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hironobu sakaguchi | Mistwalker Corporation - CEO

日本 東京都 23 区内 |

Yuki Nishimura | game designer at Mistwalker Corporation

日本 |

Reviews 65,041

  1. This game is insanely awesome.
    I'm so addicted to this game that I play it more than my console. Great game, artists, quests, and support from the good people of Mistwalker.
  2. Great game
    L Jones
    Please add account recovery through email or sms. I had to switch phones and lost more than 60hrs of gameplay and purchases. Great game but animation and input devices are lacking. I tried with my stylus and other controllers. I really don't like touching my screen. I'm using a note 4. Combat plays as a new chrono trigger, ff tactics, and bahamut lagoon offshoot. I'm surprised something like this didn't come out sooner. Also kudos for no privacy requests.
  3. Great game
    Derek Wentz
    Simple mechanics, but great game that requires actual skill, not just money. Has RPG elements and great art. Not getting good characters can be frustrating, but you can survive and progress with no money spent even without good card pulls, and you get one free pull every 8 days.
  4. Will make 5 star if problem fixed.
    Gabriel Tan
    When I open up the game it stays stuck on the white screen where it says mistwalker. Don't want to delete and reinstall because I will lose all my hard work in the game.
  5. Can be enjoyed for free!
    Amorfio Máximo Troleo
    Even though the game has "Energy", which is a paid currency, it is so easy to acquire it isn't necessary to pay to enjoy one of the most entertaining phone games of this genre. In Terra Battle, you actually get to play (unlike many other phone card "games"), you are given more than enough free Energy (one free new character each week guaranteed) to build a decent team, and on top of that, it has online co-op! I'm thinking about buying some energy to show support to Mistwalker even though I don't need it.
  6. Absolutely love it
    Cesar Ramos
    The fact that you don't get the feeling of abandonment from the creators/developers is great you can reassure that the game will stay interesting. The only problem is the leveling of allies it takes to long but I'm still giving it five stars. The game music is excellent, the style is unique and the story is captivating. Highly recommend this game.
  7. Fun stuff
    Randy Greene
    Few places for improvement but I must say I'm hooked.
  8. Enjoy this game a lot!
    Simple game play but it is addicting and fun. Aside this the game is not ruined with in game purchases. They are not needed almost at all and for a game to play on my break is just perfect.
  9. Ian Conley
    It will not work after the update, it continues to say "unfortunately Terra battle has stopped working." It's really becoming quite the bother and am losing faith in this game. It's upsetting since having started the game when it first came out... I have reached out and have got no replies in return, terrible customer service/game assistance!
  10. Deepest Game on Android
    Maxwell Lai
    By far the deepest in terms of time it takes to beat the main story for a freemium game on the market. Game is balanced really well and the paid currency is more to support the developer than anything else. If you are patient this game is for you. It can get grindy at times (like most good games with challenging bosses) but it doesn't detract from the overall experience. A really lovely game and highly recommended.
  11. Great
    Jawad Usman
    For referral use code: 6KmF3iPnQNCM . A change from the usual ccg phone games in a largely better way. Very fun with an interesting battle system.
  12. Addictive
    Pedro Costa
    One of the few games that not spending money doesn't affect the gameplay, ultra addictive
  13. A awesome strategy game
    arclint casil
    AMAZING GAME. It combines an epic story with creative game play
  14. Satisfied
    Joseph Washington
    This game is fun without having to spend extra money.
  15. Epic
    Leon Regulus
    Very reminiscent of the the old ff tactics series, its pretty nostalgic. love it awesome game
  16. Fantastic game
    Ragnaros The Fire Lord
    I haven't had any problems with it and this game is just amazing
  17. Frequently requires reinstallation
    Grace Stott
    I've had to reinstall multiple times, for no real reason, and apparently it's related to updates. Numerous times they've rolled out an update and (before/after I updated) I've gotten the message "Unfortunately, Terra Battle has stopped" whenever I try to launch the game. This ONLY ever occurs when they update the game and it is extremely frustrating because I quite enjoyed my time with it (when it works) and I've been playing since it launched. No desire to reinstall yet again, though. : /
  18. Play it daily
    Matt R
    No need to spend $ to enjoy. You get a consecutive log in bonus, up to day 82 so far, speaks volumes. Fun and twisted, many unlocks, high replay, interesting "rock, paper, scissors" fight style keeps you switching party members. Great artwork & soundtrack. Thanks mistwalker
  19. Amazing RPG
    Luke Miguel
    Terra battle puts you in control of the playing field. Your battles are not reliant only on the power of your units, but the strength of your strategic skills. You actually do all the work in your battles, making your victories and triumphs so much more sweet and rewarding. Multiple ways to approach a fight keeps the game interesting. The time limit when you engage your turn lets you think out your attack and then strike while also keeping you on your toes because of the quick and precise maneuvers.
  20. Addictive Gameplay
    Tim Arnold
    The battle mechanics are a little tricky to get used to but it's addictive when you get the hang of it.


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