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  1. Amazing amazing amazing...
    Zakaria Lattab
    Listen... Amazing game by the way Ignore the bad reviews its amazing if u want a refund click the stinkin refund icon!!!!!
  2. Help!!!
    Loved it the few times it has opened. When I try to open the game I get the Nickelodeon screen and it then closes. Please fix this, or give me my money back.
  3. Jeremiah Martinez
    Doesn't work! Won't load after the bubble screen! Can't even get a refund...
  4. Joe Sr. Nicke
    Doesn't work. Won't load past the bubble screen. Need a refund!
  5. Soooooooooooooooooo cool
    DuBreuze Kids
    You get to do so many fun games.
  6. How do I explain to my 2 daughters...
    Fred Baker
    ...that there are evil people in this world that make software that doesn't work and then take your money (that you earned doing house chores) and refuse to refund it back to you, no matter that you never actually got what you paid for. Gee thanks, crappy Nickelodeon.
  7. Game don't work !!!! BEWARE !!!!!
    Penny Zarcaro
    Don't load past bubbles point. Want a refund !!!!!
  8. Does not work. Don't buy this game
    Sparkles Bryant
    It won't even let my daughter play. It won't load up. I want my money back for this game. U need to fix it or take it down and stop letting people waste their money on a game that does not even work
  9. U people are crazy
    Lorden Brousssard
    U people who want refunds just don't want other people to try it no matter what money u use so just a way to sum it it up don't post anything IF U WANT REFUNDS!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Fred Baker sometimes u have to give people a chance if they make a commercial for it AND make it $3 u know its good. Y'all just don't have good Wi-Fi connection!!!!!!! PEOPLE AREN'T EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW awesome game!!!!!!
  10. Awsome
    Ayden Rosario
    Its cool spongbob games i Love it
  11. I love sponge wacht the 2 movies
    Linchoa filming studios
    I will love this game and allwais will
  12. Amazing
    Scott Franklynn
    I would give this 10 stars if I could it is worth the price
  13. I don't like it
    Nuur Najhaanei Izzati
    To me,it's not fun.It's like playing Dumb Ways to Die.And to say, I like to play that rather than playing this game.So lousy.......
  14. This game does not work at all so my daughter wasted her money and is very upset. Her and I both want this refunded!!
    Amanda Corey
    Game will not work!! Want a refund for this as it cost 3.99 and won't let her play!!
  15. Love this game
    Anthony Brigugliio
    Great graphics in this game it is worth it
  16. DON'T WORK
    Amanda Baker
    Won't load past bubbles.I WANT A REFUND NOW !
  17. Awesome
    Aaron Stewart
    I've loved spongebob for years and I wanted a spongebob game to come out
  18. Great game
    Keriann Ramsay
    Its fun and pretty addictive! I just wish there were more free games. But it's worth it. Reminds me of Dumb Ways To Die... but Spongebob Style. Buy it!!!
  19. If you read the description...
    Javier Perez
    It well tell if your device is capable or not so don't rate it if you can't play it. Overall this is a good game and for me a bit pricey but good not great
  20. Great Game
    Ethan Holmes
    Great game and as soon as I was downloading it I cold tell it was a good game.☺. It isn't it is worth the money.


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