nikolai Blackie
    Fix it fixt it. Great addictive game
  11. Nirav Mehta
    I am not able to view the card's description properly...the screen just gets a little black and blank. Card is not visible...fix dis asap. Otherwise good game
  12. Pretty Good, BUTT......
    SE Muaja
    Theres been an internet problem with the game eventhough I have a good internet connection please fix this and i, ll give you 5 star
  13. Its the same
    Fernando Andrade
    Most if not all of the animations and sounds are simply recycled from all guns blazing, its the same game with a different name. The only difference being the cartoony theme and maybe like 2 new songs that play in the background. Should have just sold this as an expansion or something similar for all guns blazing. Also there seems to be a bug that freezes the game whenever i try to log into my google account.
  14. Nice Game............but
    Inzomnia Chronoblade
    i keep crash and the app keep going black screen after the first mission i will give 5 STARS if u guys fix it..really good game hoping for more updates from u guys and i will edit this review to 5 STARS..
  15. Richy H
    Bit choppy and laggy at points but overall quite good and fun, gets repetitive after a while but building your own guns is cool (if not a bit of a grind to adquire parts) Also, why did it as me for root privileges when installing?!
  16. Such A Great Game!
    MasonChong ChinFui
    Good Job! I love this game so much , I cant stop playing this game right now.
  17. Pretty good
    FreeMoviesGalore Entertainment
    It's a straight forward shoot em up similar to Major Mayhem published by Adult Swim. Do jobs to gain cash, spend your money on weapon upgrades, buildings that aid you in various ways, new duds. It's pretty mindless, and a good way to waste time. You don't even need to play the game, hit frenzy and it because an animated crime show.
  18. Very fun but cluttered
    Raptor Squid
    So my experience with the game has been great the game menu however is a bit messy and it's easy to get lost with everything that's on the board. And it really bugs you about rewards and money that you get every few minutes and it gets a little annoying. but other than that the game and the art is awesome small little missions with a good amount of awards at the end really makes the shine.
  19. Mind blasting
    Nidhi Soni
    Just my type! Install it guys! Itz real fun
  20. Great game.......
    ShuJing Yap
    The great was good but I'm struggling with the connection error.....always asking to reload game or retry the connection even with my wifi on.......hope can improvement........


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