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Reviews 67,377

  1. Was fun and challenging UNTIL level 238
    Matt Eichler
    I was having fun playing the game until I got to level 238. This level requires 0 skill and 100% luck to win. I have tried hundreds of times to beat it and only twice have I gotten past the second layer of blocks. The only way to get past them is to get the red ball which only happens maybe 1 out of every 20 games. Even IF a red ball shows up, you have to be lucky enough for it to be anywhere near you or you will miss it and even then you STILL need to get lucky enough to bounce it through pattern of blocks
  2. Adds:(
    Nabgha Mazhar
    It deserves more star if you remove the adds. A big cause of my headche because they blink madly:(
  3. Bricks breaker king
    cheryl mielnicki
    I would really love this game but for the following: paddle sticks way too much which is maddening when you're just about to complete the level, it cheats( you can be on a level for hours and then it's like the game finally decides it better let you win the level and bingo in a're thru!
  4. Brick breaker king
    Latricia Collins
    Intense I don't play games my husband introduced me to brick breaker I can't put it down
  5. It worked
    Conrad Smith
    There are much better brick breaker games available, this one is hard to control with no feeling of real physics at all. Uninstalled...
  6. Brenda Smith
    It has 500 stages I got clear to stage 499 in two weeks and now it won't let me win been on this stage for months! I would not recommend this game to any one! That what they do so you will keep playing there game!
  7. Lacey Smothers
    Such a fun game but it cheats sooo bad! The ball goes right through the board half the time as if it didn't and you loose a life!!!
  8. M Ibrahim
    Entertaining but i wish i could play it on a horizontal screen. doesn't rotate on my s4
  9. Addictive
    Zil Shah
    It brings out child hood memories and I like it moreover this one is bit addictive. Not that smooth in play as some times bar does not follow your figure but overall this game is okay.
  10. Excellent!
    Catherine Phillips
    Great game for han/ eye coordination. It's a lot of fun. I was to busy to notice ads. They don't bother me. Small price to pay for a free game.
  11. Zaxs Hack
    Don't waste ur time, too much ads . Low graphic
  12. Mr
    Adewale Emmanuel
    It fun, but the bar is too shot.
  13. Fun but....
    Adriana Fernandez
    I just downloaded this game n it totally crushed, I'm deleting it n giving it a one star, until its fixed I would consider playing it again, thank you
  14. Impossible
    David Lollar
    Level 499 is so stupid, it must have been written by an angry 6 year old boy. Can't be beat. Disappointing waste of time.
  15. Pointless
    Tim McKelvey
    Love the game but level 499 is impossible. Why let us get 1 level away then make it impossible to win. Big let down
  16. So many ads!
    Geoff Connor
    Played one level, got distracted by ads, died, uninstalled. No option to buy to remove ads either.
  17. Great
    Brandon M
    Cant wait for the other 490 levels lol
  18. Total Rubishhhhhh
    Mehrdad Ahangar
    I got to level 238 but mostly being lucky. There are no good plays or otherwise, you just have to be lucky and no skills are essential. Bricks go through the pad and it consistently freezes.
  19. Brick breaker
    Frank Gilley
    This game is just alot of fun
  20. Slow response
    Chad Yager
    The paddle is wsy sliw and often unresponsive.