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  1. Moto Body Running
    Andrew Pir
    Like the new interface but the moto body running disappears after 2 minutes of use. Will rate 5 stars if fixed!
  2. Finally!!
    Amir Shadaab Mohammed
    I have no idea why Motorola decided to not have a dedicated app for health from the beginning. I was forced to only look at my current progress and not data from the past. That made me go to other fitness apps and for that I'll take a star away from this app
  3. Second app
    nathan hienkle
    How come when I go to actions in Android wear for my moto 360 and go to heart rate there's two options saying moto body heart rate?
  4. Buggy...
    José O. Marenco
    Was working for a little bit... Now all my daily information keeps disappearing and it doesn't sync with Google Fit. Looking forward to a less buggy version.
  5. Richard Ely-Harris
    No control on settings of goals. Shame it never pulled any past information that I had built up since I had my Moto 360 a year ago.
  6. Terribly Buggy
    James McGuire
    It forces settings, I can't adjust anything. Its stuck to stupid imperial system and I can't change ficus from steps to calories even though I set it up and asked to focus on calories. This is setup without a watch but still, iron out those terrible bugs please. Looks pretty nice though.
  7. Let's not play this game with android wear
    James Pavur
    Device exclusive software that does the same things as default OS software in a slightly different way in order to try and convince users that your device is marginally better has plagued Android for years. Motorola, remove the artificial and anticompetitive device constraints on this app and let's avoid an impending nightmarw of Android wear bloatware. Compete on hardware and quality, not artificially disabling compatible software on competitor's devices.
  8. About time...
    Calvin Lai
    Had the moto 360 for so long and Motorola has been tracking my steps ever since but there was no information other than a weekly email from Motorola. Hope this changes things.
  9. Nikhil Titus
    A welcome app. One that all moto 360 owners were waiting for. The google fit integration also sounds good. I am not sure when the data is synced by moto body to google fit.
  10. Great app, but how do I get rid of the old watch-only Moto Body app?
    Tyson Conrad
    I don't want two versions of the same app on my Moto 360.
  11. Heart activity bug
    Ferdinand Quist
    Doesn't track heart activity (0 minutes) even though the heart rate daily summary shows I have been active and vigorous
  12. Like new app.
    scott walmsley
    So far I like the new app. Will five star for now. Will adjust after more use.
  13. Wtf?
    david olick
    Got rid of moto body steps on my Moto 360. It automatically changed my step goal to 10,000 and offers no way to change it back to my previous goal. What the hell??
  14. International system not working
    Carlos Bernal
    It has the option to change from imperial to international system measurement, but it doesn't seems to work. You have to stick to imperial, and that sucks! Are we in the XVII century?
  15. Not capturing data
    Scott Morris
    Droid maxx with 360. No data captured by the app? Also it's not an option in Android Wear. Google fit is there and available however.
  16. Feature Request
    Brandon Giesel
    Ability to continue activity tracking even when you have to leave your Moto 360 at home, but still have your Moto X. When working around the farm or on the car and don't want to damage the watch. Possibly be able to grab and Sync data collected from Google Fit app on the smartphone.
  17. Krzysztof Karakin
    this app is better than nothing, but the only problem with moto360 is that it's unable to take HR measurements DURING workouts so the whole idea of the app is good for nothing. The app always shows rubbish that's all. I'd like the app if the HRM worked on Moto360, otherwise it's a disaster! If you make my HRM work during workouts, I'll give 5 stars!
  18. Steps
    Shane Johnson
    I would give it 5 stars if the app would let me change the default step goal.
  19. Alex Spinelli
    Awesome, I've been waiting for a moto body phone app for a while now
  20. Pulling in wrong data
    Esley Svanas
    I have no idea where some of this data is coming from. It didn't track anything from yesterday but today it says I'm already over my goal even though I've only been awake for a couple of hours. It seems like it's getting last week and this week confused. I wish there was a support email in the app so I could try to help by giving more details!


What`s new

Strava login issue is fixed.
Custom goal sync from phone to watch is fixed
Other bug fixes and stability improvements.
Weekly email summary is deprecated

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