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  1. Latest update now doesn't allow me to play. FC as soon as you swipe to play.
    Abdur Rahman
    Swiping across tile isn't optimized and often misses the tile when making a word and sometimes even misstouches the tile. Frequent in game lags and annoying time wasting "you're guessing" popups are destroying the game experience (especially for person with poor spellings). Hating this game day by day. I think you're guessing popups should have option to disable by users.
  2. Great fun
    Graham McLaughlin
    This is a brilliant, quick but devious word game that is incredibly addictive. Perfect for 2 minutes bursts of fun
  3. Worked once
    Matthew Walker
    Buggy as hell. Loved the idea and the guessing detection but now since the first time I logged in I get a login loop and prevents me from playing. Also, why not be able to sign in outside of Facebook? Great idea. Bad app programming. Doesn't feel native
  4. Eileen Quimby
    MORE time to see words MISSED!!! LET ME chose when I am ready to start a NEW game!
  5. I loved this game when it worked
    Katherine M.
    The game itself should get 5 stars. It's fun and addictive. Since the new update I can't login with Facebook and I don't have the option of playing without going through Facebook. Now it's just an app on my phone that doesn't open.
  6. Addicting
    Robin Ollis Stemple
    I was a Scrabble fan but loathed the time required to complete a game. This game is one that I can join any time of day and quickly finish. It is competitive, fast paced, addicting.
  7. Wordament
    Kathleen Dunham
    I thought I was good with words,but I am not ....
  8. Why is Facebook required
    Mark Powers
    The game is barely worth the hassle of having to use Facebook for it.
  9. I guess it is alright
    F De Bra
    Please read Microsoft corp. I personally think you should make an online multiplayer mode so you can see what your friends are doing at the same time your playing. And add a local network so I can play against my friends
  10. pamela webster
    Love playing with the world, keeps my mind active, challenging, great game
  11. Great when it works
    Nick Phillips
    Great, addictive game... until I upgraded to lollipop. Now, it crashes too much to be usable.
  12. Siddhartha Singh
    A Must App In Smart Phone After Whatsapp! :P
  13. Hats off to you , wordament!
    Maureen Zehra Tariq
    Parents say that tablets do no good and we shouldn't use them so much but ever since wordament showed up, parents are like lemme play! Please lemme play! This increases our vocabulary!
  14. Its great i love it
    Ilze Erasmus
    Nice game its cool ive broken five records
  15. Love it but bug ruins it
    Lauren Haight
    I have a note 4 and when I first downloaded it it worked great. Went to open it the next day and it won't open. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it did the same thing. I love this game but please fix
  16. A great puzzler
    Jeremy Welton
    It's long overdue for Microsoft to bring more games like this to Android for xbox achievements. The game runs smoothly on my s4 although unlocking achievements did seem a little buggy at times. Otherwise, it's a worthy free download and very addictive.
  17. Words
    Neil German
    Right good if you like words. If you prefer mindless, inane dross then this isn't for you. Occasionally closes during a game which is a bit annoying (Galaxy S4)
  18. Lovely game!
    Fake Name
    Thismis one of those puzzle games you can't put down. If you love games like boggle (or whatever that game is called), then you'll love this. It's an online game, where you compete to be at the top of the leaderboards. Each round is 2 minutes long, and has all kinds of cool things. While there are letters, also there is things like "-ing" or "en", just to make it more interesting. Some rounds are easy, others are hard. That's about it. While it seems like not much, but trust me, just install it and give it a try. It's very addicting. It's also relatively bug free, basically I am saying I have no issues with this game on my TAB S. I keep hitting an MSN ad on the bottom by mistake because, well, I am super clumsy. But don't worry! It's super addicting. To be honest, this game deserves a lot more attention. It's what every puzzle game should be: a fun, interesting and somewhat competitive game. Anyways, play it! You will love it!!!
  19. Wont log me into xbox account
    Pawan Agrawal
    Whenever i try to log into my xbox account it says connectivity error. I forced to play as a guest
  20. Great game but
    Why does it say that I'm from Argentina when I'm actually from Singapore?


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Wordament 2.8.5:
• General bug fixes.

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