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Stephane Kurgan | Chief Operating Officer at King Digital Entertainment

London, United Kingdom |

Kirsten Zahra | Senior Accountant at King

Malta |

Vicky cassar torreggiani | Accountant at

Malta |

Steve Durst | Producer at King Digital Entertainment

Seattle, Washington |

Reviews 1,201,732

  1. I like it lots but
    Shell Wade
    The only problem I have with it, is sometimes its a little TOO hard on some levels. Plus when you get the prize of 2 extra moves, and don't use it on the level your on.... it disappears... so you don't really get the prize...
  2. Mr huss
    Lawan Richards
    Ok I'm on level 48 ,just used a life from a friend, and I made it so I could get my two fire flies and go to the next board. Not only did I not get my 2 fire flies ,but then the game froze so now I lose my life , and I have no more to use.chhheeeeaaaattteeeerrrsss.
  3. Highly Addictive
    Selina Hill
    I've played Candy Crush for years. I haven't been able to find something to capture my attention away from it since I started playing it until I played Diamond Diggers. Now, I only play Candy Crush when I run out of lives on Diamond Diggers. It's my top rated game at this time. I just wish there were more free bonuses.
  4. Fun and addictive
    Kristin Powell
    Just when you think you'll never get past a level you you must keep on going. So much fun, not so hard you give up on it.
  5. cancera73
    I withdrew my higher rating to give you one star. Your update caused me to lose ALL my extra lives. Fix this issue and btw i am owed nearly 200 lives by kings
  6. I like but is no fear
    ashie towle
    I bought some gold bar but after 2 day the gold bar dissappear I only use once and the rest gone, they take de gold bar is not fear I don't if will i buy again the gold bar.
  7. Ready to quit playing
    Kim Cross
    Im so ready to quit playing the game why is the computer so far ahead of mobile tired of waiting for new levels
  8. Great time killer with out the cheese factor
    Elisha Bennett
    Not a bunch of cheesy background props., just a good time killing and fun game. Play it by luck or by stratagy, either way it's a lot of fun.
  9. Won't let me pass
    Nicole W
    I have passed the same level twice yet it says I didn't (lvl 421). I only needed one firefly but it says I didn't get the firefly.... and I did. Love the game but just about had it. Also, can there be a timer on bonuses? I swear it's rigged and screws me out of bonuses.
  10. Scott Matthews
    Takes too long for updates otherwise an excellent game. Levels bounce from easy to frustrating which is good. Please speed up the updates.
  11. Benita Rudolph-Nichols
    It cheats it says you've missed to many firefly's when you haven't missed any and you've went over to the new board with 8 moves left and it want let you play then it will say no connection when there clearly is!! Fix it!!
  12. Crystal Leroy
    Just wish they'd hurry up and finish some levels. I'm stuck and can't go any further
  13. Diamond digger
    Akeem Dixon
    I have bin playing this game on facebook and i enjoy it a lot its easy to play and it's a fun game love it good joke guys on this game
  14. Won't give daily bonus
    Robin K
    This is the second month it mysteriously won't let me collect one daily bonus so that it can then say I didn't visit every day and therefore won't let me collect 24th day bonus. Developers, this sucks and does not make me inclined to spend a penny on your cheating game.
  15. I love this game
    A Nick
    Love this game but can only play on mobile & been stuck on 570 waiting for new levels. How is it if you play on computer you get more levels why can't it be even. Please update.
  16. Cassaundra Spencer
    Great time killer. Some levels are way too difficult, probably to force you to spend money to get passed it. There really should be a confirmation button so you don't spend gold bars by accident. I have done it twice! Should be easier ways to earn gold bars!
  17. Updates!
    Amanda Ryan
    Love the game but sick of waiting weeks and weeks for updates and then the updates don't work and I have to wait a few more weeks for another update. Get your act together!
  18. Love diamond digger
    crystal merrill
    This is a great game that I have been playing for a while!! Graphics are great and no problems with the game freezing up!
  19. CRASHES!!!!
    mitchell davey
    This game is awesome but it crashes all the time it crashed on me 5 times in a row and WASTED ALL MY LIVES!!! But other than that this game is cool as but please fix the crashes and this game will get 5 stars
  20. Awesomely fun
    zandria stork
    It's so fun and it keeps you busy when your bored plus I'm pretty good at it


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It’s time to embrace your inner Diggy!

In this update you’ll come across 15 NEW LEVELS in a weird and wacky world! Watch out for Diggy’s new pal on your way, we’ve heard they are a fan of the high-five!

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