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  1. ADHD's best friend
    Keith D.
    I hate to do admit it, simply designed game yet so addictive I don't see me putting down anytime soon I do wonder how ever what code goes in the enter code box underneath the settings selection if you know let me know please and thank you gotta go play now buy buy
  2. Great game
    Leslie Kelly
    I've been really enjoying this game its simplistic yet timing can be tricky
  3. Few things.
    Felipe Pesina
    Give us more playable characters!!!! And balance out the randomness of the wings. Been trying to get them all and am still missing some while I've gotten others like twelve times already. And Please change so it can save to my Google play account. Lost my progress twice already due to phone crashing and resets. Aside from that perfect game.
  4. Ads ads ads
    Mark Roe
    Every singe time I click anything I with d up getting a video ad. It'd be one thing if this game didn't have a cash shop. But it does. And everything is ludicrously priced.
  5. Good Game that is destroyed by ads
    Christopher Riccio
    The game is pretty good but the ads are OBNOXIOUS! The first time you log into the game for the day, you get a gem... after the gem, you get a full screen add that you have to back out of. Each time I go to my Items screen, I have to navigate through an ad to get there. There are banner ads and full screen ads that have video... and the ads don't care if you have the volume for the game shut off, they will play at full blast anyway. It's irritating to say the least! And even with all of the ads and they want to put a pay wall up for thing too. The only way you can do some things is with gems, and you only get 1 gem a day and have a random change to get a few more through out their "story" mode. Horrible. If you don't like ads, pass on this... b/c in reality, you're getting an ads app that has some game to it.
  6. Really good.
    Roger Giacomelli
    Many people talk about ads, but they are expected in a free game, it's what you pay instead of money, they are as annoying as they should be. Just finished the campaign, really nice story, even though it's simple. 60 diamonds is a bit pricey for a character, but that's ok. Fun gameplay system, that auto play is great for farming. I'd love to play something with the same fighting system, but customizable chars. Also, pvp could be better implemented, instead of an auto play, something like taiko.
  7. Amusing time killer - amended
    AekinJay LordoftheUniverse
    OK, so think RPG, but you don't walk around our anything, to just stand there and wait for enemies to come to you. You can pick different characters (depending on if you want to either buy diamonds or be patient), upgrade your gear, etc... Fun but does get a bit redundant after a while. Pretty much just a stand there and hack and slash. I have to amend my previous statement... it was fun, I even spent a little bit of money buying diamonds and such. Then one day all of the equipment (that I had used my diamonds to upgrade) just disappeared. Poof, gone. I tried to contact the makers... no response. So I kept playing, slowly rebuilding my gear. Then an item appears that has no icon. Poof, game crashes. Now any time I even go into my equipment screen it crashes the game. So I've lost the money spent, I can't get more equipment and can't upgrade my equipment, so the quests that I've spent so much time on are all worthless now as well. So user be wary? Something like that. Still, no response from the game makers. Guess I'll be going to Google directly to try to resolve this and will probably be uninstalling this game shortly.
  8. Could be better
    Nathan future
    Needs major bug fix,invisible characters, loading issues, and glitches with specials.
  9. Lost Eqquiped Items.
    Nelson Zepeda
    Everything was fine until I updated it. Then i lost my items equipped in 4 of my characters. No compensation whatsoever at this day. Been waiting for weeks. You guys suck.
  10. Great, simple, and fun!
    Kyle Crouser
    Add more characters, more content! Not saying the game is lacking, it is so much fun watching your character evolve over time. Just add more!
  11. Simple but fun
    Schmit GaMeS
    This game is soooooooo straight forward but it is fckn amazing. I personally dont feel like i am going to stop playing this anytime soon ^_^
  12. Was great!
    Death Angel
    Was an awesome bit of a time waster with a few shortcuts if you knew what you where doing... WAS! updates my phone and all of a sudden my whole game is reset! GG $50 in gems for wings and a few of days of playing! My Google play profile? Latest achievement! "Defeated stage 30" but no. Completely reset. This needs to be thought about and changed so we can recover our games then I might think about downloading it again. Or at the minimum restore purchases!!!!
  13. Finished The Game
    Eduardo Gonzalez
    I pretty much finished all chapters and beaten all the bosses. I have all the characters already. I did this without buying anything, just pure skills. I dont know what to do really, all other than PvP. I hope there will be an update. Overall this game is pretty good.
  14. Last review got deleted, I wonder why.
    Jordan Balderas
    I sent in a request to get back 15 gems I lost due to the game being buggy. I was told I would be compensated, and I never was. Days later I checked up on the status and got no reply. Days after that I sent in my request again. No reply. So I emailed from my other email address about a made-up issue and low and behold, I got a reply. Mobirix was ignoring me. And now it looks as if they've deleted my earlier review where I stated the same thing. Extremely unprofessional.
  15. Perfect
    Venkatesh Ganapathy
    Perfect little rpg style game. Simple but oh so addictive
  16. Great game without internet on
    Shawn Knight
    It's a great time killer just make sure you keep the internet off so the ads don't pop up
  17. huge fan. but..
    Kenedi Cramer
    I've been playing this game for months. I love it. I really do. it passes the time when I get bored and it's really become fun. until one day when all the items my character was wearing disappeared. I had some incredible items I worked for a long time to unlock, and strengthen. edit, too many advertisements now. don't download this app. literally every single thing you do pops up an ad. I wish I could give less than a star
  18. Nice
    Nice pick up game easy to stop and go back to other things but can do some stuff to stand out
  19. Not working
    Solomon Chong
    Expedition not working. Won't allow me to login saying it requires network connection. But I can connect and leave rating just fine.
  20. Poor support
    Jon Lauritzen
    Recent patch deleted all equipped items from all 6 characters. Seeing Mobirix reply saying to contact "help" was heartening. But they don't respond. Too bad for me I guess. I liked playing, but I don't want to redo all my item progress.


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