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губка боб игры
سبونج بوب سبونج بوب سبونج بوب


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Reviews 0

  1. Awesome!
    lorena saldana
    I downloaded it on my 8" Next book Ares and it works fine. It can be a little laggy but overall it's a fun game.
  2. Needs more room
    Pamela Wisegarver
    Needs expansions. There's not nearly enough room to put things. And only have six garden spaces when most of the ingredients to make things need four. The game should progress as you go. This dosent
  3. Great game, great service
    David Acosta
    When I bought the game it was bugged and glitchy, thanks to the excellent support team its been fixed and rather quickly. The game itself is awesome and after a while will really consume you.
  4. Game freezes - won't download to Kindle
    Jessica Freeman
    I actually paid for this game twice. Phone app works but does freeze up more often than I care for. Purchased it on my Kindle. Won't load at all! Have yet to be able to play it on there, purchased it 2 days ago. Refund please? 6/26/15- Still no refund and now, just installed required update on phone game. None of the messages or quests make sence. There's definitely something wrong with the program. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY (seeing as you refuse to refund my money for the download I bought for my Kindle)
  5. Fun
    Were Wolf
    Gets laggy when there is a lot of action, but overall fun little game. Biggest fault is that production slots lock up when you grant a Bottomite's wish right when a production slot finishes a task.
    Jaden Faustino Martinez
    I had this game before I took it of for 1 day and I try to put it back on and it says error (905)?? If u can write back ASAP that would be great:)
  7. hate the game
    Alex Stewart
    don't download this game because it sucks and don't look at my game plz
  8. Amazing game!!
    Edgar Marruffo
    Got it as soon as I seen it on commercial a while ago. Surprised I didn't rate it before!
  9. Don't work
    Zora Crews
    I have reinstalled his game 4 times and every time it freezes when I try to place the house that I have to buy. Fix this or give me my money back.
  10. Confused
    Michael Beeck
    I got the new update and It made all the icons on top of each other and in different places. Please Help!
  11. Would of been a 5 if .
    Taby Kilbury
    It didnt stop me from playing . I iinstalled the update just about 8 am this morning and ever sense it only loads to 8 percent and stops and it doesn't matter how long i wait nothing happens... what bothers me is i had to buy this game so i shouldnt be worred about loosing my game.
  12. Won't load
    Melinda Freeman
    Every time I try to play this, it starts to load but only goes up to 8%. Then after a couple minutes, it says its not responding. Please fix
  13. The best game ever
    Drorit Silverman
    When I saw the game it looked so awesome and when I played the game I saw that this game was so so so cool and I think u should download this app u really should get this game
  14. Age
    Sweg Moose
    Even though I'm 12. It's still fun!
  15. Gaming stashone
    garybrookie romeo2008
    This game is so much fun and I recomed this game for every one
  16. I love spongebob :D
    Maria Navarrete
    This is a really good game cause you can play your characters and build your own thing :D
  17. Epic
    Vicki Kist
    It's so fun I don't know what to say
  18. Spongebob moves in
    Christina Green
    Email nick when u have a problem with the game. When u are loading the game on the top left corner there's a SBMI_ number write it down so when there's a problem email them with the SBMI number and they will fix it if they can.. Everytime nick has fixed my issues with the game.
  19. Bob Santarsieri
    the game is cool to play. customer support is top notch recommend downloading. Could you add more characters.
  20. Skylea Ryder
    I got this app and I uninstalled it would not give me my money back it's still a good game


What`s new

It's the ultimate celebration - SPONGEBOB'S BIRTHDAY!

Can you keep a secret? Patrick, Gary the Snail, and your Bikini Bottom friends are throwing a surprise birthday bash for SpongeBob! We're decking out the town with all-new party gear, including a bright new look for SpongeBob's pineapple house!

This summer, check out our new stuff:
- Party costumes for SpongeBob, Patrick, & Squidward
- Special birthday quests with new animations
- More buildings & decorations
- And finally... more Gary!

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