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  1. Good fun game
    andy kuzyk
    I like this game, but it could still use some more work. Being able to store stuff, or control of a small fleet, or take over a city for yourself. But its really fun still
  2. Surprisingly Addictive Little Game
    Liam Boyle
    For a basic one player game this is surprisingly fun. I started with the free version and then upgraded to gold. I do not regret buying this app as it has been quite enjoyable. I've been using the game to play as some of my favorite historical pirates.
  3. Love, love, love
    Sarah Thornton
    It's simple to navigate, the stories are fun and it feels like a classic choose-your-own adventure game, which I love.
  4. Best game iv3 found yet
    Scott Bates
    Great game. Love it. Cant wait for more content updates
  5. Great game
    steve torres
    I've had loads of fun playing it... A multiplayer player version would be epic. Also being able to have multiple ships at one time would be awesome.
  6. Sweet
    Nicholas Webb
    Keeps me busy for hours, freakin awesome!
  7. I Love This Game!!!
    Peter Floyd
    I've had this game on my last phone for over 3 yrs. Just got a new phone & adding it back on. (I don't mind paying the $2 again.) Seriously, this game is awsome! I have yet to find any other game where I can have a complete gaming experience without having to pay $$ for in-app purchases. I wish all games were like this one. Only thing missing is for us to be able to store cargo in warehouses. Overall= AWSOME GAME!! :-)
  8. Brilliant!
    Matthew Doyle
    Tried freeplay version, loved it so much i bought Gold! Excellent time killer, only thing is i've run out of new stuff 2 do & buy, more content pleeeease :D
  9. Excellent game, open-ended play
    Greg Chwelos
    Very good game. Addictive and wide-open in how one chooses to play.
  10. Must Play
    Dustin Brown
    This game has passed many hours that would have otherwise made me go insane. I only wish you could buy business at the different ports that you can supply with raw goods to make goods with higher profits. As well as, a way to have more than one ship to either wage war or sell goods commanded by a crew that you can hire. Other than that, an excellent game.
  11. Good but could be better
    Mike Coosey
    Its missing something. I love the game I play it all the time. Its just when you go to war with a specific country and you gain respect you lose it when there become peaceful make it to wear they can kinda fear you but respect then when wars over your still not wanted because im a rear admiral for a specific country.
  12. Love it but
    Frank Philby
    New phone and I can't seem to re download? Even though its being used through the same GS account?
  13. Awesome!
    Sydnie Fletcher
    I wish there was more story lines and more activities to do! Great game although very repetitive!
  14. Good fun
    Ryan Campbell
    Similar feel to board game: Merchants and Merauders. Wish multiple people could play simultaneously, synced to in-game-time.
  15. Had to buy add free bc game so good
    Stephen Kornbluth
    One of my favorite games, been playing since the old game came out years ago. Had to buy premium to show my appreciation that developer is an active developer always looking to improve a really great game!
  16. The best RPG
    Jacob Halliday
    Seriously I adore this game. I buy others but I always come back for more. Buy it and enjoy. Well worth every cent.
  17. Brilliant game!
    Jamie Ellis
    The most immersive and enjoyable tablet games I've ever played, must have sunk 70 hours into this and still finding more content to explore. Also love the business model, spent hours on the free version then bought gold. Please make more games sir you are a credit to the industry.
  18. Filip's Mod
    Trevor Staubach
    Just wanted to let you know that Filip-s mod, the soldier, has alot of typos and some of the sentences does not make sense. Please fix, not major but annoying
  19. Question
    James Miller
    How do you win at the tavern encounters, card and drinking games, I always lose...
  20. Worth the bucks!
    Sahara Hyuuga
    Great game. Kept me busy taking down notes for each port.... Really like it..


What`s new

- More maintenance fixes.

- Maintenance release that fixes some minor bugs and upgrades libraries.

- Fixes some bugs. Makes it possible to leave port with a mutinous crew.

- Fixes some crash bugs for specific phones.

- Minor bug fixes. Removed Pirates day offer.

- Updated libraries and fixed some very minor bugs.

- Fixed some minor bugs and scripting errors.