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Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom |

Nick Tsimpidaros | CMO at Miniclip

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Reviews 996,004

  1. Soooo Fun And Very Addicting
    Ashley Minor
    Love this game. Some Levels are Very hard. Don't make it Very far in and then I die. The Only Thing I do not Like is the Fact that, Unlocking New Characters as Well as new Things to Equip your cart with Costs so much. And Sometime the Worlds are so hard that, it's hard to get gold Nuggets. But other than that, it's an amazingly Fun game.
  2. Rebecca Caplinger
    I'd give it 5 stars bc me and my 8 yr old son love this game but I bought more lives for when you die during the game and twice now it took money, didn't give me lives and I think its bc it said unfortunately the game has force closed. So I will not be buying anymore bc I keep losing money for something I never got
  3. Good but bad
    Mehul Pahwa
    Nice game after downloading it was dam good but after that when I played it adds come on screen while playing due to which i got out i think it should be repaired immediate
  4. Rail rush
    Nevaeh Sanders
    I havent played it on my new phone but on my old phone i used to play it it was always. But i always hate when u cant get passed a level but other than that ur really awesome and creative i want to know if its related to temple run and other games like that cause ur always in a cave and u start off the same. Other than that its perfection.
  5. Rail Rush
    connie kestell
    So far so good. Very Addicting! I love the add ons. I reccomend this game to anyone who loves challenges. Doesn't take very long to get addicted. Once u start playing u won't b able to put it down.
  6. Good to be a player!
    Chung Cheryl
    It's such a nice game to play , the sound effect literally rocks the game. I downloaded cooking fever for free nuggets but nothing happened. Seriously I need my nuggets back!!!
  7. Sucks
    Gabriel Al Roumi
    When i start playing an icons appear and say thanks for coming back I can't see bcs of her please help and I will rate it 5 stars
  8. No word to say but all routes should b free or brought by coins
    nadeem ahmad
    We need to buy the different worlds from Google which is very bad
  9. So fun,very good game
    Danish Rahim
    I FIRST though that it would be a bad game but when I download it it was fun
  10. I love this game it's very very very very very very nice
    sangramjeet senapati
    I love this game but there is problem that in the Christmas city when I died because of cool ball all of money is gone
  11. Love it!!
    danielle oliver
    So fun can play for hours I have a knot in my stomach everytime I play it makes me nervous when tons of obstacles come but its challenging love it!!
  12. Good App
    ràám sàán
    this app is good. but cannot save our old achievements records. if uninstall and install it then start from zero Again! please fix this
  13. Improve plz
    Lindsay Stapley
    Need to improve by letting us unlock all the levels and not needing to pay for them then I'll rate 5 stars
  14. Excellent but frustrating
    Tomo England
    This is an excellent game with fantastic rolling graphics. Its just a little frustrating and you will need great dexterity when manoeuvering across the tracks.
  15. Ellen Rivenbark
    PLEASE! ! ! Stop the pop up adds that POP UP! ! Right in the middle of. a game, there is not even an X to touch to disregard the add. PLEASE FIX! If it continues I will uninstall: (
  16. Very adventurous but...
    Jasmine Davisscott
    Its great how you can explore different caves during each level but the free ads take away nuggets I earn instead of adding more still great game just fix the ads problem please
  17. Not your average infinite runner
    Julian Lee
    Personally, I think this is a great infinite runner that can rival the other ones out there because it has characters with unique abilities and multiple playable maps with different hazards. It also requires the player to be more strategic in buying/using characters, power-ups and equipment in order to beat missions, go farther or earn a lot of nuggets. I've played the web browser version of this game before and was able to enjoy all of the gimmicks above. While a good number of them are locked out or restricted with IAPs in this version, I was still able to enjoy this game. Still, the nagging concern I have is how the game doesn't give clues to make the game intuitive enough to enjoy. For instance, many players don't know what places like "Dead City" look like or how to get past hazards like giant gears or thorny tendrils. However, I believe that this issue doesn't have to ruin this still-solid game. Anyone who is having trouble with any version of this game should download STALWARTPHOENIX's newly released free "Guide to Rail Rush" app to better understand this game so that it becomes more enjoyable.
  18. Amazing
    abdul rehman
    Wow I love this game!!! It is very cool,amazing and difficult! Wish it could be a little more difficult
  19. Charles Cutter
    Fun to play very addictive great for passing time this game plays great keep up the good work
  20. Best game ever
    Nisha Paliwal
    It is little bit like subway surf but the amazing thing is changing world's just loved the game


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