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Mccaffery Stephen | Vice President at Motorola

Reading, United Kingdom |

Kristin Kruska | Vice President, Corporate and Securities Law and Secretary at Motorola Solutions

Greater Chicago Area |

Cynthia Yazdi | Vice President & Chief of Staff

Chicago, Illinois |

Julie Johnson | Corporate Vice President - Product Management at Motorola Mobility (a Google Company)

Greater Chicago Area |

Reviews 27,292

  1. Use with chrome
    Robert Joynt
    Install the chrome plugin and receive and send text from your desktop.... Very useful for me.. Can be slow sometimes...
  2. Can set a custom watchface photo again!
    Adam Crosswell
    Since today's update the custom watchface photos can be set again! Thanks for the fix.
  3. Doesn't work after 5.1.1 update.
    Matt G
    Setting or customizing a watch face in Connect does nothing on the the watch. I hit update and nothing happens.
  4. Norman Smith
    I purchased two Motorola Keylinks recently. Effective range is very limited for the Keylink devices and their beepers aren't very loud. SMS from the Chrome extension has now become more reliable after the latest updates. Motorola used to be known for reliability but they've ventured too far into beta territory lately. These connected gizmos require more maturity. I'm out. Beam me up Scotty.
  5. It's a lil quirky and gets slow over time
    Chad Lee
    Has some limitations. I feel bad even complaining over something so cool and so free. BUT...If I could attach files or photos to txt I write and send from the desktop interface then it would rule but I have KitKat 4.4.4 and I can't. I can't attach files or erase txt either. I have to pick up my phone to do that stuff. Can't fwd txt and I also can't cut and past anything. Really all it is for me is a full size keyboard. Airdroid is much better right now.
  6. Great app
    Yos Ruto
    The watch disconnection is most annoying thing I have to deal with.
  7. Will not sign in at all.
    john schmit
    Moto G XT1042. Factory reset phone, Un and re-installed, cleared cache, everything. Doesn't work.
  8. Stuck
    jacob strange
    Even after the latest update I still can't get past the "are you in?" Screen, I accept then it just goes back to the same page.
  9. Kevin Adcock
    I've used this app since I owned a Droid Maxx, but the issues have gotten progressively worse, and now I can't sign in at all. I don't see any point in packing an app on a phone that doesn't even work. This stopped working reliably before the lollipop update, but now won't even sign in. I tried it again today after seeing some updates going live, but nothing has changed. I've switched to MightyText, and likely won't be back.
  10. Custom Watch Faces Again!
    Brian Clark
    Thank you for the fix! It took a long time, but glad they're finally working!
  11. Does what it should... Mostly
    Jacob Bridenbecker
    It's great with the exception that I'm still having issues setting custom backgrounds for "my design." I can use any of the pre made ones but trying to upload my own causes the app to freeze until I kill the process
  12. Can't connect to chrome anymore
    Steven Setser
    Love this app but after my Moto X updated to Lollipop 5.1 it can't connect to my computer.
  13. Pretty much trash now
    Michael Ettestad
    Used to like this, but it the chrome extension hasn't worked for me in months. Never gets past signing in; always stuck in connecting limbo
  14. Save to the cloud?
    Danny Peck
    Would be really cool if it saved my Keylinks to my online account. Every time I reset my phone or get a new phone I have to add them all again from scratch, which often means hunting them all down.
  15. ackern65
    I have lots of issues with it not being connected on my laptop... Phone is on, charged yet no connection on the laptop. This is the 2nd time I've had to remove and re-install it. Still not working.
  16. Watch most useful
    Jonathan murphey
    It is the best app I've found...just add the ability to access the my files app on the watch and then it would be perfect
  17. Francisco Lopez
    How is possible that this times a phone has to wait for an update because I'm not compatible? XT1063 when is the update for this model comming?
  18. Shawn Walberg
    It finally works after my phone updated to Lollipop 5.1 on my Droid Turbo. I will have to see how well the features work, but so far I like it.
  19. Realy amazing so good not
    Craftboss 123MC
    I got it so i could use the text thing on my PC and i get error sorry your phone isn't supported by chrome how does that work i have a Motorola phone
  20. Can't log in
    Міша Магаляс
    After update can't log in. (Unable to connect at this time)


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Fixed Watch face dial customization issue on Moto360 1st Gen watch (Note : Please uninstall the app and reinstall this latest update)
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