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  1. Impressive CBT app
    DJO Manchester
    Clear, clean and intuitive to use. Very similar to A4 sheets commonly used with the added benefit diary enteries can be completed anytime anywhere in confidence via my smartphone. Excellent. **feedback after user testing ** 1/.date option for across the pond. e.g. 26/6/2015 as well as 6/26/2015. 2/.If you edit a thought the date amends to the edit date rather than original thought date :-)
  2. Thought Diary
    Tina Hoffman
    It's perfect for anyone suffering from PTSD and manic depression!
  3. Great but have a problem.
    Emma Johnston
    Whenever I try to export entries to my email an error message comes up.
  4. Great
    martin Raymond
    Working good now. Thx for update, really useful app.
  5. Good, but can use a tracker
    Cormack McKinney
    This app is very helpful, but I wish the app could plot and keep track of my levels of distress over time and my average level of distress over weeks and months... I think it would be so encouraging to see how my distress has decreased over time. That would take this app from \"good\" to \"superior\"!
  6. nice app
    Alexander Malafeev
    Very nice app, the only flaw is inability to export data. It would be great to have possibility to generate doc, pdf and send it by email.
  7. Decent app.
    Michelle Cooper
    This app uses one of the better thought record formats available and was easily the best one I tried. It could use some work: Transition to/from the keypad is awkward; making other formats available and ability to rank individual emotions would be useful. Will definitely recommend this app.
  8. Very good but no data backup
    Praveen M
    Best CBT app on the market. Only downside is you can't backup data. cbt entries over the years help you see how much you have progressed over time. Can't afford to lose them. Also I would appreciate it if I could edit entries. Sometimes you can't come up with challenging beliefs instantly. If these functions are available easily 5*s for me.
  9. Great app but would love customizations
    Rita Armaghan Alishahi
    I wish we could custom emotions to include positive emotions. That would give this app 5 stars. Otherwise a great tool for introspection
  10. Record only negative emotions
    Cristian Zeak
    Why not allow recording positive emotions, also?
  11. Good but wish I could lock
    Christie Linden
    I really like the app but do think it would be great to have a lock/pin feature to keep your personal thoughts private if others used your phone.
  12. Useful
    David Dyer
    This is a useful app to tackle cognitive distortions. However, it would be nice to be able to sync. Also a couple times I realized I forgot to complete and entry after saving. I wasn't able to go back and edit the entry to complete it. Please please please enable the option to edit entries.
  13. Good app but...
    Johna G.
    I'm not able to edit my entries. I also think descriptions of each mind trap (i.e. what is mind reading or fortune telling) would be helpful.
  14. Awesome
    Puneet Mehrotra
    Very good app. Simple yet very effective. The drop down boxes are really helpful in defining the emotions. Thank you
  15. Nice app but
    Ralf Wolski
    There has to be way more moods: depressed, sad, insecure, nervous, enraged, anxious, embarrassed, proud, disgusted, scared, angry, excited, mad, hurt, happy, guilty, panicky, irritated, frustrated, disappointed, etc. We don't only have 4 emotions.
  16. Thank you
    Sree Rao
    But could use a syncing function, I am on my tablet now but the mood may strike me when I am on !my phone.
  17. Yuri Gooding
    Great ideas and suggestions for usage. How do I edit an entry once it's saved?
  18. Good App
    Erik ҆midlehner
    It's a very good app but needs more emotions. Otherwise design is very simple and good and app in general is simple to use.
  19. Nice
    Ll Kk
    this app is much better than notes app , good design love making record here :)
  20. Really Best App
    Jamie Pinheiro
    Marsha Taylor avatar image
    Marsha Taylor September 27, 2014
    Hope? Im just now downloading and going to try it out. Will let everyone know.


What`s new

Added an alert if you accidentally press the back arrow while entering an entry.