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John Libby | President at MobilityWare

Orange County, California Area |

Dave Yonamine | Founder & Chairman of the Board

Irvine, California |

Jeff Erle | CEO | Board Member | Studio Head

Irvine, California |

Phillip Semenik | Product Manager at MobilityWare

Los Angeles, California |

Reviews 195,521

  1. Free Call Voltaire
    melissa parsons
    I like playing this game when I can't sleep at night it helps me out and yes I do enjoy playing this game and I can call my kids when I can on my text now app and this does help me out some more when I play this game so thank you'll for letting me play this game! !!!!
  2. Luv Freecell
    debra bernier
    It's a fun way to pass the time away, or unwind. Only issue I have is that when I turn my phone sideways the top row of the board is cut off. There isn't a way to shrink the screen or zoom in or out. Because of this I only play the game with my phone in standard position which is awkward at times due to its smaller view. This issue may be related to my phone settings - Nevertheless I still enjoy playing this version!
  3. Used over 900MB in data on ads!
    Ned Hambling
    This app used up over 900MB of mobile data in a 2 month period which cost way more with my service provider than a paid version would. App deleted.
  4. Jack Erbes
    To run ads it takes over your audio, pounds your ears at max volume, and the does not resume the game when you finally manage to kill the ads. And now they have ads that cannot be killed off, you have to wait until they time out to get back to the game! And they will not sell you an ad free version any more. That is my reward for having used Mobility Software for about 20 years! Don't waste you time on this one
  5. Problem with lollipop
    Neeraj Balhara
    Before working good on my samsung s5 with kit kat 4.4 but after update with lollipop upgrade all games working good except this issue is that when i touch the whole row for shifting cards the notification area come down automatically and can't reset without phone screen off.
  6. Brill
    Karen Butler
    I love this game. It gives me endless hours of fun. App is great and had no probs with it so far. Been Using it for a year now. Update 20//3/15 I have the latest update on my android and this is still working great. Don't like the ads but no big deal as they are easy to exit
  7. Great until....
    Kirsty Garrod
    This worked without a problem until this latest update. After closing down the adverts you need to come right out of the app to proceed. Half the time the screen stays black and is unresponsive. Sort this out please? It worked fine before! Looking for a new freecell app...
  8. Freecell latest version
    MJ Hampson
    Not as good as previous version like pre-dictive text, doesn't always get it right down to three stars
  9. My favorite mobile game
    Tremayne Davis
    I really enjoy playing freecell. I like that it has the same features as the Windows version. The only thing I don't like is that it has preset locations for the finished suits. I know I'm being petty but it bothers me when they don't stack in the order I start them. But, overall I think the app is great and definitely worth installing if you're a freecell fan.
  10. Great app
    Lisa D.
    Great, no-frills way to pass time while waiting in line, etc. Sure, there's the occasional ad...but it's a free app, so quit your whining.
  11. Free cell
    john hayward
    Very addictive - be warned! A bit awkward on a phone but works as well as can be expected. The predicted moves can be a bit dumb.
  12. No longer full screen - Galaxy S5
    Natasha Nataniela Shabat
    With this new version I can't see the number of moves anymore at top of screen. Since I enjoy the challenge of reducing my number of moves, this new problem is really irritating. It's nice to be able to see what time it is, but I'd like to be able to choose to see game stats at top of screen. Fix this new bug and I'll add stars.
  13. FreeCell Solitaire
    Jeri Carter
    Great game! It will make you lose track of time...
  14. Great version of classic game
    Elaine Buda
    Never get tired of a quick round. Advertising on this free version not too intrusive.
  15. Love this game
    Florence Susan
    This version is excellent. I ignore the timer and the scores. I like taking my time and winning every time. That's fun for me. The graphics are good, and the ads are unobtrusive and easily dismissable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.
  16. 4 and 1/2 stars
    Randall Emery
    The size of the cards could be larger plus a choice of different kinds of decks would not be a bad idea or any picture from the players personal picture gallery now that's an idea make all of these happen and I promise you 5+ stars deal or no deal
  17. So addicting!
    Paige Holmes
    I really enjoy this game :) it challenges you to think outside the box & is definitely fun to play anywhere
  18. The game plays well enough
    Shirez Reese
    But why can't I turn the sound off? Specifically the clicking noise it makes when I move the cards. It even keeps making it while I have my tablet on mute and the sound box is unchecked in the app. Please fix this. It's a distracting sound and not at all necessary to play the game.
  19. Freecell Mobility on Samsung Galaxy S4
    Jodi Schellenger
    Love it. Works well most of the time..sometimes stops working for no reason but so far starts back up with no problem. Fun game! Keeps records of past best times & moves. Nice features. Recommend.
  20. Jan Wier
    I love thhis game and I'm totally addicted. I too, have experienced the same issues as Kirsty and Amnda. It's frustrating but, it doesn't stop me from playing it or loving it.


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