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lls 2016
republic wireless app


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Mccaffery Stephen | Vice President at Motorola

Reading, United Kingdom |

Kristin Kruska | Vice President, Corporate and Securities Law and Secretary at Motorola Solutions

Greater Chicago Area |

Cynthia Yazdi | Vice President & Chief of Staff

Chicago, Illinois |

Julie Johnson | Corporate Vice President - Product Management at Motorola Mobility (a Google Company)

Greater Chicago Area |

Reviews 42,646

  1. Really like it!
    De'Shaun Moon Stafford
    Very easy to use. And very helpful where I don't have to touch my phone. Then to select what apo you want to open to from the display is cool. Only thing I find annoying is that the time lights up intermittently. So kind of defeats the purpose of hovering over the sensors?
  2. Used to work
    Jesse Phillips
    After the update my active display screen now flickers.
  3. Very good notification
    Brent Andrees
    Make it optional to swipe away just the notification you are looking at or all the notifications at once instead of only all at once. Maybe right swipe vs left swipe.
  4. Used to be great
    Oran Turner
    Notifications time out after just 10 minutes on my new 2nd Gen Moto X. Missed notification? Catch it within 10 minutes, or you're out of luck! To be clear, it's the "pulsing" notification that times out. The notification is still present, it just needs manual intervention to be seen. There was no timeout on my 1st Gen X, and the apparently the timeout isn't occurring on all 2nd Gen X's, but it is on mine. Motorola support says a fix is coming in the next update. Let's hope so!
  5. One suggestion
    charles ha
    Would be to add some music controls as well. Most of the time I reach for my phone is to change tracks and it would be convenient to have that right at the active display screen.
  6. Constantly lighting up
    Aaron Spencer
    I'm currently in my dark bedroom watching the clock display and lock circle turn on and off in and endless loop. Even with no new notifications, the screen is constantly waking itself up, slowly pulsing on and off as if there was a notification pending. I know it stays off in my pocket, as covering up the upper sensors will force the screen to stay dark. I really like this feature but having the screen endlessly light up convinced me to just disable it for now. Moto X 2014
  7. Very fantastic. Would be nice to have music control
    Matt Gibson
    Great notification system. I never want to use normal lock screen, which i s why I'd love a permanent notification whenever playing music to control music app from moto display.
  8. Loved it !
    Ankit Mhatre
    Its really great to use it ! And a sneak at notification is best thing I do everyday
  9. Great and useful
    Yusuf Islam
    But why is it so pixelated on the Moto X 2014?
  10. Bhupendra Shukla
    On of the coolest and useful feature provided by moto. But... It looks like the mini notification with time shows up randomly. Beats the purpose of moto reach.
  11. Really intuitive
    Scott Hamelin
    Motorola did this right and is much improved over the OGX
  12. Terrible - It RUINS the Moto X
    Jeremy Figgins
    My Moto X is going back because of this. It only flashes notifications for 10 minutes. That means that if you are out of the room, or the phone is in your pocket, you can miss the notifications entirely. For example, an important call comes in, but you've stepped out for a minute. You come back in the room 10 minutes later, and your phone's screen is totally black, indicating that nothing is waiting. But in reality, you've got a missed called and voicemail waiting. This is the dumbest "feature" ever. I'm going back to a normal phone with a notification light. At least then it continues to flash until you notice it.
  13. omnamasivayam duraiswamy
    Good, bringing music controls over this would be the best
  14. Great app
    Pablo Suero
    Would give 5 stars if it had the option to do quick actions on notifications (like on AcDisplay you can delete emails right from your lock screen)
  15. Incredible, simply love it.
    Kamil Ozdemir
    Wish all phones would take after its design, and be rid of notification lights giving off different confusing patterns to differentiate notifications.
  16. Love the feature
    Dennis Hyseneshi
    I love the idea. I wish it could do more like delete spam email from here.
  17. Good, but has bug
    Natalie Kottman
    Great app. However, when you move the email notification up to open the stock email app., whatever account the received message is from takes the stock email app. out of "Combined view", causing you to miss messages from other email accounts thereafter.
  18. More customization!!
    Zack S.
    Would rather have just a LED light, but since I HAVE to use this I wish I could customize it to do whatever I want. Like maybe just a few couple pixels blinking. I don't wanna have to get close to my phone if I don't have to. Please change it, I like the pure android like you guys rave about. So far this isn't like my nexus 5
  19. Really nice!
    Would hate to try and get along without it now.
  20. Best feature of the Moto X
    Michael Gillman
    Absolutely fantastic. I wish it was more customizable though, and could could do even more.


What`s new

• Moved the Voice Reply to the keyboard
• Bug fixes and stability improvements