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  1. Old but gold
    Victer Joren
    This remind me of my ps1 and thanks so much cus its free :') cant thanks enough but this game is more than 5 stars
  2. Great game, but all progress is lost
    Kurniawan Husen
    This was a very great game until the last update erased all my coins and gems. All my hard work is gone. Hi mobirix, can you do anything to solve this?
  3. Nice game, but pretty buggy
    Rj Jr
    I Was enjoying the game, started making progress, tried multiplayer and placed 3rd tried with boosters and random plane selection options, but when I come first, the app CRASHES.. And I don't even get the rubies ... Rather disappointing
  4. Kitabu yusuf
    I absolutely love this game ! A really great way to kill some time, and enjoy yourself.
  5. One last thing....
    Jong Desmond
    This game is pretty good. It finally comes with four player mode. But one thing needed is the display of partner or opponent's shot in multiplayer mode.It gets boring when looking at their planes doing nothing than just flying around. Besides, I can't watch them destroy enemy planes. Please, add these in the next update.
  6. James Putra
    great comeback from vertical shmup game... but i really hate for buying other ship costs gems... other than that.. it's fun.
  7. All of my gem and coins are gone!
    Earl Kevin Prelijera
    Really what happens?. Its just im updated it. And all of my gem and coins are gone. .all of the effort is wasted just like that.
  8. The recent updates suck!
    Ninski Timagos
    i love this game. but the 2 updates reset the gems that ive earned. ive worked effin hard for those effin gems. this is NOT right.
  9. Nice game
    Jet Albaran
    Bakit ang hirap makakuha ng gem dito compare to strikers 1945-3..pls reply my comment mobirix company..dapat katulad din ng strikers 1945-3..dapat madami ding gems
  10. Love this game!
    Kevin Hosein
    Only one problem... I've been trying for months to unlock the pancake... Please please update the game to use money instead of the gems... or update the game so we can do missions and objectives to unlock planes like the 3rd part... Will rate 5 stars!
  11. It keeps me busy
    Twinkle Toes
    I play when I'm a lil bored but it's not a go to app every time for me. It does as advertised. Takes to long to build up points.
  12. Braxton Hammond
    Great game, ads aren't ridiculous like so many other free games. I would give 5 stars but after recent update I list 150 gems.
  13. Love it.
    Jason Paris
    Absolutely wouldn't give this game 5 stars if i didn't personally love it. Reminds me of the old 1945 game from the NES and i hope you guys continue to surpass Strikers 1945-3
  14. Frustrating game
    Gene Lung
    The weapons do not appear to be strong enough to get through the levels. I suspect that the only way to get better weapons is to pay for them. If you are not willing to dish out real dollars to get upgrades I say this game is a pass.
  15. Helpful customer support
    Santoso Axic
    Their customer support is very helpful on retreiving loss gems
  16. Ariann:Nice job
    ariann baltazar
    Nice has be unleashed new worker
  17. Disappointed Business Model
    Ridwan, S.S
    This game is good and addictive, but the player wouldn't get anything eventhough win the game. The score is increase but the money is always reduce, so it will force the gamers to do an in-app purchase. So, the gamers got nothing except spending money to buy coins from this game...
  18. Keith Robinson
    Love this old school classic shooter just a pitty on the multiplayer you cant see the other planes shooting they just look like there floating about
    Phillip Lowrance
    Finally a game that makes sense this is the type of games that I remember as a kid
  20. Noisy game music
    agus hendra
    Is there any way to shut down only the game music or adjust the volume slider. The music hear too loud. And too noisy. Add some button or slider adjustment what we want to hear. Effect sound and music sound.


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