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  1. Hell yeah!
    cameron smith
    Watched jacksepticeye play it, so I looked it up on here and started to play it. It's so much fun and actually pretty easy when you know what you're doing
  2. Wyona Brady
    I really was looking forward to playing this but it freeezes at the "press to play" screen then won't load and force closes itself please fix I really want to play it
  3. Sucks
    Angie Roberts
    I downloaded and it won't even get past the tap menu without crashing. Fix this and you just might get a 5 star rating
  4. /)^3^(\
    Valerie B.
    Woah, this is amazing. Got it from Markiplier, and assuming it doesn't crash for you, I swear you'll enjoy it. Just don't button mash.
  5. Different from the Steam (pc) version.
    Dante Colon
    I have the one for PC and it's straight Stage Fight or Survival. The game is flippin great. I love it. PC version has unlocks like power ups and weapons. Now this one is almost like an rpg. Would give a 5 but working to unlock styles and weapons is weak. So is micro transactions. Should have kept it true the pc version, my opinion.
  6. Bruce Lee stick figures!
    Tone Corleone
    So you guys got kind of an ode to Jim Kelly with the fro and all, how bout some Bruce and Chuck, plus some Shaw Bros. backgrounds from there epic movies would be decent.
  7. Love in it!
    Jose Lopez
    This game is so good that I really can't stop it combines pivot/stick figures, kung fu, and action.
  8. Awesome but....
    Spencer Hobert
    This game is amazingly fun. But why I'm rating it four stars instead of five is because of the throwing missions. It is very non-responsive whenever you throw the thing your supposed to throw, (like a dagger, arrows, or bombs) it takes about 1 1/2 seconds for it to throw in the opposite direction also when you kill somebody close to you they still hit you and kill you. I know it's alot of stuff to say and rate it four stars but except for the throwing missions this game is amazing.
  9. Won't work
    Adam Regan
    I was looking forward to playing this and when I clicked on the app it wouldn't get past the loading screen if this gets fixed I would be happy.
  10. I died fast in one punch
    Angel Escatel
    Y do you guy make one where you die in one hit. When I kill a blue guy I die with the Grey guy so what's the point of plaing if I die in one hit uh uh tell me fix game. In computer I live like that no in game if this happens i don't die. Wow just like the game! --__--
    David Vasquez
    This game I have seen so many you tubers play and I looked it up a while back and didn't exist and its now here I was worth the wait because this game is amazing, totally worth downloading
  12. Terrible
    Gavin Farley
    I downloaded this for both my phone and my tablet when u log in it will freeze once u touch the screen then it will bring you to the gameplay screen then it will freeze again then it will force close every time for both my phone and my tablet :-( plz fix this game looks so cool.
  13. Just
    Josh Pickering
    Such an amazing game, can literally play it for hours. Play time is out-done by changing levels and ads near the beginning, but once you get going, my god is this game epic. Racking up streaks of like 2000 kills in survival mode is just madness and hard to keep up with, but is just..... wow.
  14. Great game - Bad crashes :/
    Michael Buffey
    I love this game except for when the game crashes trying to connect to an advert - not everytime but once every 5 or 6 times. All I can do us take the battery out of my S5, it's not possible to do anything else!! Please sort this out. Cheers.
  15. Momčilo Sekulić
    I absolutely love this game on PC, but unfortunately it doesn't work at all on my Xperia E (crashes immediately after the main menu shows up). One star remains until it's fixed.
  16. Worlds most dangerous stick master
    This is one of the best games I played in a long time and its just a game to beat the crap out of people and just a fun simple game. Like always games are never at there best but they can still be the best games than other great games. Hardcore kung-fu to beat people so bad in one little finger.
  17. Epic!!!
    Adhum Gaffar
    Bad as game highly addictive I got abit bored now but seen a comment about pay to win you do not need to pay to win I'm doing jus great all these skills aren't really needed jus takes skill and you shall win won a few survival tournaments and jus kept going up the bored fighting sick always a sale on items bought with cash you earn in game takes time to save up I missed the first sale for new kungfu styles but not even a week later the sale was on again what more can you ask for
  18. Best fighting game ever!!!
    Ahmed Ahmed
    This is the only fighting game I can sit down and play for a long while. It also forces you into taking a 5 min break after serious gaming. I love this game!
  19. Great
    Zachary Farkas
    Its got the typical stamina system most free to plays have and crazy prices for in game skills and equipment but it plays just like the PC and console version. If you can get past the free to play stuff then you'll love this game.
  20. Great game but...
    ferdi Suna
    It keeps crashing or lagging. It does that when i reach 8mill of survival score . Sometimes it freezes. The last update ruined it. Im really hooked onto the game im upto godlike league and lucky i didnt spend a cent on it.. please fix this


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