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Prab Goriparthi | Principal Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Rama Goriparthi | Partner, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Jonathan Levene | Partner and Co-Founder

Reviews 3,583

  1. Lorrie, 59
    Lorrie Mengel
    REVISION: APP BECAME SLOW. REINSTALLED. BACKUP WOULDN'T WONT WORK. NO RESPONSE TO MULTIPLE EMAIL REQUESTS TO HELP ME RESTORE DATA. OLD REVIEW: Love the app. I bought the premium. Great customer service. I couldn't get my backup to load in my new phone and emailed them. They said yeah, we've had a problem, but think we have the answer. Walked me through it. Doc was happy to see my history.
  2. Easy to use
    Casey Smithson
    I had surgery and need to take several medications at different times. This app makes it easy to set it and forget it. It will keep you on track.
  3. The Best one!!
    Lisa Suetsch
    I have tried almost every one of the apps for this category, and then I finally came across the BEST!!!!! I have to take a lot of different meds throughout the day and I was always skipping doses for fear that I had already taken it. I have not missed one dose since I installed this app about 6 months ago! Thanks a million Dev you are brilliant!!
  4. Unreliable (Not Alert me even there are pills to take on schedule)
    Jay Kay
    The App does RANDOMLY skipped the Alert even when there are some pills to take on the schedule. Strangely, when I open the app manually, the Alert just come up & start to play the sound & vibration. What's for? This app is REALLY dangerous, if the missed pills are a MUST taking pills. Your life could be on serious condition when missing those pills. BTW, I'm 100% sure that my phone has enough RAM, and Dosecast app is not on my hibernated app of 'Greenify' app. Please FIX it, thx
  5. Works great!
    Ana S
    I just had surgery and am in pain. I was forgetting to write down when I had taken my pills. I found this app. I even put in my vitamins because I was forgetting them. Recently I got a reminder to take a pill, I clicked the button that I would take it now, but I got distracted, it let me go back and adjust it so my intervals would be correct.
  6. Very Good but needs improvement
    Gary Young
    I like the app. It has features that many would find helpful that I don't use. On the other hand it has some shortcomings. I have meds that I take on a MWF schedule but the app doesn't do that. The free version from six months or so ago let me look up drugs from the database with better strength matching than the subscription version & fed them to the app correctly. Now manual competition is required.
  7. Easy to use
    Dan Clancy
    Thud app works as advertised. I been very regular with my meds due to this app. App continues tip meet my needs. This may be by design, but I use a custom sound for the reminder, it would be nice if I could silence the reminder, however on my Android it will not allow me to do this, playing the entire sound.
  8. Rarely write reviews
    Joseph Volzer
    Dosecast is a very intuitive app and works as my brain. Now I have time to think about more useless things that I have no control over. Seriously though, it's easy to use, and it has very nice feature buttons like: Postpone, Skip, etc which make it an app that I use and rely on every day! I have been using this app for about 2 months with no glitches, errors, or complaints.
  9. LLona Wade
    I love this not only does it keep a list of what I take and when but sends me reminders to take them, with 6 day time pills and 8 at night it is a job to keep up with!!!
  10. Simple. Quick. Useful.
    Leone Tjader
    Highly recommended, even if you take only one medication/vitamin a day. Worth paying for the upgrade to Premium version to get all the customize options - especially for those who need a visual of individual medications. Updates often & customer support is quick & help until the problem is resolved. All skill levels.
  11. Great help for me - still...
    Anna Mendoza
    I subscribed to the monthly fee to get the cloud backup, but I can't seem to figure out how it works and when moving to a new phone, I had to re-enter everything again... No response from the developer. Who had responded quickly before. :( ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've had the full version now and it came in very handy at my last doctor visit! I am taking lots of meds right now and he wanted a list of them. I just opened up my app and showed him what I am taking. He was impressed!
  12. Mind saver!
    Chelle A
    Useful, dependable & feature rich including lots of variables; takes very little time to set up & user friendly. 6/18/15 - Still use it, still love it! Only complaint is that "Pro" version is subscription based; I'd prefer a flat fee. Free version lacks only 2 features (that I found): no access to drug database (easy to work around) & had to re-enter everything after a factory reset. Latest (today's) update boasts sdcard backup but have not yet had opportunity to use it
  13. Great App
    Robert Gustavsen
    I used most of the pill reminder apps available and this one is the best hands down. Very easy to use and reliable. Does everything needed.
  14. Great app!
    Mary Auerbach
    I take several medications, at different times of the day, and I sometimes would forget a dose, especially when not on my usual routine. Since I started using Dosecast about 2 months ago, I haven't missed a dose. The app has functioned very well for me, no glitches, and is user friendly. It also allows me to have all of the details of my meds at my fingertips, for doctor and pharmacy visits. I highly recommend this product.
  15. Adrian Fernandez
    Great app for people who has a hard time to keep up with there meds. I would recommend it for any - one who has more then one medication and have a hard time to remember when to take them.
  16. This App is Great!!!
    Arteyhviah Badar
    I am able to dispense Meds on time! The convenience of my cell phone giving me 'on time' reminders is the Ultimate in Convience and Service! I 'Sincerely' Thank You for such a great App!
  17. sɜ:ʳ grIfIð
    If I skip a dose, then 20 minutes later hit "take" it uses the dose that is scheduled for 6 hours later. You can't see your history, when you took something, when you skipped, etc.
  18. The best so far
    Michelle Ervin
    I have tried several to manage my mother's medicine. Has worked well. A couple things that keep it from getting 5 stars: 1) can't custom order the list of medicine. 2) pro is subscription; I'd rather a flat fee. 3) only one user. So if I or my dad were to get sick, I'm not exactly sure what I would do.
  19. A dependable 1!
    Jonathon Baker
    When you have a hectic schedule. DC does the job. Thank you for the reminders. It helped when I had to explain to the compensation.
  20. Really helps to organize and remind you to take medicines on schedule.
    Judith Kuzma
    I use this app for my meds and for my cat's meds, too! I kept forgetting my night dose and the reminder alarm has really helped me. You can set it for multiple people so I decided to program it with my cat's meds and dietary supplements, too. The history log is very useful to see whether doses were on time, late, skipped, postponed, or missed. You can postpone, and it tracks how late you took meds from the scheduled time. Easy-to-use app, and thorough. I recommend this app!


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