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Bill Yoa | Marketing Manager at Hongkong Milanoo

中国 |

Silun Sun | Ui

Feng Hao | DBA Director

Qian Wang | E-commerce Manager

Reviews 3,274

  1. Nice
    App runs a bit slow, but products look nice and it's easy to use
  2. Excellent but...
    Marney Ackerman
    Shipping doesnt take too long and everything works great... Unless something wrong happens and you need to get into contact with costumer service. The live chat doesnt work on the app and i feel its difficult to get an immediate response. Once you reach them though, they give good service and try to help step by step.
  3. Excellent quality but shipping takes forever
    Sarah M
    As an american,i was a lil skeptical at first. But after I bought a lolita some time ago and, as long as the shipping took, the product was actually good quality. Tailor made wasn't too expensive either. Outside of shipping, my only other con is size. Milanoo can run a bit small, so if you're a curvy gal, get tailor made.
  4. No NZD Currency
    Shannon Leeks
    Loved the line of men's clothing but it's not in New Zealand currency
  5. Carrie Rose
    I do a search, pick a product in the middle of the list, and after looking at the product then the back button is hit to go back to the list, but the list starts over and not where I left off in the search.
  6. federova
    Federova Kik
    I love this application beacuse I never can`t get bored. I have this on my mobile, I open and I enjoy watching my favorites and all the news.
  7. Thanks to milanoo my package has been abandoned.
    My package has been abandoned by the ups.because milanoo never gave out the tracking number just the order number and as a result my package has been sent to the lost and found department.I will never recommend milanoo fr anybody again.
  8. Excellent
    Tracy Welch
    I have order from here before the web version and love the clothing but when I downloaded the mobile app it will not let me log on now. Please help I've tried resetting the password but each time it says it's timed out.
  9. great site n great app
    June Biswas
    The app loads fast, is user friendly and provides easy access to the endless goodies Milanoo has to offer. Shopping online couldn't get any simpler
  10. Cassandra Ogunniyi
    I placed an order,it hasn't been cheaped. U took money from my card, and you put my status on awaiting payment. Sent e-mail no response, rang you with the number I had from you no response. This is's totally dissappoiting.send my order or refund my money simple.
  11. Still waiting on my package
    Ceno RudeBoy
    Ordered Christmas day for expedited shipping still haven't received my item. It was supposed to take 3-5 days its been much longer than that, can't find any contact information or anything. Bad business
  12. Carmen Real
    I order about a month ago and still haven't received my order I send and email and still haven't got a response I want my money back
  13. Great app and great online shop
    Rosu Iuliana
    I love this online shop, their clothes, accessories and this app is great, easy to use and it makes shopping more pleasant!
  14. Ken Llave
    I placed an order, it supposed to be delivered two days ago but still nothing received, i chose the 2-3 day shipping and asked the tracking number but there's no response. How will i know the progress of the item i ordered?
  15. david origbo
    I would like to know if their is free shipping to Italy. .?
  16. The Undertaker
    The mobile site and website says there are bugs going on through the site when will it be fixed??
  17. yanivsr
    Doesnt has the option to deliver israel. Good and comfort app
  18. colin ryan
    Ordered a jacket 10 days later they tell its sold out and offer it in another colour tat is cheaper but wont reimburse me the difference now they've cancel order very bad business sense wouldn't recommend them
  19. Great features.
    Raven Olsen
    Easy to use. Needs work overall on their whole PW recovery process. Other then that no complaints. Nice app.
  20. Melissa Roberts
    I would really like to see more post and responds from folks who have ordered and received there purchases as I see 3 dresses I want to purchase but I see nothing as far as people getting and receiving there items and what they thought


What`s new

1.Auto complete address information When adding a new shipping address.
2.Some islands may not be delivered when the added shipping address is Spain.



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